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March is Advisor Appreciation Month

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60 Things in 60 Seconds You Can Do Next Summer in Israel


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Cincinnati's Update

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March is Advisor Appreciation Month

Honor Your Advisor Today!

Every year, BBYO designates the month of March to appreciate the network of volunteers who serve at the heart of BBYO and in the lives of each of our teens – our advisors. As you may know, each BBYO chapter has at least one dedicated advisor who stewards our teens through their BBYO experience, while also serving as a mentor, role model, and positive adult influence on the members of the chapter.  Almost any time a teen is at a BBYO event, an advisor is there – Saturday nights, Sundays, weeknights, conventions, and more.  And that doesn’t even include the countless hours they spend on phone calls, sending texts and emails or responding to Facebook posts.

Moreover, our advisors are volunteers – that’s right, they are not paid for their time with BBYO.  That’s why we take this month to recognize and thank our wonderful advisors for their service and dedication.

Our advisors repeatedly tell us that a gesture of “thanks” from the teens and their families is a gratifying reward for their hard work.  To that end, please consider making a tribute to honor your child’s advisor! Please visit  to make a tribute in honor of your teen's advisor.  We will send the advisor a beautiful tribute card from you in recognition of their service and dedication.

Please contact Josh Rothstein if you need help identifying your teen's advisor's name.  Thank you in advance for your support.

A Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

I’m so proud of the recruiting efforts of all of our chapters in KIO! There’s nothing better than looking back as a senior and knowing that because of your efforts to bring in new members that you’re graduating from a larger, stronger chapter than the one you joined.  It's now official - KIO has just surpassed our 2012 goals for new AIT/MITs that were set by International BBYO for KIO!  However, being somewhat competitive by nature, I wonder, to what extent we could continue to surpass their expectations and set a new standard of excellence that will make KIO the “one to watch” in the coming year? So… I want to personally challenge you to help take KIO over the top by talking up all that BBYO has to offer to any Jewish middle- and high-schoolers you know.  Sometimes, the difference between someone going through high school unaffiliated, or going through high school as a member of BBYO, can come down to you simply asking them to attend a meeting or event.  Together I know we can do it!  Good luck and GO KIO!

60 things in 60 seconds you can do next summer in Israel

Click on the image below to watch the video and click here to find out more about BBYO's Summer Experiences.

Wanted! A quote about your BBYO experience for your local Jewish Newspaper

We are always looking for quotes from both teens and parents to include in articles that we send out to the various Jewish newspapers in our region.  Want to share a favorite BBYO moment, a meaningful experience or just something fun or funny that happened at a meeting, event or convention? Email your quote to KIO Public Relations Coordinator, Rachel Rothstein and it might just appear in your local Jewish Newspaper!

KIO Kudos

Mazel Tov to Louisville’s Jay Levine chapter who was awarded the Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence award at International Convention. The Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence Award is the most prestigious honor a BBG chapter can earn. It requires that the chapter represent top quality in all areas of chapter functioning – membership; programming; chapter organization; and contribution to the greater Order. The chapters selected for this honor are leaders of the larger community of BBGs and personify the ideals set forth in the Menorah Pledge Principles.

Congrats to Maggie Rosen of Louisville and Grant Hansell of Columbus for being selected as the 2012 AIT-MIT Coordinators.

Props to Columbus' Pops DSK for being the biggest AZA chapter in KIO, a personal milestone for Pops!

Have you signed up for a summer program?

Click here to check out a list of everyone who has signed up for a Summer Program!

Alanna Gilbert of Louisville talks about her experience at CLTC:

"This will be the best 12 days of your life,"  is the phrase that everyone said to me, and I didn't believe them until I actually experienced it. I went to CLTC 1 this past summer without being the BBG who was super into BBYO, and not really knowing much about the organization. I decided to go anyway with hopes to maybe make a few friends and to learn some helpful skills to bring back to my chapter; however, I gained so much more. I made friends with people from across the country who I know will have my back no matter what. I learned how many opportunities BBYO offers and it made me truly appreciate being Jewish. Not to mention the outstanding leadership skills I gained such as facilitating, time management, and problem solving. I learned skills that help me not only in BBYO, but in all aspects of life. CLTC wasn't just a leadership camp for me. It showed me what I was capable of, and that I can really make a difference. I wouldn't be the same person I am today if it weren't for CLTC. It is so hard to explain the extraordinary time I had at CLTC, because it is different for everyone, but it is definitely an experience worth partaking in because it will be the best 12 days of your life."

KIO is so Like-able!

Now you can stay up to date with everything going on in the region by liking any or all of the chapters in KIO. Check it out and “like” away…

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What's Up KIO?


