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More Words From Our Teens

Posted on 08/14/2014 @ 04:00 PM

"CLTC is a place to gain real leadership skills while making amazing friends. BBYO friends are unlike any other." -Ilyssa Brunhild

"From five days in, I already knew that I've made friendships that will last a lifetime." -Evan Rosen

"CLTC 8 has been an incredible experience. I wasn't always sure that I wanted to go on a BBYO summer experience, but I'm confident and glad that I made the right choice. I really look forward to applying the skills that I've learned here to help my chapter." -Zach Roston


Words From Our Teens

Posted on 08/12/2014 @ 11:44 AM

"I have been in BBYO for two and a half years and I have learned more in six days than I have in almost three years. The leadership sessions have given me a different perspective on BBYO and Judaism. I can't wait to take me new skills home!" -Zoe Shir

"We've learned lessons we can bring back to our chapters and made friendships and memories we will cherish forever." -Emily Frantz and Julia Hockman

"Everything at CLTC is amazing, but my favorite part has to be chapter meetings! Decharim is so close and I love getting to work with BBGs from all over the world." -Meredith Mackey

"I am not even half way done with CLTC and already it has changed me for the better. Before going to CLTC people would say that CLTC was the best 12 days of their life. I thought they were lying, but now I know that they were telling the truth." -Joe Erani


CLTC 8 Continues Strong

Posted on 08/11/2014 @ 11:44 AM

At CLTC, I feel like I can be myself with people I have only met a few short days ago. Even as I walked into the airport, I could immediately tell that these are people I want to be friends with for the rest of my life. BBYO is the connection between all of us, but, the relationships that are made go much further than that, beyond what we ever expected it to be. Here, being surrounded by teens around me that are like me, but, even more different, I have found myself. By sharing my stories and advice and recieving others, I have learned who I want to be and what kind of leader I plan to become. CLTC has really mapped out how to be a leader, also through our teachings of the 7 Habits to a Highly Effective Teens. We have set new traditions and explored what BBYO has to offer. It is amazing to think that this group of 70 leaders are making BBYO history by being the attendees of the first CLTC 8 session ever. So thank you BBYO, for making an impact on us and we’re glad we can do the same for you :) These lessons that we've learned have shaped our lives, just in 12 short days. "Up top!" Maddie Oliff, GMR Juli Bernstein, NRE-DC


Greetings from CLTC 8

Posted on 08/07/2014 @ 05:00 PM

Greetings from CLTC 8! As our second full day comes to a close, we have been constantly impressed by the passion of the participants. The teens have displayed a tremendous amount of knowledge and love for BBYO as well as a great deal of intelligence and responsibility throughout the learning they have done so far since they have arrived here at Beber. We have just finished elections and we are so confident in the abilities of all of the board members. We can’t wait to see what they will offer to their chapters for the remainder of CLTC 8. Shabbat Shalom! Rose Albert and Stuart Nulman Leadership Staff


CLTC 8 Has Begun

Posted on 08/07/2014 @ 05:00 PM

CLTC 8 is off to a running start! Yesterday, myself and Kate Reinertson, the CLTC 8 BBG Coordinator, eagerly went to the airport to welcome all 69 participants, as they arrived at the Milwaukee General Mitchell airport, sporadically throughout the day. The participants congregated in a common room where initial bonds between them were formed. After 8 hours worth of arrivals, the teens boarded the buses en route to CLTC! We started the 12 day journey last night with an orientation and an icebreaker activity, and today the participants got into the regular CLTC routine of mock chapters, by participating in different program rotations and learning about the idea of being proactive, the first “Habit of Highly Effective Teens”. We are so excited for the remainder of the program and to continue forming and strengthening the special community that is CLTC 8!


