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Who Would You Invite?

Posted on 09/28/2012 @ 08:11 PM

Whew – what a busy two weeks: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, lots of introspection, much judgment, tons of food, no food… Glad the holidays are over! Oh, wait. They’re not.

Tishrei is four weeks of fun, and Sukkot begins on Sunday evening. Sukkot has much to explore, including the building of the sukkah itself and the lulav and etrog we wave each day. One interesting modern-ish addition to the holiday is the idea of inviting “ushpizin” – guests – into your celebrations. Almost all Jewish holidays encourage guests, but on Sukkot we go a step further by inviting a series of Biblical heroes to highlight the important roles they play and messages they can bring to our lives today. Here is a modern take, listing ushpizot (female guests) along with the more traditional list.

Consider the question: Who would you invite? Who, alive or dead, famous or not, would you want to sit down and have a meal with? What questions would you ask? What would you want to tell them about your life, your Judaism, and your celebrations? Please see the attached (or downloadable) one-pager of questions and suggested lists of ushpizin. If you have a list to suggest, please email it to and we’ll compile a BBYO resource.

So… who will join you in your Sukkot celebrations? (This Shabbat Message was coordinated by Rachel Meytin, Director of Panim and Jewish Enrichment)

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