February 2012/Shevat 5772 Issue

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Can we have your attention?

Teens Gang Up on BullyingKIO,


Calling All Gap Year Abroad Alumni

Message from Josh

Cincinnati Update

Columbus Update

Dayton Update

Indy Update

Louisville Update

Mark Kravetz, Godol

Eli Profeta, Mazkir

Grant Hansell, S'Gan

Maya Rothenberg, S'Ganit

Cody Philips, Moreh

Sophie Reskin, Morah

Michael Fishman, Shaliach

Kali Cohen, Sh'licha

Cincinnati Board

Columbus Board

Dayton Board

Indy Board

Louisville Board

International Convention 2012 on TV and Radio!

8th Graders Eligible for Membership

Summer Early Bird Discount - Last Chance!

Stand UP Seminar in March






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Hey KIO,
Here's your chance to check out some of the “Chai Lights” from around the Region!

Read about how teens ganged up on bullying, get inspired to sign up for Kallah and see who was elected to each Chapter's Board. Plus, get the scoop from each of the City Directors about what their local chapters are up to…and if you want to see more photosof your chapter or city in this newsletter, click here to submit them! 

KIO, Can We Have Your Attention?

Click here to check out a video from your Regional Board about Membership and read about Membership Goals in Josh's Message below.

Regional Chai-Lights

Teens Gang Up on Bullying

BBYO occupied the entire JCC on Saturday, January 21st, when more than 70 teens gathered at the Mayerson JCC in Cincinnati for Occupy the JCC where every city in the KIO region was represented and where teens successfully brought awareness to the issue of bullying. Members from the Cincinnati chapter planned and ran a rotation of programs on topics ranging from celebrities who have spoken out against bullying, how to handle different bullying scenarios, and had an open forum where participants shared their own experiences with bullying.

The engaging programs were both fun and informative, giving the teens a personal connection to bullying and an understanding about how bullying effects themselves and others. In addition to these programs, teens also had a canned food drive and enjoyed sports in the gym and Laser Tag.

Cincinnati hosted this event because it was a topic all teens can relate to and hopes that all who participated now feel empowered to make a difference in the fight against bullying. Click here to see an article on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website about the event.

Kallah Registration Now Open

The word Kallah comes from when the Jews were held captive in Babylon. Twice a year, they had a teachers’ convention called Yarchei Kallah where people traveled from all over to learn as much as they could about Judaism.

Today BBYO has a convention called Kallah, too. Just like back in ancient times, its purpose is to be as enlightening and meaningful as it is exciting and fun. Early bird registration is now open. Click here to sign up.

While Kallah is a little more serious than other conventions, there is still a large social component. It is a convention, while a little more serious than others, there is still a large social component. Kallah gives the region a huge opportunity to connect on a deeper level and gain a new appreciation for the organization, for Judiam and more. The goal is to help teens find their Jewish identity in a creative and exciting way. This year, with the theme “Imagine” by John Lennon, we aim to provide a fun and comfortable environment to spend time with our favorite people in KIO, while being the change that we strive to see in the world. We venture to “imagine” the possibilities within and beyond our religion.

“Seeing everybody react to my program in the way that they did really showed me how passionate people can be about standing up for Judaism when they are exposed to the other side of things. It was an eye-opening experience.” –Grant Hansell

“Kallah changed my perspective on what it means to be Jewish. Theodore Herzl's famous line, 'If you will it, it is no dream,' inspired me to take initiative and and to step up in my role as a Jewish teen in my community.” –Deborah Levin

“I loved the feeling that Jewish identity brought to BBYO. When we work to discover our Jewish identity it also helps shape our brotherhood. After that weekend, I felt closer to kids in this order than I ever have before and it is because we explored who we are. And we did it together.” –Aaron Welcher

It’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Anti-semitism happens all over the world and it only takes one person to stand up for what they believe in.” –Rachel Klein

News & Notes

Calling All Gap Year Abroad Alumni!

