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We've Sprung Ahead- Now Bring in the New You!

Posted on 03/15/2013 @ 05:54 PM

BBYO Shabbat Message of the Week

When I was a special education teacher in New York, I had a colleague explain to me about the ebbs and flows of a teacher’s motivation. She said it was like a parabola-- we start off really high and full of motivation in September with lots of creative ideas and lesson plans, then in the middle of the year (mostly winter) it hits a low point when we are all lacking innovative ideas and enthusiasm. At the end of the school year is when the motivation goes up again, we get excited for the summer and motivate our students to end the year with a bang.

What if we kept up the motivation and enthusiasm all year? Not just in the beginning and at the end?

Luckily, we are about to hit a time of renewal. Spring is the time of the rebirth of nature, of renewed growth and actualization of latent potential. This is intimated in the very first mitzvah that the Children of Israel were commanded, before leaving Egypt: "This month is for you the head of months; it is for you the first of the months of the year." The root of the word for "month," chodesh, is identical to the root of the word "new," chadash. Thus, "this month," the month of Nissan, is the source of all "renewal" that will appear throughout the year.

Most people who work on a school year calendar don’t consider this time of year to be a first month. We are in a period where the programming year is winding down, summer programs have not yet started, and honestly, some of us may be lacking motivation. And yet - spring is the time to find that latent potential within our teens, and within ourselves! We need to push forward and have that same sense of enthusiasm and dedication we did in the fall.

And so, a challenge for us all: Let us do something NEW and innovative this month. Can you create a new program? Tackle a problem a different way? What will you do to renew yourself to make sure you’re at your best and help create miracles for those around you?

This Shabbat message was renewed by Sheri Rosenberg, Program Associate - Nashville

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