BBYOs Jewish Community

Posted on 08/01/2014 @ 12:01 AM

To be honest, before coming to CLTC I thought BBYO was just about meeting new people and having fun. After being here (especially at Sherrie's program) my whole view was changed. I wasn't going to raise my children Jewish, and not I am. I realize that we are the future, and our pride and beliefs are so incredibly important. BBYO is about being Jewish and all the amazingness that comes with it is just a bonus. I am so grateful. -Letty Rae Leach, Southern Region, Atlanta


Week One at CLTC 7

Posted on 07/29/2014 @ 04:51 PM

"CLTC has changed my life, even while learning new leadership skills and exploring my inner Jewish self, I've been able to make so many new friends that I know I'll be able to keep in touch with for many years to come"-Sasha Kipnis, CRW

"I've learned more in four days than I have all year in Bbyo, specifically how meetings work and its really cool." -Carmela, Southern Region, Atlanta

"Its only been a couple days but i already know that i made friends at cltc that will be my friends all throughout bbyo and beyond." -Abby Southern Region, Atlanta

"Cltc has provided me with leadership experience that I know will help me with my chapter at home and in my region" -Lacey, Michigan

"Cltc has led me to feel comfortable in my own skin while having fun around teens my age who have as much passion for the organization as I do." -Letty, Southern Region, Atlanta


A Beautiful International Evening

Posted on 07/29/2014 @ 11:42 AM

Following an amazing educational program about our fellow BBYO affiliated youth groups in Israel and Argentina, the Kallah body split into our community delegations. We all lined up outside of Katz, one of our main meeting places here at Perlman. With all of the anticipation, we knew exactly what was coming. Delegations from around the world shouted cheers at the top of our lungs. Our pride was met by our friends from all of the world, teens from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Argentina, and of course Canada. Here's the best part, we were gathering to celebrate something even bigger, better, and more world-wide than this. BBYO's International Convention in 2015 will be held February 12th to 16th in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be joined by multiple other youth groups like NFTY, who will be having their convention at the same time and place. Our gathering will make history, being one of the largest gathering of Jews in North America. Hearing about last year's convention and what is to come for this year's was incredibly exciting. Lastly, the international teens at Kallah were inducted into the international order. The ceremony was beautiful and talked about how much stronger we are together, united as one. We now have seven more amazing brothers and sisters, Esther and Alina from Ukraine, Hernie and Malu from Argentina, Alex and Tony from Bulgaria, and Hagai from Israel.

Hanna Weintraub Mountain Region


More CLTC Experiences

Posted on 07/29/2014 @ 09:29 AM

CLTC is an experience of a lifetime. It's such a unique program filled with leadership sessions and bonding time. I instantly connected with all the people here which really shows what BBYO does for teens across the globe. I already know that the friends I make here are everlasting. This past Shabbat I reflected on what BBYO has done for me. I noticed that it has allowed me to participate and take part in something new. That continues even more at CLTC. I have learned so much in just a few days. Everything that the amazing staff has taught will improve me as an aleph and my chapter back home. Fraternally submitted with undying love for CLTC7, North Texas-Oklahoma #74, Chai V'kayam AZA #890, everlasting friends, and my heart and home Rubin Kaplan AZA #841. I remain Aleph Gabriel Herman Friedstadt


Sunday Funday

Posted on 07/27/2014 @ 08:29 PM

As much as I would love to not be cliché, my past few days here at CLTC Seven have been some of the best few days of my life! Now, when you ask someone who has experienced CLTC for a run down on what it is, they will not tell you about schedules, programs, or even the wonderful services; and although all of these things are extremely important, people will most likely talk about the friends and what they have learned. However, to me this isn’t even CLTC. Honestly, it is truly hard for me to define CLTC, considering I am trying to define who I am and what my mark will be here. But in coming to this realization, I realized I am not alone. There is a quote by Kellie Elmore that states, “sometimes the only way to ever find yourself is to get completely lost.” This perfectly describes CLTC to me. Everyone here is still defining themselves and whether they do it in the end or not, the only way they can even try, is to get completely lost - lost in their friends, ideas, lost in the laughter and fun, and lost in the sisterhood and brotherhood that this organization gives us. Respectfully submitted with undying love for CLTC 7, the international order, and my heart and home, Star of David BBG of the Ohio Northern Region #23. I remain Sophie Ruttenberg.


