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AZA & BBG International Leadership

AIPAC Policy Conference 2012 -- Applications Due February 3rd!

Our Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls,

BBYO’s commitment to Israel is both rooted in our history and ingrained deeply in our values. Now more than ever, the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the B’nai B’rith Girls are prioritizing Israel education, awareness and informed advocacy through our Speak UP Campaign for Israel and by sending more Jewish teens to Israel. We know that teens who have personal stories in Israel grow to become Israel’s strongest advocates.

Throughout our history, we’ve formed partnerships with a number of significant players in the pro-Israel community – the largest and most fruitful of which has been AIPAC, one of the nation’s most influential lobbies and the Jewish community’s go-to partner in securing the American-Israel relationship. In fact, we are AIPAC’s youth partner, and have secured an impressive and appreciated significant block of spots.

This year, the AIPAC Policy Conference will take place in Washington, DC from the evening of Saturday, March 3rd to the afternoon of Tuesday, March 6th. During this time, thousands upon thousands of Jewish adult leaders from around the world committed to the strength and endurance of the State of Israel and the global Jewish community. More than 1000 people from college campuses around the U.S. will gather as well, taking some of their first steps toward a lifelong commitment to Israel.

The convention includes over 100 unique sessions facilitated by the world’s leading political and military experts on Israel’s current challenges and achievements. The Gala Banquet will feature more than half of the House of Representatives and Senate powerfully displaying their continued commitment to Israel – and is one of the largest gatherings of members of Congress, second only to the State of the Union Address. In past years, Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and many Presidential candidates have made it a priority to make an appearance.

To apply for one of BBYO’s limited spots within our delegation, please submit the attached application. AIPAC’s student conference fee (including hotel stay) for BBYO participants is a subsidized down to $375.00 plus travel, which is covered by the participant. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available that will be considered strictly on a needs basis only. We will not be able to accommodate everyone, but we will do our best to welcome as many delegates as possible.

Please submit all applications by January 30th to Oz Fishman ( and Samantha Levinson ( If your parents or teachers have any questions about the program, please have them contact Ian Kandel at

Because BBYO has such limited space, the teens chosen to represent BBYO -- and transitively, the Jewish teen community -- will be held to the highest standards of conduct. You will be expected, furthermore, to bring back the lessons you’ve learned to your home communities and become a champion of our Speak UP efforts both locally and internationally.

Being able to take part of this incredible Jewish moment can be a defining moment on your leadership journey, both as an Aleph or B’nai B’rith Girl and as a global Jewish leader.

Sincerely, Fraternally, Respectfully,

Aleph Oz Fishman, 87th Grand Aleph Godol Samantha Levinson, 67th International N’siah Ian Kandel, Director of AZA & BBG

Click HERE to download the AIPAC Policy Conference 2012 Application -- Due February 3rd!

AZA & BBG: All You Have To Do Is Ask

Live Broadcast Recording - Originally Aired January 7, 2012 at 11 pm EST!

2012-2013 AZA & BBG International Elections Guide

Our Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls,

Thank you for taking the time to read through this election guide. Thank you for investing so much of yourself in our Movement. Thank you for the time you will continue to commit to BBYO and the Jewish community in countless, valuable, and different ways. Some members will serve on the International Leadership Network. Some members will coordinate a summer program. Some members will recruit members to their Region or Council. Some members will make their lasting impact by focusing on their chapter. Ultimately, only 10 peers will be elected to the International Board from our Orders comprised of tens of thousands from across the globe. While International Elections garner a lot of attention, it is important to pause and reflect upon the thousands of teens that will impact our Orders in other incredibly significant and meaningful ways this year.

Serving on the Grand or International Board is not for everyone, nor should it be. Reaching for these offices requires you to give a lot of your time – a lot of time that your Region or Council might not be able to afford for you to give. Once on the International Board the responsibilities and work you are charged with championing may be vastly different than a parallel role might have been on a Chapter, Regional or Council level. You have the chance to convene as a full International Board a few times a year, but as most efforts are led by distance and on your own, it’s important to be a proactive person that can be a team leader, team player and self‐starter.

The Order will expect a lot of you. Being on International Board is not to self‐actualize one of your dreams or promote yourself, but rather to give of yourself to the Movement, serve every teen involved and make lasting impact on the Jewish community. Being on I‐Board is not about being a figurehead. It demands rigorous amounts of work, quick turn‐around on deliverables and constant communication. It’s a passion that has to last an entire year, if not more. There’s no real option for burn out, unplugging for a couple weeks, or slowing down. Our Movement’s momentum is moving fast, and you’re seeking a role that will amplify our Movement’s pace.

Your service will demand a lot of you. It is extremely important that you take the appropriate amount of time to consider your decision about running and that you include your family and regional staff in the decision‐making process. Mull it over with your parents, your regional/council staff, and the International Board members. These are the only people you can dialogue about this opportunity with; otherwise your candidacy will be declared null and void due to politicking.

The election process is different this year. The turn‐around time is faster, there are more steps, the guidelines are stricter, and the questions ask for huge imagination because we want the election process to be just that – a process. We want it to make you think twice (or even three times) about running, give you a tiny taste of what is to come, and prepare you for the most intense year in your BBYO journey. If completing the packet, making the deadlines, and the amount of writing is difficult for you we strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to run.