Are you or someone you know an alumni of a gap year abroad program? If you know someone who took a year off between high school and college to go abroad for fun, study, or anything else, we want to know about the experience! Click here to complete this brief survey. Or pass on the link if you know of alumni who took a gapy year.

A message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

Way to go KIO!  It's only February and we're only 16 AZA and 17 BBG members away from reaching our membership goal for the entire year! And get this… out of every region in all of BBYO International, we’re in 3rd place for getting the most new recruits toward our goal, so keep up the GREAT work!!!  If things continue this way, there's a strong chance that we will have already met our goal by this time next month!  Even if we do, doesn't mean we should stop there.  Not only do I think we can reach our goal, I believe we can surpass it and end up with the highest percentage of new members of any region in the country, period!  Thanks to all of your amazing efforts in Teen Connect, recruitment and retention, we've got a lot of strong momentum at this point to take us upward and beyond.  So keep those new members coming so we can keep on setting a great example for the rest of BBYO to follow!


What's Up KIO?


Right on the heels of Cincy’s amazing Occupy the JCC event was the Cincinnati’s Board Installation Ceremony on Monday, January 30th at the Mayerson JCC. Over 80 people were in attendance, including BBYO members, parents and family, prospective members and their families, JCC staff, Jewish Federation staff, Jewish Foundation staff and Mayerson Foundation staff. Even past and present Presidents of the JCC Board, Steve Shifman and Scott Wolf and other prominent members of the community like Dick Weiland, well-known Political Lobbyist, showed their support! There was even Graeter’s Ice Cream for dessert! 

Congratulations to Herbert Meisner and Sarah Wolf for running the Occupy the JCC event, their first BBYO separates programs. They both did an outstanding job, and as the new chapter S’gan and S’ganit, Cincinnati is looking forward to more excellent programs!


In January, Columbus had a record number of BBYOers who attended their meetings with over 60 teens present! 

The ladies of Bat Shalom are very excited for their new 8th graders and freshman to get involved and enjoy all of the amazing events they have planned for the next couple of months. “We have bowling events and lots of sleepovers coming up along with plans to celebrate upcoming Jewish holidays together!” Rachel Canowitz, N’siah for Bat Shalom, says excitedly. 

This is a photo of Bat Shalom BBG. Eighth graders have started attending meetings and their numbers are growing. They’ve been really excited and have been having a blast at their programs doing ice breakers, getting to know you games, and crafts.

The guys of Pops Dworkin held education programs at the end of January where they had a Jeopardy game of BBYO and AZA facts. The following week, Pops threw a Ping-Pong Tournament.

“Heart of Ohio had an excellent recruitment event at Easton Chiller and had a Soup-er Bowl party, where everyone in Columbus’ many BBYO chapters was invited to attend. It only cost one non-perishable food item to attend the event!

Halle Herman, N’siah for Aliah says, “Our last meeting was super crowded with TWENTY-ONE girls in attendance!” At the meeting, the ladies discussed their favorite Jewish things and how excited they were for Beau elections. See below for election results.


In January, Weprin-Kadima and Hatikvah elected their winter-spring chapter boards. There were hard fought contests throughout the selection process. Congratulations to all those individuals who ran for leadership positions. Now that elections have already occurred, both chapters can focus their attention on reaching more teens throughout the city and showing Dayton how great of an experience BBYO is! Upcoming programs include a chapter themed dinner and informational meeting followed by a city wide program at Kennedy Union, where kids will bowl, play pool, foosball and socialize with other Jewish teens.

Here’s to February: the start of a new term, a new board, and a growing BBYO family!


On January 13th, Indy had their Board Installations at the home of Maya Rothenberg, where over 120 teens, parents and prospective members enjoyed a nice Shabbat service, dinner and ceremony! Over 30 8th graders and 40 parents came to show their support as the new Board was elected. This was a great event for recruitment, for parent involvement, and for strengthening the bonds between current members. Since it was so successful, Indy will have a Shabbat dinner like this once a month at different member’s homes. 