On Saturday, February 4, Mishpocha AZA #490 had their Chapter Board Sleepover. The guys bonded while playing guitar, air hockey, eating moon pies and getting late night Wendy's and Taco Bell. The guys put together an awesome plan for this term, and this board is striving for excellence.

On Friday, February 24, Ner Tamid BBG #2490 had their Chapter Board Sleepover. This was an incredible bonding experience for the girls. The events of the evening could be followed live via Twitter.  Highlights included McDonald's, history and traditions, and sisterhood bonding. The girls are already executing their plans for the term with efficiency, devotion, and fun.

A special thanks to the parents who hosted these events.  These sleepovers were great for both chapter boards.

During the month of February, the Mayerson JCC hosted a Jewish and Israeli Film Festival, and Cincinnati BBYO sold concessions at every evening showing!  Many community members were excited to see the Ner Tamid girls and Mishpocha guys sitting in front of the entrance with their popcorn machine, candy selection, and (sometimes) ice cold sodas.  BBYO got great exposure and the film festival attendees asked questions and learned a bit about BBYO.

On President’s Day, Cincinnati BBYO celebrated with a dinner at Dewey’s Pizza with nearly 40 teens! Afterwards, we all re-gathered in Orange Leaf frozen yogurt for some dessert. Everyone had a great time and ate some delicious food.

On Monday, February 27, Mishpocha and Ner Tamid had their Parent in Training and AIT/MIT meetings.  New parents and members came to learn more about BBYO and what it has to offer. The night included separates and co-ed programming for the new members, and a question and answer session for parents led by Mishpocha president Zach Samuelson, Ner Tamid president Kelsey Bardach, City Director Matt Steinberg, and two veteran parents: Heidi Bardach and Lisa Samuelson.  All AITs, MITs, and PITs received handbooks.  If you are a Cincinnati parent and would like a copy of the 2012 Parent Handbook, it is available online. For a printed copy, contact Matt Steinberg.

Upcoming Events: Weekly Monday meetings until Kallah


Pops recruited over 10 Alephs-In-Training (AITs), and introduced them to their first chapter business meeting at their first business meeting of the term.  

Pops also speed dated with Aliyah BBG and had a "Poker Night" where they elected this term's Sweetheart.  Recently, they had their first "Frat Night", based off of the YouTube series, "Frat Life", a chapter favorite. 

Both Bat Shalom and Aliah have been holding new member meetings and incorporating them into their new programs. New girls show up each week and it is awesome to see new faces pouring in to Columbus BBYO.

The guys of Heart have been keeping their programs unique. A couple of weeks ago they played Quidditch and the following weekend they had a sleepover.

Upcoming Events: No events planned after 3/16 due to Spring Break


Coming off the heels of Chapter elections, Dayton had an installation ceremony. The respective boards are ready to lead their chapter in promoting the BBYO experience and bringing Jewish teens together. To begin the Installation Ceremony, Jason Dubro shared his BBYO experience with both new and current members. Jason's commitment and passion for both his city and region allows others to see what BBYO can offer.

Following installations was a recreational program at the University of Dayton's Hangar. Teens spent the evening playing pool, foosball, bowling and meeting other teens. An intense game of pool was played between Jack Jacobs (Weprin-Kadima Godol) and Ben Africk (Weprin-Kadima). Nothing like seeing a friendly game of pool between two Weprin-Kadima members!

Even after some tough pool competition, fellow teens, Brandon Henning and Andrea Lieberman, came together and enjoyed each other's company. Finally, the program ended with some back and forth bowling, in which teens strived for the perfect game. Brandon Henning gave his best but fell a little short.

On March 10th, the girls had a five-fold BBG sleepover. After, they joined the boys in some fun coed activities.

Both Dayton Chapters continue their efforts to recruit new BBYO members through the Spring!

Upcoming Events:

March 14: Bowling
March 21: Roller Skating
March 28: Live Game of Clue


This month Indianapolis BBYO has been busy creating connections in their community. They helped launch the new Indianapolis “Keshet” Jewish Teen Group. This group brings together local Jewish youth groups (USY, NCSY, IFTY, and BBYO) twice a month to do Jewish and Israeli programming. Their first event took them to the Hasten Hebrew Academy to learn some Israeli cooking. Teens learned how to make authentic humus, shakshukah, and Israeli salad. The second event was a screening of the Israeli movie “Dolphin Boy” and a discussion of social conditions in America, Israel, and other countries abroad.

Indy BBYO has also continued to be a strong presence in the local community through volunteering with local Jewish agencies. Most recently, BBYO teens and advisors helped with the Jewish Federation’s Super Sunday event. This is the Federations annual fundraising telethon. Teens called local community members to secure donations, thank them for the support, and worked with kids during the day while their parents volunteered. Together, they helped raise over $200,000 for our community!

