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A Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

Welcome Back!
The 2012-2013 school year has officially begun and I am excited to get back into the swing with an amazing lineup of great local and regional programs, parties and events. And speaking of things…

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Convention was one of our biggest KIO gathering to date! Nearly 200 BBYOers from across the region packed the Mayerson JCC in Cincinnati over Labor Day Weekend for Brotherhood and Sisterhood Convention, the first event of the 2012-2013 school year (click here to see photos)! If you were there I’m sure you could feel the amazing energy that I know is sure to set the tone for an incredible year to come! If you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry. You can participate in our upcoming Spirit Convention which will take place October 26th – 28th at Camp Campbell Gard outside Hamilton, Ohio. The excitement is already building and we anticipate this convention will attract even more KIOers for another fun weekend away with old friends and new! But hurry! Space is limited and will fill up so click here to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration for our next great Convention.

So even though summer is over, many of our members have come back from programs at home and abroad with stories and ideas for how they will work together to strengthen their BBYO chapters, regions and communities. That enthusiasm and team spirit is the reason KIO is on the rise. So welcome back to all our members and volunteer advisors. I look forward to working with you to help KIO continue to grow and thrive! Wishing you a very successful school year, and of course, a very happy and sweet New Year! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Onward and upward!

What's Up KIO?


BBYO is back in session for Ner Tamid BBG and Mishpocha AZA! We kicked off the 2012-2013 year with our 2012 Fall/Winter Chapter Board Installations at the Mayerson JCC. Everyone dressed in their finest attire, and over 60 parents and chapter members were in attendance. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a fabulous ice cream sundae bar and some socializing.

Mishpocha AZA started the term with back-to-back weekend sleepovers. First, the board got their act together with their first chapter board sleepover of the term and did some board bonding. The next weekend, Mishpocha kicked off the term with their first chapter sleepover where board member Sam Meyers debuted his first program! It’s going to be an exciting term for Mishpocha.

Ner Tamid had a Rosh Hashanah program where they threw bread in a pond, bobbed for apples, and made bucket lists.

Cincinnati is proud to announce their new Board Positions for fall/winter 2012:

Ner Tamid BBG:
N'siah (President): Kelsey Bardach
S'ganit (Programming): Andrea Goldstein
Morah (Recruitment): Sydney Chaiken
Sh'licha (Judaism): Sarah Wolf
Gizborit (Fundraising): Sarah Kanter
Mazkirah (Communications): Kali Cohen

Mishpocha AZA:
Godol (President): Herbert Meisner
S'gan (Programming): Zach Samuelson
Moreh (Recruitment): Sam Meyers
Shaliach (Judaism): Cory Harbatkin
Gizbor (Fundraising): Jon Deutsch
Mazkir (Communications): Joey Slovin

Awards & Congratulations:
Most Potential:

Lauren Fershtman for showing great promise as a chapter member and possible future leader of the chapter

Sam Meyers for showing great potential in his new board position

Most Spirited:

Jenna Reis for getting involved in the chapter with energy and enthusiasm

Adam Frankel for showing great energy and enthusiasm for the chapter

Energizer Bunny:

Sam Frank for energizing the chapter

Upcoming Events:

October 1: Ner Tamid Dinner in the Sukkah

October 8: Ner Tamid Game Night


With the Jewish Holidays being on Monday and Tuesday for the next 4 weeks, Columbus BBYO will not be able to officially meet.

Here's what happened at the meeting on September 11th:
The ladies of Bat Shalom had Israeli Dancing!
The men of Heart of Ohio had a smashing Rosh Hashanah Program!
The ladies of Aliah wrapped up their Rosh Hashanah gift basket program!
The men of Pops DSK played disabilities basketball, a very interesting and educational program!

Columbus Parent Committee:
It is time to put together our 2012 Columbus BBYO Parent Committee. This will be a committee of parents to decide major issues and policies within Columbus BBYO. This is also our connection to our BBYO alumni, a vast network of individuals that has yet to be tapped! If you would like to be a member of this board, please click here to be invited to our first meeting which will be held in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events:

September 17 (tentative date): Heart of Ohio's Toga Party. Open to entire region.

For Sukkot, the ladies of Aliah are going to Gabby Kahn's for Dessert under the Stars and will discuss how Sukkot is celebrated all over the world.

October 26-October 28: Spirit Convention at Camp Campbell Gard. Click here for Early Bird Registration.


After an amazing summer here and abroad, Dayton teens have returned home and are sharing their stories, excitement and ideas for how they will work together to strengthen Weprin-Kadima and Hatikvah. Dayton BBYO held a back to school city event for both chapters.

According to Jack Jacobs, Weprin-Kadima Mazkir (VP of Communications): “We met for the first time all summer for an evening of swimming, basketball, and food. Hosted by the Cohen family, Weprin and Hatikvah was brought together, after a long summer, full of international programming for some. Everyone enjoyed food, the pool, the jacuzzi, basketball, getting ready for the upcoming basketball tournament, corn hole, and most of all, the opportunity to see each other."

Hatikvah had a Rosh Hashanah program where the girls wrote expectations on balloons, ate apples and honey and with the help of Weprin-Kadima, built sukkot for the elderly.

Dayton teens attended the Regional Roundtables where chapter officers enjoyed a long weekend of learning, a basketball tournament and a BBG Sisterhood program.

