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This Isn't The End, But Merely The Beginning

Posted on 04/18/2013 @ 04:59 PM

"BACK IN THE 203...March of the Living was by far the most adventurous and captivating two weeks of my high school career. With a myriad of emotions and a memorable group of diverse individuals, this trip has had a great impact on my life. From Poland to Israel, I learned what it truly means to be a Jewish person in our multifaceted culture. I am ready to share my experiences with ever single one of you. Retelling the past requires accepting and understanding listeners. I hope that by spreading the messages I learned on the March, I can help ensure that NEVER AGAIN will any people be inferior and tortured by others. And now when I say "next year in Jerusalem" I really mean it, and can take part in a prideful one-of-a-kind culture in Israel and around the world in general."

#MOTL'13 #NeverAgain #NextYearinJerusalem

- Genna Fudin

"Just when I thought BBYO had given me everything it could, March of the Living 2013 comes along and exceeds all expectations. Thank you for an incredible experience in Poland and Israel! These memories will last forever."

- Lindsay Goodman

"And with that the most life changing two weeks of my life has come to a close. Thank you March of the Living for teaching me what no class in school could ever teach me, letting me meet amazing people, and reminding me how incredible it is to be a Jew."

- Sydney Ellison


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