On January 28th, Indy BBYO volunteered at the BJE J-Bowl Tailgate party where teens helped to set up, run events and the coat check at the BJE’s official Super Bowl Kosher Tailgate Party!

On January 29th, Indy AZA volunteered at the JCC Indoor Triathlon where teens and prospective members helped with set-up, counting laps and times, running water and snacks, and assisted with clean up. This was a great bonding opportunity for present and prospective members!


Drew Corson AZA & Jay Levine BBG welcomed their new Spring Boards on January 22nd. New Board Members are excited and ready to start their programs and activities.

On Sunday, January 29th the new Boards had their first Executive Meetings where they added events to the calendar and worked together to plan joint programs.



February 12th will be board training run by the advisors, city directors, and some of the teens to give the new Spring board the information and ideas necessary to be successful during their term. February 26th is the Eighth Grade recruitment event, which should be a blast considering how hard the new Board has worked on putting it together!

Already on schedule for the Spring is J-Serve, the big community service project! The Board will be appointing members to serve on the J-Serve committee to ensure that it will be a huge success.

Meet Your New Regional Board

Name: Mark Kravitz
Position: Godol, President
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Chapter: Weprin/Kadima AZA #1646
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Oakwood High School

My Goals: I hope to inspire teens across the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio region to believe not only in themselves, but to develop a sense of community larger than themselves Most of all, I hope to inspire teens to create their personal identity through participation in this movement.

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: Jackie Pavlofsky and I have been best friends since elementary school. Her sister was involved in BBYO so when it came time for Jackie to join, she brought me along with her. I never expected myself to become so involved in the Jewish community: I stopped going to Sunday School after my Bar Mitzvah, I had never been to a Shabbat service, and I definitely had never kept Kosher. But I knew BBYO was truly special when I felt a connection at my first program.

Name: Eli Profeta
Position: Mazkir, Secretary & VP of Communications
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Chapter: Indy Brae Sheath #246
Age: 16 years old
Grade: 10
High School: North Central High School

My Goals: I hope to help accomplish a lot this year. I want to emphasize the importance of social media marketing and how we can be more productive through social media and use it to our advantage. I also want to help make sure that people can enjoy the most essential part of their BBYO career -- which is to have fun. I firmly believe that in order to be successful in this organization, one must be able to enjoy get togethers and conventions of all sorts while participating in great leadership opportunities. Who wants to looked stressed out when your future BBG Sweetheart could be near?

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: I remember the day I got turned onto BBYO. She smelled like prayer books, years of basketball tournaments, and Kosher food. The day I arrived at AIT/MIT 2010 was like love at first sight. I didn't know that our love with each other could go this far but it has. We are perfect together. I could not be happier with the relationship I have formed with the love of my life, BBYO.

Name: Grant Hansell
Position: S’Gan, VP of Programming
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Chapter: Heart of Ohio AZA #55
Age: 17
Grade: 11
High School: The Columbus Academy 

My Goals: I want to ensure that KIO understands that it isn't about the quality of logistics or even the amount of people that attend our events, but instead, it is about the quality of our programs and the impact they can have. All it takes is one individual to be inspired to become a better person, and I hope to pass that inspiration on!

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: I originally got involved in AZA and BBYO through my sister, but as soon as I joined I was hooked on the brotherhood. The programs and the leadership skills are great, and have helped me develop as a person, but the bonds I feel with the other guys in this organization is what makes it all worthwhile. It's what keeps me coming back, and it's what makes me proud to be a member of such a life changing organization.

Name: Maya Rothenberg
Position: S’Ganit, VP of Programming
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Chapter: B'yachad BBG #43
Grade: 11
High School: North Central High School

My Goals: I hope to reach out to all the new members and make them feel as comfortable joining the region as I did. I also want to gain a close relationship with my counterparts and hopefully inspire them to create creative and imaginative programs. I would also like to make sure that conventions run smoothly and that they have extremely meaningful and fun programs.

