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March 2012 Panim el Panim, Night One

Posted on 03/26/2012 @ 01:56 PM

Read more about Panim el Panim through the eyes of a teen participants, Hallie Kenyon from Buffalo, NY and Tyler Kass from Pensacola, FL.

Today, the first day of the Panim el Panim, we met many people from all over America including: Denver, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Connecticut, Illinois, Arizona, California, and NY! It was really exciting to meet all these different people. We shared the same religion, yet we were so different in many ways, it was very eye-opining to see and hear from everyone's perspectives on issues and events. I thought the most eye opening experience so far was Donald, who came to speak to us from National Coalition for the Homeless. His presentation was very inspirational and widened my knowledge on the homelessness issue. I personally learned what the government was doing to help the homeless and that people need to get more involved for changes to occur. His speech was especially moving when he started to remove his old and dirty clothing and revealed that he was wearing a suit -- to hear how his homelessness experience transformed into success was inspiring. It was amazing to see and hear how his life dramatically changed, and for the better.


Today, I gained some confidence somehow. Usually I'm a shy person, but I actually managed to talk to people and make new friends! We also heard from a homeless shelter foundation. He told the story of his life and how he made it from poverty to homelessness, to success on many levels. It was a very nice and touching story, and it really made you think about the homeless. After that, we went to the White House, which was very neat to see in real life. I'm excited to experience the rest of the trip, and hope to bring back plenty of memories to share.


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