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CRE's IT Convention: A New Member Success!

February 4-6, 2011 marked the return of a CRE home hosted convention to Wilkes Barre, PA. After a 6 year absence from the convention rotation, due to lower membership totals, Wilkes Barre BBYO has grown its membership to more than 25 members! This enabled the teens and local community members to host 160 teens, primarily consisting of new BBYO members, at CRE's annual IT (In Training) Convention weekend.

With a theme of "BBYO University", Callie Rosenfeld and Ben Bernstein, CRE's Regional Morah and Moreh, led a group of new members through a weekend of BBYO education and fun! The curriculum focused on teaching the teens the Seven Cardinal Principles of AZA and The Menorah Pledge of BBG. The ethics and morals that these staples of BBYO contain were the base on which the convention rolled.

The weekend contained programs ranging from ice breakers to the history of BBYO and continued with a "Find Yourself Here" program, in which the teens were able to discuss the struggles that they face in today's world as teenagers. The goal was to show them that CRE BBYO will give them a safe place to be themselves as young adults and as Jews.

The new members were officially inducted into BBYO with a beautiful ceremony, where they received their BBYO membership pins and handbooks. As always the weekend included a spirited Havdallah Service, which had a large contingent of the adult Jewish Community in attendance. We were also lucky enough to have Rabbi Larry Kaplan join us for a wonderful D'var Torah and a special visit and talk by the Mayor of Wilkes Barre!

After an energetic dance on Saturday night, the teens ended the weekend with an official business meeting, where the teens were taught about parliamentary procedure and the youth-led mission of BBYO. After Friendship Circle and a rousing Spirit Session, the teens said their good-byes, for now, and headed home on the buses with great anticipation of the next Regional Convention, so they can again see the many new friends that they made in CRE BBYO. We hope to see you all at WOW Weekend on April 8-10, 2011, in Wilmington, DE.!

Click here to read the Times-Leader article about CRE's IT event!

Click here to see pictures from our IT event!

What's Coming Up In CRE?

CRE BBYO has already packed an amazing amount of programs into the current year. That being said, there are many more exciting programs and opportunities on both the Chapter and Regional levels, for the teens to get involved.

Up All Night Dance Marathon

Allentown AZA is hosting an "Up All Night" Dance Marathon to support Jewish Family Sevices. This will take place on February 26-27 at the Allentown J.C.C. While this program is open to the entire Region, there are many more programs and activities that are taking place on your local level. Please check www.b-linked.org  to see what your chapter has in store!

Community Service Projects

During the month of April each chapter will be planning their own community service project to work with Panim on a nationwide day of Jewish Teen Service, known as J-Serve. Please contact your local advisor to find out what your local chapter is planning for this day. We encourage parents and adult members of the community to join the BBYO teens in these service efforts.

CRE's WOW Weekend Convention

Regionally, CRE's WOW Weekend Convention will take place in Wilmington, DE., April 8-10, 2011. This convention will include our semi-formal Beau-Sweetheart Dance and a truly amazing speaker named Scott Fried, who will join us for the weekend to educate and motivate the teens in topics such as AIDS education, anti-bullying and to help them find some of the answers to the questions that teens may have today but are struggling to find the answers. Scott has been a past visitor to CRE BBYO and has brought wonderful insight and empowerment to the teens. Please learn more about Scott by visiting www.scottfried.com. The weekend will also be focusing on Israel education and advocacy in the programming for this convention.

A Few More Items

A few other things to keep in mind as the year moves along.elections on both the Chapter and Regional levels in the spring and the BBYO Summer Experience leadership and travel opportunities are available for all BBYO teens this summer. Please speak to your local advisors to discuss the election procedure and responsibilities that being a board member entails. Being a youth-led organization requires the teens to be fully committed to the positions to which they are elected. Regional Elections will be held on May13-15, 2011 at CRE BBYO's annual Spring Fling Convention. This convention will be held at Camp Green Lane in Green Lane, PA. Please watch www.b-linked.org in upcoming weeks for these events to be officially posted and opened for registration.

Please feel free to contact Jeff Koch, CRE' BBYO's Regional Director at jkoch@bbyo.org or (610)435-3571 ext. 159, with any questions that you may have.

Follow the International Convention Live Blog!







Los Angeles, Calif. will host more than 750 Jewish teen leaders from more than 11 countries on February 17 – 21 for BBYO’s 85th Annual International Convention (IC). For the past eight decades, IC serves to unite the rising leaders of AZA and BBG to set the course for the coming year, determine strategies for strengthening BBYO as a youth-led movement and connect teens to the worldwide Jewish community.

Don't miss any of the action! BBYO's International Convention's Live Blog will have all of the latest photos, videos and happenings throughout the weekend. Visit the blog at www.bbyoicblog.org and follow IC on Twitter at #bbyoic2011!

Make Your Summer Fun, Meaningful, AND Affordable

  • Get your GROUP ON this summer! BBYO’s Passport to the World is now offering TWO great reasons to travel this summer:

    1)    Get at least 50 percent of your AZA or BBG chapter to sign up for any Summer 2011 BBYO Passport trip, and everyone in your chapter gets 10 percent off all program costs.