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: My older brother was in Indy Brae Sheath. He may not have attended anything until his senior year, when he attended Regionals in 2009, but we were there together (I was a freshman) and this was a pivotal moment. I never expected to become so involved with the organization, but after a six-folds sleepover I fell in love with the girls in my chapter and was inspired to attend the Regional Convention that following year. After that I immediately ran for chapter board and started my BBYO career where I was the Chapter Morah, the VP of Membership. The rest is history :)

Name: Cody Philips
Position: Moreh, VP of Membership
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Chapter: Pops DSK AZA #155
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Bexley High School

My Goals: I hope to encourage as many kids as possible to get involved with this organization that has given me so much, as well as increase the education of AZA, and its history and principles. I want to establish BBYO Connect in the various cities within KIO, while maintaining a prominent role in keeping conventions so amazing.

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: I first got into BBYO from hanging out with my brother and his friend. As second semester in 8th grade approached, he invited me to a meeting. I was reluctant at first, naturally, but he explained it in a way that made me want to go. I went, and never looked back. BBYO has changed my life in ways I can never explain. The connections and leadership opportunities that BBYO has offered me are second to none. My first meeting was actually a business meeting, but I liked the members in my chapter so much that it didn't matter what we did, as long as we did it together.

Name: Sophie Reskin
Position: Morah, VP of Membership
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Chapter: Jay Levine BBG #1508
Age: 17
Grade: 11
High School: Ballard High School

My Goals: This year as the Regional Morah I will do everything I can to make our region as strong as possible! I want us to add more sisters, but at the same time create more sisterhood. I plan on visiting many cities and getting to know as many people as I can. I also plan to be there for all the girls in this regional. If they need anything, I want them to be able to come to me!

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: An old friend of mine contacted me on Myspace asking me to join BBYO. It was followed up with many phone calls and text messages. After all of my friends decided to join, I also decided to join. At my first meeting I was inspired, and in turn, I decided I wanted to inspire others. I have been a member ever since January 2009!

Name: Michael Fishman
Position: Shaliach, VP of Judaism and Social Action
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Chapter: Heart of Ohio AZA #55
Age: 17
Grade: 11
High School: New Albany High School

My Goals: My goal is to instill a connection between every single one of our members and their Jewish identity. Whether that means creating a love for the state of Israel or learning to embrace Jewish culture, I will work tirelessly to make our members feel a strong connection to Judaism. Another goal I have is to teach members in our Region that social action does not have to be boring or a drag, but rather something that is rewarding, fun and a large component of what it means to be Jewish.

How I first got involved with BBYO: I first got involved as an 8th grader when I was approached by an older member in my chapter who used to go to the same summer camp as me. When he first asked me to come to a meeting, I was a little hesitant because my brother had been an active member of USY, another Jewish youth group, but I decided to take a chance and I fell in love immediately. Whether it was chilling with upper classmen, or the excitement about having girls in the next room, I was hooked and could not wait until the next time we got together. Going to weekly Tuesday meetings and dinner with my closest friends at Chipotle became a tradition. A tradition that is so strong that it has prevailed through the summers when there are no meetings. I know I can still count on my brothers to meet me at Chipotle every Tuesday where we will laugh until the manager has to kick us out because the restaurant is closing.

Name: Kali Cohen
Position: Sh’licha, VP of Judaism & Social Action
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Chapter: Ner Tamid BBG #2490
Age: 16
Grade: 11
High School: Walnut Hills High School

My Goals: I would like for KIO BBYO to become more involved in the community and increase awareness in global issues. I hope that the region will become more active Judaically, which I believe will add to a sense of Jewish pride because it is important that we as Jews are proud of our religion.

How I First Got Involved with BBYO: My cousin told me to come to Cincinnati's recruitment event at a roller skating rink. I knew a lot of the older members because of her, but after the event, I realized how neat BBYO was. The following Monday, I went to the chapter meeting and all the girls of Ner Tamid were so nice and welcoming and ever since then, I was in love. I went to every meeting and sleepover afterwards.

