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CLTC 3 Update: June 27th 2013

Here are some thoughts from the teens about CLTC 3!


CLTC 3 Update: June 26th 2013

Here's what the teens are saying about CLTC 3!


Shalom from CLTC 3!

"What's awesome is how much I've bonded with people already in just six hours or so, and I'm excited for the next 11 days” - Natty Bernstein GMR


CLTC 4 2013 is Almost Here!

CLTC 4 is almost here! Make sure to check back here for blog updates and below for pictures!

Here's to an epic #BBYOSummer2013


Last Night of CLTC 1

Tonight was the last night of CLTC 1, and this is what the teens had to say about their experience!


CLTC 1 Supports Israel

CLTC 1 Teens Speak Up for Israel!


Rachel Ackermans Reflection

Hi! My name is Rachel Ackerman from South Jersey Region.


CLTC 1 Inductions

Tonight at CLTC 1 the teens were inducted into the International Order!


CLTC 2-Milo's Reflection

Hi, I am Milo from Evergreen Region


CLTC 1 Update: Texas Hoedown

Tonight at CLTC 1 we had a Texas hoedown to get all the teens excited for IC 2014 in Dallas! We had a night full of hay rides, s'mores, and dancing!


Shalom from the Coordinators!

Hi CLTC 2 friends!

We are Gavri Schreiber and Emily Gorby, and we are the teen coordinators for CLTC 2 2013 at Bethany college.

Mikey singing.


CLTC 1 Update: June 19, 2013

“Before beginning CLTC, I had only heard good things about this summer program. Numerous people told me over and over again that it was hands down the best 12 days of their lives. Being here now, eight days in, I have met so many amazing people, learned excellent leadership skills, and made memories to last a lifetime. Needless to say, this program is truly living up to and exceeding the short expectations I had.” – Becca Lustig, KIO


CLTC 1 Update: June 17, 2013

"My chapter worked very well today together, and it was our best day so far. Also, the March of the Living program was emotional, but I am so happy I was able to experience with my cousin Emily Gerstein." -Amanda Iserson, GCR

"The March of the Living program was absolutely impactful and emotional, especially the introduction with the letters." -Ellee Sinykin, Wisconsin


CLTC 1 Update: June 16, 2013

Hello, my name is Yishai Barth, and I am from New England Region. I have been a part of BBYO for two years, and am a rising senior. I was told to attend CLTC to learn how to be a leader from my regional director after being elected to regional board. I did not know what those four letters stood for, but I was told that these 12 days are the most amazing days of your life.


CLTC 1 Update: June 14, 2013

Here are what the CLTC 1 teens are saying!
"It was nice to be with my sister BBGs, just relaxing and bonding." -Risa Mond, North-Texas Oklahoma Region


CLTC 3 2013 is Almost Here!

CLTC 3 2013 is almost here! Make sure to check back here for blog updates and below for pictures!


Welcome to CLTC 1!

Everyone has arrived safely and CLTC 1 has officially begun!


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