    2)    Want to plan a private trip? Get a group of at least 30 friends together, and BBYO Passport will run a private session of any posted Summer 2011 trip on the dates of YOUR choice.

    Two Great Ways to Get Your GROUP ON. One Unforgettable Summer.

    Click here to learn more.

  • New Summer Scholarship Plan! For Summer 2011, BBYO is introducing a new scholarship initiative. We understand that financial need is significant in many communities, and we are allocating more scholarship subsidy this year than at any point in BBYO's history.  BBYO is committed to affordability.

    Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the BBYO regional offices so that funds are disbursed with a greater knowledge of individual teens’ needs.   All BBYO domestic summer experiences (CLTC, ILTC, Kallah and Summer of IMPACT), as well as ILSI in Israel, are eligible for scholarship subsidy. 

    The deadline is April 1st, but may vary region-to-region.  All scholarship awards are announced no later than May 1st. Applications can be downloaded by clicking here and should be submitted directly to your teen’s regional office.  For a listing of regions, click here.  Please contact your local BBYO professional to learn more about scholarship deadlines and the review process.  We also urge parents and teens to connect with local Federations, BJEs, synagogues and other community agencies for additional scholarship support.  Regional staff can provide template letters to send to these agencies to request summer program funding.

    Remember that early-bird pricing for CLTC, ILTC and Kallah expires on February 27th.  All registrations on or before February 27th will be discounted by $100. 

    Looking forward to an amazing summer in 2011!

BBYO is Looking for Summer Staff

BBYO Summer programs serve as the basis for many teens’ most significant memories. You can be a part of helping those memories happen. With openings for Jewish educators, song leaders, and madrichim (counselors), there are many opportunities to enhance dozens of teens' summer experiences.

Click here to see available positions and get the Staff Application!

Find Yourself Here in CRE BBYO!

CRE BBYO has 17 great chapters in 15 communities throughout Eastern PA, Delaware, and Western NY in which you too can become a member!  Here is a breakdown of our chapters with meeting times, days, and locations along with the local volunteer advisor.  For more information, please email the Regional Office at jkoch@bbyo.org.

Allentown AZA meets every other Tuesday at 7pm at the Allentown JCC.  Their volunteer advisors are Josh Block and Brian Neff.

Allentown BBG meets every other Tuesday at 7pm at the Allentown JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Alicia Zahn.

Wilmington BBG meets every Wednesday at 7pm at the Wilmington JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Robin Jacobs-Freschman.

Wilmington (Brian L. Domchik) AZA meets every Wednesday at 7pm at the Wilmington JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Chuck Marcus.

Harrisburg BBG meets Sundays at the Harrisburg JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Dena Markowitz.

Harrisburg AZA meets Sundays at the Harrisburg JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Daniel Shanken.

Wilkes Barre BBYO meets every other Monday at 6:30pm at the Wilkes Barre JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Sara Pisarz.

York BBYO meets every other Wednesday at 6pm at the York JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Laura Merklin.

Kol Hadror BBYO (Main Line Philadelphia and King of Prussia) meets every other Thursday night at 7pm at the Kaiserman JCC.  Their volunteer advisors are Gabrielle Morrison and Stephanie Sherin.

West Chester BBYO meets every other Sunday at 1pm at Kesher Israel.  Their volunteer advisor is Doreen Strauss.

Binghamton BBYO meets every other week at the Binghamton JCC.  Their volunteer advisors are Linda Salamons, Jenny Landry, and Todd Landry.

Newark BBYO meets every other Sunday at Temple Beth El.  Their volunteer advisors are Alex Resch and Allison Rudolph.

Scranton BBYO meets every other Thursday at the Scranton JCC.  Their volunteer advisor is Ashley Snyder.

Reading BBYO meets twice a month with varying people offering their homes for meetings.  Their volunteer advisors, in their 24th year with BBYO, are Myron and Karen Kabakoff.

Pottsville BBYO also meets with the Reading chapter.  Thier volunteer advisor is Bev Tenenholz.


BBYO Announces a New Fantastic Summer Raffle!  Winners Announced at IC!

The raffle is open to ANY and ALL teens who have registered for ANY Domestic and Passport Summer Experience.

With more than 20 available programs, the options are endless for a fun and meaningful summer.  And this is one more way to make it more affordable!

The winners will be announced LIVE at IC on Facebook and Twitter; teens do not have to be at IC to win, they just have to have signed up for a Summer Experience by 2/17/2011.

Raffle Schedule:

Thursday Dinner: 4 Scholarships of $250

Saturday Dinner: 2 Scholarships of $500

Sunday Dinner: 1 Scholarship of $1000

In an additional offer, if 990 teens register for any domestic or Passport program (not MOTL) by 2/27/2011 (the end of the Early Bird Discount) BBYO will be giving away a brand new iPad to one lucky teen!