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Reflections from the Second Annual Human Rights and Genocide Summit

Posted on 06/05/2012 @ 08:00 PM

Tikkun olam. Fixing the world because it is broken up. Genocide and the loss of human rights may be one piece of fixing the world, but it’s a key piece.

This is one of the ideas the HRGS participants chatted about during opening ceremonies and that stuck with me the entire time while we were there and it will continue to stick with me.

With every program, every speaker, and every thing we did while at this Summit, I knew we were changing the world for the better.

It takes a specific and special kind of people to be faced with a daunting task; trying to fix the world but I think we did just that. After hearing from each speaker, I felt so inspired to help be the change that stop some of these atrocities and I think other teens felt this way too. Not only were teens involved and asking questions during these speaking sessions, but teens genuinely cared about these issues.

After deciding on issues they felt were relevant and important, teens had the chance to lobby to their congressperson to spark change in the nation’s capital.

Each lobbying session was successful and hopefully we will see legislation soon to reflect that. Teens were also advised to follow up with their congressperson afterwards because lobbying does not stop after the meeting!

Coordinating the Human Rights and Genocide Summit inspired me to be a better person, to care about the world around me, and to promote tikkun olam.

-Sara Strei, age 15

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