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Learning in DC on MLK Day

Posted on 01/17/2011 @ 12:00 PM

Welcome to the Panim el Panim blog, where Panim el Panim participants are able to share their reflections and experiences.

Today, we began our adventures at Panim el Panim with introductions and icebreakers. We were asked to put together puzzles. Once we did so, we realized that our puzzles created images related to healthcare. We had the chance to discuss healthcare and what it meant to each of us. After a short break we came back to our next program. The speaker was a man that looked slightly out of place. He was a former homeless man that turned his life around and now is the director of a Non Profit Organization. After he told us his life story, we took items of clothing to a park called McPherson Square. I had a conversation with a man about the football games next week. It was the first time I’ve spoken to a homeless person and it was a very worthwhile experience. We walked from McPherson Square to the White House and were able to see how two completely separate worlds are only two blocks away.

-Ryan Berger Congregation B’nai Israel School for Living Judaism Boca Raton, FL

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