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AZA & BBG International Leadership

2013-2014 International Leadership Network Application

Our Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls,

We hope that wherever you are this summer, you’re doing well, you’re having a great time and you’re looking forward to the year ahead with as much excitement as we are today. BBYO’s summer programs across North America, Central America, Europe and Israel are winding down and the new school year’s approaching. It’s almost time to kick off our fall semester, and we couldn’t be more ready to share and connect with you.

Last year yielded incredible milestones for our Movement. We chartered dozens of chapters, AZA and BBG grew across North America and BBYO embraced teens in more countries and we united at our largest International Convention in our Order’s history. As momentum builds, AZA and BBG are poised for even greater successes as we approach our 90th and 70th anniversary years.

To achieve all that we wish for AZA and BBG in the year ahead, we seek the partnership of committed Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls, from across the world, eager to take on responsibility, contribute and make history. We invite you to consider a leadership role amidst the new AZA and BBG International Leadership Network.

At the link below, you’ll be able to find information on and applications for a variety of opportunities that will allow dozens of members to make an impact and guide our Movement toward successes aligned with our top priorities.

Committees and Specialist Roles include:
• S’ganim Team/Program Excellence
• Morim Team/Total Involvement and Growth
• Mazkirim Team/Communication and Fundraising
• Sh’lichim Team/BBYO Stand UP, Jewish Enrichment and Israel
• Global Networking Committee
• International Convention 2014 Steering Committee
• Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC) Coordinators
• Summer of IMPACT Coordinators
• More to come…

We encourage you to share these opportunities with as many of our members as possible. As a Members’ Movement, any Aleph or BBG with interest, experience and talent in these areas should be encouraged to apply. There will be many ways to contribute to our Order’s growing achievements; stay tuned for additional ways in the coming months. As always, if you have ideas, we want to hear what you have to say!

If you have any questions about any of the information provided here, please be in touch with us. We want to make sure you have everything you need to apply. Good luck and we look forward to reviewing where you want the Movement to head!


Mika Stein, 89th Grand Aleph Godol (
Michaela Brown, 69th International N’siah (

Apply for the 2013-2014 International Leadership Network HERE!

2012-2013 Life Ceremony Publications

The 88th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the 68th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls are proud to present to you their final thoughts, thanks and wishes for the future of our international Movement as they complete their year of service. The Order thanks them for their commitment and dedication, and celebrates the many thousands of Alephs and BBGs around the world that partnered with them on their work over the past year. Honor their legacy by inviting more Jewish teens into our community. AZA and BBG are incredibly close to our year-end membership goals; we can achieve their vision by going the distance now and set up our next year for even more success.

In August 2013, these Life Ceremony Publication pages will transition to the new AZA and BBG Movement Hub that will be launching later this summer.

Grand Aleph Godol, Logan Miller

Grand Aleph S'gan, Ryan Ladd

Grand Aleph Moreh, Alex Finkelstein

Grand Aleph Mazkir, Nick Phillips

Grand Aleph Shaliach, Benji Fages

International N'siah, Sarah Minion

International S'ganit, Hilit Jacobson

International Aym HaChaverot, Emily Gorby

International Mazkirah, Michaela Brown will serve as International N'siah for the coming year.

International Sh'licha, Andie Djamal

2012-2013 Priorities

The 88th and 68th International Boards of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the B'nai B'rith Girls, with their counterparts, have put forth the following priorities to guide their year.

Grow AZA, BBG and BBYO Connect

Implement Programs of Quality and Excellence

Expand Stand UP Within and Beyond BBYO

Commit to Israel

Act Globally, Impact Locally

Want to Lead? Here's Where to Start:

Bring Logan and Sarah to Your Town - International Presidents Request Form

Connect your chapter with chapters in the UK and Ireland! - Chapter Match Up Application

Program Better - Use the Guide to Program Excellence

Make the World Smaller, and Better - Download the 2012 ISF Pledge Form

Want to Plan Better Programs?

Download the Official Programming Planning Form

Download the Official Program Budget Planning Form

Download the Official Program Evaluation Form

Download the GNC Globalization Program Guide

Download AZAA & BBGG Illustrated March Edition

Download AZAA & BBGG Illustrated - February 2013 Edition

Mark Your Calendars for an Exciting Year!

Look to the Past, Celebrate the Future on the March of the Living 2013

Join thousands of Jewish teens internationally to confront the depths of tragedy in Poland and travel on to Israel to celebrate the rebirth of the Jewish People. The March of the Living takes place every April to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day.

Plan Your Summer Now - It Will Make Winter Easier!

Plan your Summer

They were the best days of your life. Now it is time to share that experience with younger Alephs and BBGs. The opportunities are endless as BBYO expands it's offerings to more programs, cities, and dates.

Summer registration is now open and spots are filling quickly!

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