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From the Four Corners to BBYO

Posted on 07/05/2013 @ 12:16 PM

Tags: shabbat

“V’havienu l’shalom m’arba kanfot ha’aretz v’tolicheinu kommemeut l’artzeinu” – bring us peacefully from the four corners of the earth and lead us with upright pride to our land.

Today, over 100 teens from the US, Canada, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine came to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. With our bags, our Israeli cell phones, and our shekels, we drove to Jerusalem’s Hebrew University campus where we had our opening ceremonies. Overlooking the Old City, we said kiddish (prayer over grape juice), we said hamotzi (prayer over bread), we sang the shechechiyanu (prayer we say at especially momentous times), and we danced joyfully together.

The theme of ILSI 2013 is: “Bringing It Home.” Today this meant that we have been brought home to the Jewish homeland. The theme also means that we will be focusing over the next three weeks on empowering the teen leaders to bring what they learn to their home chapters, regions/councils, and communities. One of our central goals is for the teen leaders on ILSI 2013 to be the ones in front of the room sharing their passion for Israel and helping build that passion for others.

Every day we will be introducing a new “big question” to the group. A Passover Sedar has the 4 questions, and we will have the 19 questions. And like a Passover sedar, we will hope that these big questions will stimulate learning, rich dialogue, and bring friends together for meaningful time together. Today’s big question was: “Where are we going?” Some thought of this literally to refer to the trip, while others understood the question to refer to where is the Jewish people as a whole going?

We are looking forward to an extraordinary three weeks ahead on ILSI 2013 and sharing more of our experience with you in the coming days. Please follow our activities on the blog:

Sending wishes for a Shabbat Shalom around the globe, Ira Dounn, Director of Jewish Enrichment, BBYO's Northeast Hub

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