Who's Who on the City Boards


Godol: Zach Samuelson
N’siah: Kelsey Bardach

Past Presidents:
Madricha: Kali Cohen
Kohane Godol: Alex Burte

Secretary & VP of Communications:
Mazkir: Benji Kriner
Mazkirah: Hailey Waxler

VP of Membership:
Moreh: Adam Frankel 
Morah: Sydney Chaiken

Treasurer & VP of Fundraising:
Gizbor: Jon Deutsch   
Gizborit: Hannah Wise     

VP of Judaism & Social Action:
Shaliach: Cory Harbatkin 
Sh'licha: Marisa Levy   

VP of Programming:
S'gan: Herbert Meisner    
S'ganit: Sarah Wolf


Godol (Heart): Jacob Teich
Godol (Pops): Max Agranoff
N’siah (Bat Shalom): Rachel Canowitz
N’siah (Aliah): Halle Herman

Secretary & VP of Communications:
Mazkir (Heart): Paul Weiner
Mazkir (Pops): Sam Dolen
Mazkirah (Aliah): Morrisa Cohen

VP of Membership:
Moreh (Heart): Jacob Budin
Moreh (Pops): Greg Feinberg
Morah (Aliah): Hilary Kleppel, Kelsey Ankerman
Morah (Bat Shalom): Katie Rabinowitz

Treasurer & VP of Fundraising:
Gizbor (Heart): Jared Mandel   
Gizbor (Pops): Ben Lustig
Gizborit (Aliah): Paige Berliner   

VP of Judaism & Social Action:
Shaliach (Heart): Cody Ankermann
Shaliach (Pops): Eric Maxwell
Sh'licha (Aliah): Gabby Kahn   

VP of Programming:
S'gan (Heart): Jeremy Lifter
S’gan (Pops):  Daniel Lee
S'ganit (Bat Shalom): Madison Phelps
S’Ganit (Aliah): Emily Kingsley


Godol: Jack Jacobs
N’siah: Melissa Frydman

Past Presidents:
Kohane Godol: David Young
Madricha: Sarah Wolf Knight

Secretary & VP of Communications:
Mazkir: Grant Pitrys
Mazkirah: Jessica Cohen

VP of Membership:
Moreh: Addison Caruso
Mom/Morah: Phoebe Rose

Treasurer & VP of Fundraising:
Gizbor: Jordan Shane    
Gizborit: Ariel Kravitz    

VP of Judaism & Social Action:
Shaliach: Matt Diamond
Sh'licha: Pam Segalewitz   

VP of Programming:
S'gan: Ben Africk    
S'ganit: Rachel Bloom


Godol: Aaron Welcher
N’siah: Haley Weiss

Past Presidents:
Kohane Godol: Ben Stoller
Madricha: Brooke Glanzman

Secretary & VP of Communications:
Mazkir: Walker Budwig
Mazkirah: Carly Sapper

VP of Membership:
Moreh: Noah Glazier
Morah: Rebecca Schankerman

Treasurer & VP of Fundraising:
Gizbor: Aaron Welcher     
Gizborit: Julia Rubenstein     

VP of Judaism & Social Action:
Shaliach: Adam Kashin
Sh'licha: Mina Shirazi    

VP of Programming:
S'gan: Ari Korin    
S'ganit: Daria Penner

Sergeant At Arms:
Shotrim: Jacob Ohlsen and Jakub Walerstein
Mashgicha: Helen Weinberg


Godol: Ben Koby
N’siah: Maggie Rosen

Secretary & VP of Communications:
Mazkir: Jacob Spielberg
Mazkirah: Natania Lipp

VP of Membership:
Moreh: Michael Schwartz
Morah: Deborah Levin

Treasurer & VP of Fundraising:
Gizbor: Henry Strull
Gizborit: Daniela Reuter

VP of Judaism & Social Action:
Shaliach: Daniel Segal
Sh'licha: Cameron Willett

VP of Programming:
S'gan: Eli Gould    
S'ganit: Rachel Bass


1,100+ Jewish Teen Community Leaders from 14 Countries to Gather for International Convention 2012

Follow Us Through TV, Radio Broadcasts, and our IC Live Blog!











