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Is Anything too Wonderous for God?

Posted on 10/18/2013 @ 02:29 PM

In this week’s Torah Portion, Vayera, God tells Abraham that his wife Sarah will have a son. Sarah overhears this and laughs, as she considers her old age. God hears Sarah’s laughter and asks, “Is anything too wondrous for God?”

We challenge our teens to do wondrous work every day. From pushing them to grow their chapters and regions, to helping them gain skills that many adults have yet to acquire. But do we recognize the wonder in our teens work and understand why must we recognize all that they do?

Vayera also includes the story of the destruction of Sodom, a community known for its poor behavior. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel explains that the destruction occurred because the residents of the city were unable to recognize the wonders of the world and act in accordance with them. His interpretation teaches us that it is not only important to recognize the amazing, but also to have our actions reflect that wonder.

On a daily basis teens recruit new members, plan fantastic events and hold chapter meetings, all while taking risks, building confidence and inspiring their peers. We must recognize our teens when they engage in holy and wondrous work, and consider, have we celebrated them lately?

We recognize this wondrous Shabbat message was created by Mike Steklof, City Director, Louisville, KY

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