Shabbat Shalom from CLTC 7

Posted on 07/27/2014 @ 12:24 PM

Together as a community, we created a shabbat for the memory book at CLTC. We moved into a beautiful and fun service led by a BBG chapter followed by a personal reflection where everyone was able to reflect on their time so far at CLTC as well as how they feel individually as a whole. After much needed rest on Saturday morning, we started a wonderful Saturday afternoon. A great part about Shabbat at CLTC is that it truly is a break from the week; there is time to just relax. We were able to take a dip in a nearby pool, followed by some fun competition in AZAA and BBGG. After an extended chofesh, we carried on with dinner, followed by Hannah (BBG coordinator) and I teaching the cheers that have been taught for decades before us. This shabbat was one to remember, and everyone had a great time.

Fraternally submitted with an undying love with, Athens of the South AZA #258, Cotton States Region #72, CLTC 7 2015, The Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the 7 Cardinal Principles upon which it stands I will forever remain Aleph Samuel Albert Perlen


Shabbat at Kallah

Posted on 07/27/2014 @ 11:21 AM

Shabbat has always been one of my favorite aspects about Judaism, especially in BBYO. At the beginning of Kallah we chose different Shabbat programmatic committees and really made this Shabbat about us, the Kallah community. Before Shabbat we got to take photos in the small quad with old and new friends, capturing the moment to ensure we never forget how amazing Shabbat was. After that we had participant led menorah lighting and Kabbalat Shabbat, which helped us welcome Shabbat to our camp. We then celebrated with a delicious Shabbat dinner that encouraged everyone to sit with new people based on similar traits, I sat at the wisdom table with a variety of old and new people. We finished the night with our first separates that increased the brotherhood among all the participants.

The next morning the Shabbat atmosphere of the previous night continued. I, along with many others, decided to keep Shomer Shabbat, staying away from all technology to immerse myself in Kallah. During the day, we were able to attend a variety of services and electives, furthering our connection to different aspects of Judaism while having fun. We then had an extra long Shabbat free time where we could meet new people, ask questions to staff, play sports, or just hang out and relax around camp. That night we got an amazing opportunity to talk to a panel of our Jewish educators. This allowed us to ask a variety of questions to the many Jewish educators that we had connected to in the past week. Finally, our communal Havdallah brought everyone together once again to celebrate the closing of Shabbat and the beginning of the next week.

Nathaniel Bernstein Great Midwest Region


Quotes From The Teens

Posted on 07/25/2014 @ 11:13 AM

"CLTC is incredible. I am meeting so many new people and learning valuable life skills." - Coby Simler, CRW

"CLTC has been amazing. I've learned so much in just 3 days." -Gabe F. NTO

"CLTC has been an amazing experience so far. I have gotten to meet many great jews from across the country." -Ben Akers

"I have accomplished the art of making new friends; friends that will last a lifetime." -Gavin Shrell, NTO

"It's (CLTC) such a great experience! I've met so many new people, and I encourage everyone to sign up for CLTC." -Jamie Weiss, NTO

"The StandUp program was very interesting in the sense that in this large group of people, there were many commonalities in each other's StandUp causes." -Adam Kagel, CRW

"I loved seeing how passionate the girls were about what they wanted to do with their time at CLTC." -Brianah Caplan, Mountain.


Words from the 90th Grand Aleph Godol

Posted on 07/25/2014 @ 11:13 AM

CLTC has been a leadership experience for everyone at Beber including the staff, Hannah, and I. Every chapter has elected their board, and they will gain experience to take home to their own real chapters. The connections made between all Alephs and BBGs here has been incredible to watch, and I can tell they will continue when everyone gets home. All Alephs held a parliamentary procedure program where they learned about how to go through proper procedure. We did this by going through a mock motion and acting as if it was real. The BBGs had a very similar program where they learned about how to lead a meeting as well as how to go through a motion. As we move into a meaningful first shabbat here at CLTC, everyone in this community is stronger than we were before, and we plan to make this a meaningful and memorable shabbat.

