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C-c-c-c-c-changes...* -- Shabbat Message 4/24/201

Posted on 04/24/2015 @ 12:00 PM

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

One, but the lightbulb has to really WANT to change…

The parsha this week, Tetzaveh-Metzorah, focuses on moments of transition, from being spiritually unclean to clean, from having sinned to being forgiven. The text offers the example of the mikvah in which we ritually immerse ourselves in a body of water to cleanse, both physically and spirtually. You enter one way and exit another. The ritual speaks to the need for a physical action in order to transition. It’s not enough to just want it – you have to take the steps to make yourself anew.

It’s a nice alignment with transitional period we’re in right now: when school years finish, we shift mentally from implementing this year to planning for next year, and people look forward to moving to camp mode for the summer. At BBYO, we feel all of these things. We’re starting to look at what’s next, individually, professionally, and as an organization. We’re heavy in planning for FY16 even as we’re still knee-deep in FY15. We are planning and recruiting for summer. And for many of us, we’re looking ahead to a different experience than what has come before.

In years past we’ve written about the sadness of the flood of “a note from” postings this time of year. We’ve also recognized that this is the time we have a chance to welcome new ones in their places, something that couldn’t happen without the departures. We should do the same for projects and initiatives – recognize the need to step back, pause, reflect and (re-)create anew. We are taking that opportunity with this, the weekly Shabbat message.

This will be the last Shabbat message for a little while. Over the summer we’ll take time to regroup and think about how we want to, as a staff and as a BBYO community, mark Shabbat on a weekly basis.

As the weekly editor and a rotating writer, the Shabbat messages have become a treasured part of my life for the last three years. I appreciate the opportunity to engage in dialogue with you through these messages. For many of our “guest writers” it was the first time they wrote something personal to be distributed on this scale, and I thank you for your trust in our team to help you get it right.

At least for me, Shabbat won’t be the same without the process I go through each week to send out these messages, but I know that the space will allow the steps to be taken to enable something new and wonderful to grow.

*The title is in reference to Changes by David Bowie. You’re welcome.

With one last sign-off, Rachel Meytin, Director of Panim and Jewish Enrichment, wishes each of you a Shabbat shalom.

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