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February 2012 Panim el Panim...Night One!

Posted on 02/20/2012 @ 12:56 PM

Read more about the Panim el Panim experience through the eyes of the teen participants.

Yesterday was the first time I came on a Panim el Panim trip and so far I have had loads of fun. We met new people and played ice breakers. After that we learned about people that were homeless and what the word homeless means and how some of them got that way. Most people are homeless because they go into life thinking that they can fend for themselves. With that in mind, they go through many obstacles in their lives and they experience homelessness. Hearing these stories was very touching and it changed my thoughts on how I want to live my life. At about 8:00 we went to see many monuments in Washington. My group Team Goldstein saw the Lincoln monument, memorial, and the Martin Luther King monument.

Ashley Erenburg, Kings Bay Y, Brooklyn, NY

Yesterday we arrived in Washington D.C.! We has an amazing discussion last night with people who have gone through being homeless. We then went on a dazzling, and slightly rainy, tour of the Lincoln, Korean War, MLK Jr. & Vietnam War Memorial. Our first day was great and we have also met many new people an made many new friends.

Annah Walsh Akron, OH.

Today was a good day. After a long 7 hour bus ride the Cleveland delegation finally arrived in Washington D.C. From there all the delegations went to the opening ceremony. We began to learn more about the goals of Panim El Panim and learned about how we identify and define ourselves. It was really interesting. Dinner was good and it also allowed us a chance to socialize with other young, Jewish and idealistic people from around the country. After that we heard stories about the hardships of being homeless from local D.C. natives. Their stories were incredible. We ended the night by taking a tour of D.C. We took a guided exploration of some of Washington DC’s memorials. We were mixed with other groups so we got to meet even more new people. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today was!

Sara Shore, Cleveland OH

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