Fraternally submitted with an undying love for, Athens of the South AZA #258, Cotton States Region #72, CLTC 7 2014, The Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the 7 Cardinal Principles upon which it stands, I will forever remain Aleph Samuel Albert Perlen


First Full Day at CLTC 7

Posted on 07/25/2014 @ 11:06 AM

CLTC 7 has been a blast so far. The teens are learning leadership skills that they never knew they had. The first step to leadership was learning to be proactive; taking the initiative without being asked. The next leadership lesson was 'beginning with the end in mind'. In the chapters, the teens have developed chapter names and numbers, and are currently working on their speeches to run for a board position. We wish all of the candidates luck and cannot wait to see them become great leaders.


International Inductions at CLTC 6

Posted on 07/25/2014 @ 12:58 AM

Hello CLTC 6! My name is Alex Frenzel from Adrienne Levine BBG #124 of Connecticut Valley Region #17.

Today truly was a life-changing day at CLTC 6. Our entire community came down to breakfast today dressed in our matching CLTC shirts. We all gathered outside together to take a group photo. At that moment, I realized that we truly are a family. We had come in thinking that we were all so different and that we would never truly belong, but we now see that we are not so different. After going to many powerful programs that bonded us together and spending so much time as a whole, we have grown so close that there are no other people we would rather be spending these special 12 days with.

In addition, today was a day that we will remember for the rest of our lives; the day when we were all inducted into the international order. When I was sitting with my fellow BBGs, listening to Amanda give us a speech that inspired us all in different ways, I felt as if my life had just been pointed into a different direction. We all started as simple new members, but now we have made it big. BBYO is a part of us all and we will continue to carry it with us wherever we go. We may not know where we are going, but we will never be lost.

Congrats to all the Alephs and BBGs of CLTC 6. Let’s make our last few days unforgettable.

Submitted with undying love and dedication for Levine BBG #124, CVR #17, Shemesh BBG #1786 and all of CLTC 6, I forever remain, Alexandra Frenzel


New Classes

Posted on 07/24/2014 @ 05:24 PM

I am attending International Kallah because I am extremely passionate about being an active member of the Jewish community, and I wanted a forum to discuss some of my ideas with other knowledgeable teens.

Through the Limmud framework, participants at Kallah can attend various classes led by our very own Jewish Educators. The two courses I have taken are ‘Exploring Israel’, taught by Ian Kandel and ‘Sex and Beyond’ taught by Rabbi Allen Saks.

Ian’s course has two main foci: learning the roots of Zionism and learning about current pressing events in Israel, including the political tensions that exist. We explore the 2000 year old Jewish ideal of returning to our homeland, Israel, and review historical documents, such as the poem that Hatikva was taken from. Because of this course I feel more educated and capable of having intellectual conversations about the ethical and political situations in the country currently.

In Rabbi Allen’s course, ‘Sex and Beyond,’ we explore the expectations and stereotypes about sex in the Jewish religion. We also explore how these ideas have changed over time. We discuss the differences between men and women in sexual environments, and what is considered appropriate for each gender. Rabbi Allen has used readings, discussions, and TV shows (such as Seinfeld) to help teach about these topics. Both of my classes have given me a lot of information to take home with me, as well as allowed myself and my peers express our own thoughts on the class topics. I look forward to continuing my lessons in Ian’s class, as well as starting a new course, entitled ‘God Talk,’ which is being taught by Tali Adler, an instructor currently in rabbinical school.