Other events this month included BBYO International Convention (where 6 Indianapolis teens attended), dodgeball and dinner at Steak n’ Shake. BBG also had a sisterhood sleepover.

Upcoming Events:

March 10: Purim Masquerade Ball
March 28- March 31: Visit and cultural exchange with Israeli teens visiting Indianapolis
April 16: Session on Jewish Identity
May 1: Lag B’Omer bon fire & leadership workshop


Drew Corson’s bowling event on Sunday, February 26th was the first event for the Winter/Spring Term and the first event in which 8th graders could attend! There were nearly 40 attendees. 

Jay Levine is very excited to be working with their new 8th graders!  The girls had a bowling event where they illustrated to new members what BBYO friendships are all about with some icebreakers, pizza and bowling. Jay Levine also had a chapter meeting to introduce everyone in the chapter and explain the 6 folds.

The 6 Folds are:
Recreation – This fold is about building teamwork and being active
Sisterhood – This fold is about bonding with girls in our chapter
Creativity – This fold is about having fun and different activities that use our imagination
Social Actions – This fold has to do with helping and repairing the world, called Tikkun Olam
Jewish Heritage – This fold is about Judaism
Community Service – This fold has to do with volunteering and fundraising.

On Sunday, March 4th members in training (MITs) and their parents attended an informative meeting so they could learn all about BBYO. The girls mixed and mingled with Drew Corson AZA while the played basketball!

On Sunday, March 11th Louisville BBYO had their Selection Sunday at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The girl had a 6 fold sleepover to demonstrate that every girl is beautiful.

Upcoming Events:

March 30: BBG Shabbat
April 15: J Serve

Summer Experiences 2012 are Filling Up Fast!

We want YOU to be there, and we want you to SAVE!

Our region has 69 teens currently registered for a BBYO Summer Experience – and we hope you’ll be joining us.  Registration is risk-free for Passport travel through March 15, and for a domestic experience through April 15, 2012!

Important Dates and Ways to Save:

  • BBYO Regional Scholarship: Each Region has funds set aside for need-based scholarship. All families will be notified of their scholarships by April 1, 2012.  Deadline to apply is March 15, 2012.
  • Teens who are alumni of Panim el Panim or Panim Issue Summits can save $100 on IMPACT: DC and IMPACT: Chicago.

Current Availability:

  • Waitlist: International Kallah, CLTC 1 (for BBGs), CLTC 7 (for BBGs)
  • Over 80% full: International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC), CLTC 3, 5, and 6 (for BBGs)

Don't miss out! Register today!

Jewish Teen Summit on Human Rights and Genocide - Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the second annual Human Rights and Genocide Summit (HRGS) – a three-day experience in Washington, DC, that focuses on global human rights and genocide issues.  Participants will include a diverse group of Jewish teens from across North America that will have a unique experience to learn from leading political experts about genocide and how  to stand up and speak out against these worldwide atrocities. Most importantly, participants return home with enhanced skills as a community leader and a greater understanding of their own civic responsibility. Click here to read "Never Again: A Teen Takes Action to Honor These Words" published last year in by a HRGS teen participant.

Ready to learn more?  Click here to see the itinerary and register.



23 Teens from KIO Joined Teens from 13 Countries for International Convention

From February 16 – 20, Atlanta hosted more than 1,100 of the global Jewish community’s brightest teen thinkers, strategists, philanthropists, and educators from 13 countries, for the largest-ever BBYO International Convention (IC). Each year, IC convenes the teen leaders of AZA and BBG, to set the course for the coming year, determine strategies for strengthening BBYO as a youth-led movement and connect teens to the worldwide Jewish community.

The convention’s theme, “Our Tomorrow Starts Today,” was designed to help participants make an immediate difference directly in Atlanta and the world as representatives of a movement of more than 31,000 teens. As a key feature of its headlining Day of Service and Advocacy, BBYO premiered an all-teen audience screening of The Bully Project, a feature-length documentary that depicts “a year in the life” of America’s bullying crisis, including a Q & A with the film’s director and anti-bullying  training from Facing History. (BBYO is the only North American-wide teen partner of The Bully Project and will be the first all-teen audience to view the film.)

Mark Kravitz from Dayton, Ohio says, “BBYO over the past couple of years has taken on a new purpose that the public may not be aware of. We have stopped referring to ourselves as an organization and have begun calling ourselves a movement - a movement directed towards a global Jewish community. Not only did I see my friends from across the country at International Convention, but for the first time ever, I got the sense that I was a part of something bigger than BBYO itself. There were 13 countries represented at this convention, spanning from the UK to Turkey to Macedonia. Sure it was an incredibly fun experience, but beyond that, I was able to see the future of the Jewish people happening right in front of me.”

