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November 2013 Panim el Panim - Day 2

Posted on 11/18/2013 @ 10:30 PM

Tags: pep


Getting SPACE-d on how to impact issues from all angles and sides.

We really packed it in today! Just a few blog posts and pictures for now - we'll add more once we've all gotten some rest!


Arguing the case(s) for and against different healthcare reform policies.

Key highlights from today included:
- A portion of us went out to do direct service to the community of DC (see blog 1, below) 
- A portion of us remained at the hotel and did a second policy session, on Healthcare Reform. 
- We ivited two senior policy experts to present their perspectives -- and a rousing and engaging session ensued!
- We looked at a way of exploring an issue and ensuring that we're addressing it from every angle, called "SPACE" - Service, Philanthropy, Advocacy, Community Organizing, and (social) Entrepreneurship.
- We simulated a set of congressional offices and the teen Members of Congress voted for or against a gun control bill.
- Heard from an Ida Crown alumni who is now a senior official at the Department of the Interior -  Rachel Jacobson - who spoke to us about the recent government shut-down.
- Many of our students attended the Anti Defamation League's Concert Against Hate
- A smaller group of students did a (long!) walking evening monument tour.

It was a very full day and everyone is quite tired. Off to bed - - gotta be rested for Capitol Hill!


Introducing our Healthcare reform speakers.

Blog 1: Doing Service

Today the group split up and went to various service locations. My group went to DC Central Kitchen, where we made 65 pans of salad and filled three huge bins with shredded turkey. The mission of DC Central Kitchen is to collect extra food from restaurants and supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. The experience was eye opening and inspirational. I hope to be able to do similar things at home and bring everything I learned at Panim home to my community. - Aviva D (Denver JHS)

Blog 2: Reflections on a Night Out

Sarah is a strong believer in social justice for all.
She is an avid reader.
She is a strong believer in humanity for all.
she is an avid believer that youth (such as us here on Panim) have the ability to bring the United States to be a state of equality.
She is a strong believer in civil rights for all.
She is a victim of spit and stones.
she is homeless, living on the streets and benches of our nation's capital.
She is Sarah. 
Gila B. (Ida Crown Jewish Academy)

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