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Preparing to Prepare… Shabbat Message 3/13/15

Posted on 03/13/2015 @ 12:45 PM

We’re in the almost-ready part of the year. It’s almost-spring. It’s almost-planning time for next year. It’s that in between time when you’re thinking about who you’ll invite to your Passover seder, but still thinking about all the pasta we’ll eat this month.

We hang in that almost-ready stage for only a little while. And yet, there is a huge opportunity to take advantage of this pre-planning stage. This is the time when we can think about our biggest goals. Not how many teens will attend CLTC or register for fall convention, but WHY. Why do we want to send teens to CLTC? What is the benefit of membership in BBYO?

(and no, I’m not giving you the answers – I’m just giving you the questions. The answers are your job! But I’ll give you a good hint to get started if you’d like…)

Don’t forget to apply this to other settings – Why do you take the time to prepare for Shabbat – or dressing up nice to go to your Grandparents’ Passover Seder? Why do you work or volunteer for a Jewish organization?

As we enter this almost-ready time, may this be the perfect time to look ahead and make sure you’re driving toward your real goals.

Shabbat Shalom!


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