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Welcome to 5776

Posted on 09/25/2015 @ 10:00 AM

Shanah Tovah BBYO and welcome to 5776,

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. I hope everyone is ready to make 5776 the year BBYO reaches unprecedented success (as we’ve done each year before)!

A common Rosh Hashanah theme is creating family and Jewish community and, in the few days since 5776 began, we have more teens joining our BBYO family at regional and chapter kickoffs than ever before. Northern Region East: DC Council had over 570 teens attend their dance and the Great Midwest Region and Gold Coast Region had over 600 teens combined attend their respective kickoff yacht party. Way to go, guys!

This year is all about relationship driven recruitment and, to help with recruitment this fall post- kickoff, we launched our #AZABBGFallPush campaign to focus on growing AZA and BBG in our chapters and regions. In order for AZA and BBG to grow successfully, we need every member to play their part and work together to Meet teens, Record teens, Invite teens, Host teens and, finally, Ask teens to join their chapters and AZA and BBG.

How can we build even stronger Jewish communities everywhere BBYO has a presence this 2015-2016 programming year? We can learn from our Brothers and Sisters doing this already, like Ruthie Perlman in Greenville, South Carolina. When I visited Southern Region: Dixie Council, I saw what she created. Before 2013, there was no program for Jewish teens to be a part of after their B’nai Mitzvah in that area. That all changed when Ruthie had a vision to bring the entire Jewish community together and give Jewish teens in her town a more meaningful Jewish experience. Today, Gesher BBYO has over 20 members and is thriving in a very small Jewish community. I met with their local rabbis, temple president and Federation president and saw a strong Jewish community that exists because of BBYO teens. This year, we have initiatives that invite the entire Jewish community to engage with BBYO because we realize creating a strong Jewish community takes an entire village – and that village is BBYO.

Later in the year, at AZA BBG International Convention 2016, we will reaffirm our strong BBYO family and continue to show that we are committed to growing and securing the Jewish future. The year’s AZA and BBG theme is It Starts With Us and, with all of the momentum we have seen from across the Order, it starts now! On October 8th at 8 PM EST, we are looking to break a record and have thousands of teens sign up for IC 2016 in Baltimore. This will be our Order’s greatest moment and we’ll have the entire Jewish world's eyes on us as we host one of the largest gathering of Jews in North America.

BBYO International Convention 2016: It Starts With Us

From Northern Region East to Cotton States to Dixie Council to Rocky Mountain Region, so far this year I have witnessed the power BBYO has to accomplish exactly what the High Holidays are all about: family and Jewish community. From Executives meetings to Leadership Training Institutes to chapter and regional kickoffs, I have experienced it all. During each visit, I experienced a new sense of that feeling BBYO teens often talk about: of being with your closest friends and feeling a part of something greater than oneself. I felt the strength of BBYO when every community welcomed me with open arms, and I left inspired that BBYO is thriving, but more importantly, the Jewish future is good hands. I can’t wait to see what BBYO will accomplish in 5776!

- Colin

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