Read More

Click here to see the latest photos and videos on the IC 2012 Live Blog, including coverage by Jewish Life TV and Jewish Rock Radio.

International Convention 2012 Continued...

Here are some quotes from other teens who attended IC:

Maggie Rosen, Louisville: "At BBYO's International Convention this year, I had the time of my life reconnecting with summer program friends, seeing my regional friends and cheering as loud as I can to show my regional spirit. With 1000 participants and staff there, I also got the opportunity to meet several people from all over the world. The leaders and programming at the convention was phenomenal, and perhaps the most interesting was the Day of Service and Advocacy, in which I got to personally see the Atlanta Beltline and experience Atlanta firsthand. I think that this convention is especially great for teens involved in BBYO, as well as past BBYO summer experience participants. I learned more about globalization, and how to connect to Jewish teens across the order. This was my first IC, and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed knowing that I was a part of something as huge as BBYO's international order, and getting to experience it firsthand, connecting with fellow Jewish leaders from all corners of the globe."

Jason DuBro, Dayton: “IC is BBYO's largest international event as hundreds from around the world attend to see their old friends and meet new ones. This year's IC was my third and favorite IC.  Over 1,100 teens and staff attended the convention, and I met many from across the states and from countries overseas such as Israel, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Latvia, Ukraine, Macedonia, and the UK. Simply meeting so many Jewish teens like me was amazing, but the excitement didn't stop there.  My IC experience was highlighted with a tour of CNN headquarters, learning how to impact the world through social media, electing the new International Board, celebrating Shabbat with over 1000 participants, and concluded with a surreal concert by the top hip-hop artist, Chiddy Bang. IC was my final international event in BBYO, but the bonds I made will last forever.”

Grant Hansell, Columbus:  “IC was not just another convention for me, it was the experience of a lifetime. I had the privilege to be on the steering committee for this year’s IC and it was truly a humbling experience. This was BBYO's largest convention in history and the passion truly showed from the 850 teens in attendance. Being a part of the world record-setting Havdalah Ceremony was inspiring, and listening to speakers who have worked their entire lives to represent the things that I stand for showed me how much I can do if I put my mind to something. The most meaningful part of the Convention were the relationships I built with other teens. I had the privilege of rooming with a teen from Latvia and we became really close. The people I met at IC will be a part of my life forever, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I was granted to be a part of the convention and its planning.”

In addition to The Bully Project, teens participated at 18 other service learning sites throughout Atlanta, including:

  • A pro-Israel advocacy track to be held at Emory University Hillel in partnership with AIPAC’s leadership development staff with guest speakers including the Vanguard Group, an all African American young professionals and graduate student pro-Israel advocacy network from Atlanta, members of AIPAC’s Board of Directors and congressional staff.
  • Media and advocacy training at CNN and Fox News
  • An urban expansion study, discussion and clean-up hike with the Atlanta Beltline Project
  • Development of Public Service Announcements at Vox, the Atlanta based teens-only publication
  • The creation of a new panel for the AIDS Memorial Quilt through the Names Project, and more.

Additional IC 2012 highlights included:

  • The presentation of BBYO’s Alumni of the Year Awards to AJ Robinson of Atlanta and Judith Finer Freedman of Toronto.
  • The re-release of BBYO Sings, a collection of traditional BBYO songs from the organization’s history, performed by the original creator and Atlanta’s own Dr. Artie Gumer.
  • A keynote speech on the importance of global Jewish Peoplehood and interdependence delivered by Avraham Infeld, renowned Jewish scholar and President Emeritus of Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.
  • Congressman John Lewis spoke on the importance of volunteering in your community.
  • Attendance by the JTA, the global news service of the Jewish people, with a session focused on using their news archives for an in-depth look at Jewish history. The JTA published the winning essays focused on personal Jewish identities of AZA’s and BBG’s Oratory contest.
  • Teen delegations in attendance representing Jewish communities in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and from across the United States.
  • An evening for participants to “Stand UP and Be Counted,” highlighting BBYO’s social action priorities through celebration of what the teen movement has accomplished, headlined by hip-hop artist Chiddy Bang.
  • Live broadcasts from Jewish Rock Radio and Jewish Life TV (JLTV).

“BBYO’s IC brought to Atlanta some of the brightest thinkers, strategists and leaders of the entire global Jewish community – and we are all 18 years old or younger,” said Samantha Levinson, International Teen President (N’siah) of BBYO. “We could all have been doing a lot of other things, but we’re here to chart the future of the Jewish people as a unified movement committed the continuity of our Jewish traditions.”

Click here to view the 2012 IC Live Blog!