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Zach Cohen – Philadelphia, PA

By: Zach Cohen

Bullying is a big crisis in our country.  It is in our schools.  It is in our youth groups.  It is in the workplaces.  Bullying is everywhere, and it needs to be stopped now.  The main issue is that people do not know how to approach bullies or what measures to take in order to stop this terrible act.

‘BULLY’, a documentary about the real life accounts of bullying by a few kids across the nation, portrays the true effects of what bullying can do to a victim.  The film has been premiering in cities all over the country in the past few weeks, and will eventually be making a nationwide release, so that everyone in America can see how detrimental bullying is to people.

A teen audience at the BBYO International Convention was the first to preview BULLY in February in Atlanta, GA.  BBYO has teamed up the BULLY in order to help promote this movie and reach out to the youth around the United States.  Being that BBYO is a teen youth movement, it is important that its members see this film.  The majority of bulling that occurs in a person’s life happens in their teenage years, so if teenagers are seeing this emotional movie, they will be able to not only help themselves if they are being bullied, but also help others in their life

One of the stops on the movie tour was Philadelphia, PA on April 15th.  Almost 200 people filed into the Landmark Ritz movie theater to be apart of the campaign to put an end to bullying.  Not only did the audience view the film, but they also discussed about values and what they stand up for.  People had a big eye-opener after seeing BULLY, and left feeling inspired and ready to tackle the issue that is bullying.

BULLY has been making headlines all over the country.  At first the MPAA gave the movie an R-rating, however that was soon overturned and the movie is now given a PG-13 rating.  This is very important due to the fact that every individual, especially teenagers should see this movie brought forth by director, Lee Hirsch.  After seeing this movie, people will have no doubts in their mind that change must be done.

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