Itay Barylka

Central Region West


Another Great Day

Posted on 07/24/2014 @ 12:59 AM

Hi my name is Nan Schechter and I am from Beshert BBG #2455 in Northern Region East: DC Council #54. And I am Rachel Caprini from Beresheit BBG #2412 in Ohio Northern Region #23 and we are both in the mock chapter Achayot Chazakot BBG #1436. CLTC has been so inspirational so far and we can’t wait to see the amazing programs that are yet to come. Today we were dorm of the day and we chose the overarching theme of “Saving a life.” We told everybody to exchange BBYO clothing, so that we can remember all of the people that made an impact on our lives here at CLTC. The day started with Shacharit (prayer service) with the theme of friendship. It was so nice to see all of CLTC linking arms and bonding with our brother Alephs and sisters BBGs. Also, today we watched a very moving video about what it means to be Jewish and we learned how to embrace our Jewish identities. Everyday after programming, we have chapter meetings where we get all of our business done and where we get to know the strengths and weaknesses of our chapter as a whole. We have gotten so close to each other and we can’t imagine leaving. After that, we had an amazing speaker, Jon Bridge, come and talk to us about recruitment and membership. His presentation engaged all of us and taught us how to recruit quality new members. After dinner we had Shira, a nightly song session, where Mikey, our song leader, taught us a bunch of new tunes. The night wrapped up with an IC throw down that made all of us SO excited for IC in Atlanta! CLTC has been so great and we know that the friends that we are making here will last a lifetime. Submitted with undying love for Achayot Chazakot BBG #1436, Beshert BBG #2455, DC Council #54, Beresheit BBG #2412, ONR #23, and CLTC 6 2014, we forever remain Nan Weiss Schechter and Rachel Miriam Caprini


My First Jewish Experience

Posted on 07/23/2014 @ 11:31 AM

When I signed up for International Kallah last fall as a girl who went to religious school for over eight years, I thought I knew who I was as a person and as a Jew. Now, over a week into Kallah, my perspective has changed more than I thought possible. Every morning and afternoon, the whole Kallah community comes together to pray. No matter what sect you are or how much practice you have had, the educators make it easy to participate and be a part of the community. The past five prayer services that we have engaged in as a community have ranged from musical services led by Eric and Happie, meditative services led by Rabbi Zac, and even an Orthodox style service with split genders and a Mechitza. Being able to participate in services that I would not necessarily engage in at home has definitely opened my eyes to other areas of Judaism. The broad range of services is keeping everyone here engaged and eager to pray. Not only is Kallah a place where everyone is welcome; Kallah is a place where everyone is fully engaged in learning, prayer, and being a part of a community. Praying in this Kehillah (community) has been meaningful beyond words for me and the other teens here. Apart from praying, Kallah has given me amazing opportunities to practice and learn about my Judaism. The most prevalent example of this happened to me on the first full day of being at Kallah. I had no idea that the first full day was the 17th of Tammuz and the beginning of the three-week mourning period for T’sha B’av (the destruction of the temple.) I, along with 30 other teens, took the chance to fast from sunrise to sunset and spend the day commemorating and learning about the destruction of the temple. Growing closer to the other teens and staff members fasting with me, although I was hungry, was the most meaningful way that I could have hoped to start my Kallah journey. During meals, we hung out in the big quad, distracting our minds and stomachs from the struggle before us. We spent our entire day trying to explain our decisions to our peers. For me, thinking about those whom we lost and being able to learn in-depth about our history as a Jewish people was not even a question, but more an obligation.

Molly Ball


Chapter Programs and Fundraisers Begin

Posted on 07/23/2014 @ 12:25 AM

Shalom, my name is Ido Almog and I am from the Evergreen Region. Today at CLTC 6 we accomplished yet another fantastic day at camp. Beginning with Shacharit (morning service), which was themed with the idea of picking up trash and the appreciation of nature. Following the service we were had group rotations consisting of exploring Judaism, synergy, and shira (singing). After a wonderful morning, my chapter, Achim AZA #517, led an energetic fundraiser. We decided to have a 3-on-3-basketball tournament with teams donating money at the entrance. We raised around $400 with the money going to the Friends of the IDF, an organization which we felt needed the support at such a crucial time. We finished the day off with two chapter-led programs. These programs opened our eyes and made us realize that each of us has a different perception and to discover a person’s true identity we must break out of our true comfort zone, even if it means taking a risk. Forever remain, Aleph Ido Almog.



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