Choosing to run is not solely your decision. Throughout the timeline, you will see that you need consensus from your parents, your local staff, International Staff and us.

All that being said, being on International Board is an inspiring, rewarding and unparalleled experience. You’re getting to shape the world’s largest pluralistic Jewish movement, and thereby the Jewish world. You’re leading something far bigger than yourself. You get to be a role model for thousands of teens, have experiences and gain leadership development opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll become part of a close‐knit teen/staff community. You can ask any of us, after the sleepless nights, stressful weeks, hours behind a computer, it’s still all 100% worth it and we would not trade our year of service for anything else in the world.

We could not have imagined such a wild ride and that is why we put a large emphasis on vision and previous experience. We look forward to guiding you throughout the next six weeks on this insightful and personal journey. Please do not hesitate to ask us for anything. We are here to be your mentors and biggest supporters.

Respectfully submitted to the International Order with undying love for the 88th/68th years we forever remain,

Oz Fishman, 87th Grand Aleph Godol and Samantha Levinson, 67th International N'siah

Click HERE to see the 2012-2013 International Elections Guide

NEW! Congratulations to this year's Summer Experience Coordinators! Stay tuned for what specific experiences they will be coordinating!

CLTC Session 1

Jacob Levy; Eastern Region: Virginia Council

Abby Dow; North Texas/Oklahoma Region

CLTC Session 2

Nathan Weinbaum; Gold Coast Region

Kara Simon; North Texas/Oklahoma Region

CLTC Session 3

Grant Fineman; Central Region West/ Grand Aleph Moreh

Jessica Kocen; Eastern Region: Virginia Council

CLTC Session 4

Kevin Sloan; Nassau-Suffolk Region

Lindsey DuBoff; South Jersey Region/ International Aym HaChaverot

CLTC Session 5

Zach Rosen; Wisconsin Region

Kelly Szeinbaum; Central Region West

CLTC Session 6

Jordan Schack; Mid-America Region: St. Louis Council

Allie Laps; Northern Region East: DC Council

CLTC Session 7

Sammy Katz; Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Region

Sarah Minon; South Jersey Region

Impact: Boston Session 1

Ben Esenstad: Northern Region East: DC Council

Nicole Fratkin; Eastern Region: Virginia Council

Impact: Boston Session 2

Jason Brillon; Big Apple Region

Renee Frederick; Lonestar Region

Impact: DC

Jesse Freedman: Lake Ontario Region

Elianna Boswell; Rocky Mountain Region

Impact: Chicago

Tucker Rubin; Eastern Region: Virginia Council

Marissa Finkelman; Lonestar Region

2011-2012 AZA/BBG International Teen Leadership Network

image image

NEW! Current Applications Open

Welcome to the 2011-2012 International Leadership Network page!

Below, you'll find announcements and additional leadership opportunities throughout the year!

This year, we're looking for applicants from all corners of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the B'nai B'rith Girls. Whether you're a chapter board member, a regional board member, or not on board at all - summer program participant or chapter program participant - we want you to be a part of our network!

1. Choose the position you're interested from below.

2. Fill out the questions in a separate document - answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.

3. Submit the application to the appropriate e-mail or fax information.

We look forward to seeing where you'll take our movement next!

Fraternally, Respectfully, Sincerely,

Oz Fishman, Samantha Levinson, Logan Miller, Allie Michel, Grant Fineman, Lindsey DuBoff, Alex Metzman, Talia Katz, Jake Sorrells, and Allison Van Wye,

Your 87th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and 67th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls.

NEW! Panim el Panim Seminar Coordinator Application (for BBYO members)

NEW! Panim el Panim Coordinator Application (non-BBYO members)

NEW! Stand UP Election Summit Coordinator Application

NEW! Human Rights and Genocide Summit Coordinator Application

2011-2012 Teen FAN Committee

Aubrey Martinson (GCR) representing the Southeast Hub

Jessie Gordon (GMR) representing the Midwest Hub

Stephanie Aaronson (BAR) and Jesse Freedman (LOR) representing the Northeast Hub

Tara Cherwony (Philly) representing the Mid-Atlantic Hub

Aaron Cahen (CRW) representing the Western Hub

International Convention 2012 AZA/BBG Steering Committee

In addition to the following list of North American teens, we look forward to engaging 2-4 overseas teens from our global communities in the IC steering committee this year as well. These teens will be selected as soon as their IC delegations are finalized.


IC 2012 Teen Coordinator/ Grand Aleph S'gan:

Logan Miller (BAR)

Administrative Assistant:

Adam Sidrane (NSR)

Steering Committee:

Jesse Freedman (LOR)

Austin Goodman (Michigan)

Andrew Greenberg (NFR)

Grant Hansell (KIO)

Ryan Ladd (Lonestar)

Jacob Levy (Eastern - VAC)

Brandon Myers (NRE)


IC 2012 Teen Coordinator/ International S'ganit:

Allie Michel (Eastern - NCC)

Administrative Assistant:

Whitney Perlen (CSR)

Steering Committee:

Rachel Baer (Mountain)

Alissa Hartnig - (Southern - ATL)

Hilit Jacobson (Southern - ATL)

Dani Kahn (BAR)

Rebecca Slatkin (NRE - NoVA)

Sydney Ungar (ONR)

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