Jack Jacobs says, “Weprin- Kadima had a strong performance in the Basketball Tournament, coming in fourth place overall with a record of 5-3, losing to Heart of Ohio from Columbus twice. There were solid performances by all, though Ethan Cohen turned out to be the star of the team! New members Eric Roytman and Aaron Cohen also showed strong skills. It was a great kickoff to a great year!”

Upcoming Events:


Weprin- Kadima's Wings & Basketball Program

Hatikvah's Jewish New Year’s Celebration


Hatikvah: 6-fold sleepover


The ladies of B'yachad had a bonfire event where they had a really neat Havdallah program where they painted a tree of life and everyone imprinted their handprints as the leaves. At the trunk of the tree they wrote out goals for the year. It was a really successful evening and they had a lot of new girls!

Indy is proud to announce their new Boards:

B'yachad BBG:
N'siah (President): Julia Rubenstein
S'ganit (Programming): Daria Penner
Morah (Recruitment): Mara Michel
Sh'licha (Judaism): Tahlia Korin
Gizborit (Fundraising): Elayna Weiss
Mazkirah (Communications): Rebecca Schankerman
Sunshine Girl: Sylvie Seigel

Brae Sheath AZA:
Godol (President): Ari Korin
S'gan (Programming): Jacob Ohlsen
Moreh (Recruitment): Adam Kashin
Shaliach (Judaism): Steve Auster
Gizbor (Fundraising): Jakub Walerstein
Mazkir (Communications): Adam Friedman


Recently Louisville BBYO hired Mike Steklof, the new Teen Director. A meet and greet event was held at Jacob Spielberg's house, where teens enjoyed desserts and reunited after being away all summer.

Jay Levine had a Rosh Hashanah meeting/program where they did some fun activities like apple shmearing. They lalso wrote a regret from the past year on an apple and then proceeded to hit the apples with a bat or racquet.

Jay Levine BBG is very excited for their new term! They successfully elected their fall board, which is already excitedly planning and programming the term ahead.

Jay Levine's Fall term board is:

N'siah (President): Natania Lipp
S'ganit (Programming): Chelsea Rosenberg
Morah (Recruitment): Daniela Reuter
Sh'licha (Judaism): Deborah Levin
Gizborit (Fundraising): Katie Segal
Mazkirah (Communications): Maggie Rosen

Drew Corson's Fall term board is:

Godol (President): Ben Koby
S'gan (Programming): Michael Schwarz
Moreh (Recruitment): Eli Gould
Shaliach (Judaism): Daniel Segal
Gizbor (Fundraising): Ben Bass (resigned on 9/11)
Mazkir (Communications): Daniel Pollio

Upcoming Events:

September 29: Jay Levine is having a Sukkot bonfire & campout

In Our Order: Read below for news from August Execs, opportunities to be on the AZA and BBG International Leadership Network, registration for the Voice Your Vote Teen Issue Summit, IC 2013, and the 2013 March of the Living Delegation!

The 2012 - 2013 Year will Be Our Best Yet!

Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

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Happy New Year from BBYO

The High Holidays are a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the one to come.

We are excited to begin this New Year and see how together, BBYO teens, advisors, staff and families, can make the world a better place.

Click here for resources for your holiday celebration!

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu! Wishing you, your family and friends a happy and sweet New Year!

Register Today to Voice Your Vote!

On November 5 - 7, 2012 - just in time for the election - AZA and BBG teens are participating in a new Teen Issue Summit focusing on today's hottest political issues, and how to be an advocate based on Jewish values.

At Voice Your Vote, teens will learn about both sides of the 2012 election so that they can make educated decisions and advocate for what they believe in. They will have the opportunity to volunteer on both sides of the campaign and learn how they can stay civically engaged well after the election.

Register Today For Voice Your Vote!

Read the News from August Execs!

Nearly 100 BBYO Regional teen leaders from across North America came together in Washington, DC to set the priorities and business agenda for the coming year. They connected, they learned, they prayed, they voted on how to put the Order’s new priorities into action.

Read all about the AZA BBG August Execs 2012 experience on the blog at

Congratulations to BBYO Region Name's Execs participants, BBG Regional N'siah (girls' President) Jackie Pavlofsky and AZA Regional Godol (boys' President) Mark Kravitz.

AZA and BBG International Leadership Applications are Now Available

Applications for the 2012-2013 International Chairmanships and Committees are online and available at the International Leadership Network page at

Whether you hold a position locally, are a summer program veteran or new to BBYO, we want you to be a part of our network. Look over the many opportunities available to have a say and make a difference. Many are new for the coming year!

The deadline for applications is due Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 03:00PM EST.

Mark Your Calendar for AZA BBG International Convention 2013!

On February 14-18, 2013, (February Execs begins February 13), Washington, DC will host more than 1,000 teens from across the world for a weekend of service and advocacy, meaningful programming, elections and a uniquely special Shabbat.

Mark your calendars today for AZA BBG IC 2013 - Registration Opens October, 4, 2012!

Registration is Open for the 2013 March of the Living Trip

Registration is Open for the 2013 March of the Living Trip.

Please note: Cincinnati members who are interested in participating in the 2013 MOTL Cincinnati Delegation, please click here to contact Matt Steinberg.
The March of the Living is a two-week international experience where teens from around the world come together each year and bear witness to the destruction of the Holocaust in Poland and then travel to Israel to rejoice in the Jewish Homeland. The program commemorates Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) marching from Auschwitz to Birkenau and celebrates Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli I ndependence Day) in the streets of Jerusalem.

Watch the 2013 MOTL Video here!

Reserve your spot now!

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