Atlanta will host more than 1,100 of the Jewish teen community’s brightest thinkers, strategists, philanthropists, and educators from 15 countries February 16 – 20 for the largest-ever International Convention (IC) of BBYO. For the past eight decades, this convention has served to unite the rising leaders of AZA and BBG to set the course for the coming year, determine strategies for strengthening BBYO as a youth-led movement and connect teens to the worldwide Jewish community. In addition to nearly 900 teen leaders in attendance, the convention will bring together BBYO professionals, Board of Directors and volunteer advisors that represent some of the most passionate, educated and committed leaders in the Jewish community today.

Stay up to date with IC 2012 as the excitement unfolds:

  • Join the discussions on the new website and live blog at
  • Tweet at #azabbgic2012
  • Listen to live broadcasts directly from the convention and find out the 2012-2013 newly elected International Board members first on Jewish Rock Radio (a free app is available for Android, iPhone or iPad)
  • Watch Jewish Life TV's live broadcasts of Opening Ceremonies, Day of Service Kick-Off, Shabbat Preparation and the State of the Order Address!

Click here to learn more and read all of the exciting highlights to come during IC 2012!

8th Graders are Now Eligible for AZA and BBG Membership

Do you have an 8th grader in your life who wants to become involved with AZA and BBG? As of January 1, all current 8th graders are eligible for full AZA or BBG membership, including opportunities to attend conventions and chapter meetings. Membership is more affordable than ever before. Don't let teens miss out on the fun and meaningful opportunities that BBYO offers! Please spread the word and encourage families you know to  register for  a membership today!

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Don't miss your last chance to register for a BBYO Summer Experience at a special early bird discount of $75. Early Bird ends February 29!


This summer, BBYO has several scholarship opportunities for teens to learn about service at one of BBYO's four Summer of Impact programs taking place in Boston, Chicago, DC, and Israel. Each of these programs offers a unique understanding as to how you can be a leader and create change in your community. For more information on Summer of Impact, click here.

It is not too late for you to take advantage of one of our great discounts:

  • Are you a JSU member? All JSU members can receive $100 off Impact: DC and Impact: Chicago - just like that!
  • Have you attended a Panim el Panim seminar? If so, you can receive $100 off Impact: DC and Chicago.
  • Do you know anyone who attended the University of Maryland or University of Chicago? If so, have them email Natalie at with a referral and you can receive $150 off either Impact: DC or Impact: Israel.
  • Take advantage of BBYO Scholarships:
  1. All regions have scholarship money specifically for Impact: DC,  Chicago and Boston -- just reply to this email and ask your regional staff!
  2. Participants of Impact: Israel can take advantage of the Milk and Honey Scholarship, with scholarships up to $2,000.


You can also get a taste of Impact programs at CLTC. Teens attending CLTC Sessions 1 and 6 can spend three extra days at Impact: Milwaukee (following Session 1) and Impact: Pittsburgh (following Session 2).  At both of these extensions, you’ll have an  intensive experience of service, advocacy, and Jewish values. You will do hands-on service, learn about different ways of having an impact on your community, and discuss how to apply your CLTC leadership skills back home. More information is available here.

We hope to see you this summer! For questions, please email Natalie at

Stand UP in Washington, DC on March 25 - 28!

NEW PROGRAM: Special BBYO Panim el Panim Seminar for Stand UP leaders

Do you want to learn how to run a strong Stand UP campaign and sharpen your leadership skills while thinking about today’s current issues? All BBYO teens are invited to come to Washington, DC, to participate in the first ever Panim el Panim: Stand UP Seminar and return home as a leader ready to impact your community! The program features advocacy training on a wide range of current topics, a community service project and the opportunity to lobby your elected officials on Capitol Hill! The program will focus on all aspects of Stand UP, allowing seasoned participants to strengthen their existing skills and new participants to learn a solid foundation of the campaign!

Attend this seminar and receive a $100 discount towards your Summer of Impact Experience!

Click here to learn more about the Panim el Panim: Stand UP Seminar.