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Hurricane Sandy and Camels: What's Above and Beyond?

Posted on 11/09/2012 @ 07:11 PM

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Chayai Sarah, Abraham sends his servant Eliezer on a mission to find a wife for Isaac.

Eliezer goes in with a plan. He asks G-d to present to him somebody who will not only give him water from the well, but who will also offer to go above and beyond and to give water to his 10 camels. This is no small task - retrieving enough water for 10 camels takes a significant amount of time and strenuous labor. Sure enough, not only does Rebecca give Eliezer water from the well, she also goes above and beyond and brings water for his camels. Rebecca says “yes” before being asked, and it is clear to Eliezer that she is the person for Isaac.

In order to accomplish BBYO’s mission, we also need teen leaders, advisors, community leaders, and BBYO professionals who are dedicated and hard working, who are willing to go above and beyond to help others in their community, and who are willing to say “yes” – sometimes even before they are asked.

This story is special and timely to me for several reasons: · Personally: My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary of committing to go above and beyond to each other and to our family. · Communally: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy so many are going above and beyond to help others. · Nationally: Just this week, American citizens exercised their right to vote for an American President, Senators, and Representatives who they think will work hard and go above and beyond to lead our country.

How will you go above and beyond what is asked or expected of you? And how will you inspire others to go above and beyond with you?

(This Shabbat message was prepared by Casey Topol, BBYO New England Region Program Director)

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