February 2013/Adar 5773 Issue

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Words of Praise from the Midwest Hub Director

KIO Goes Quackers at IC in DC

KIO AZA's Got the Spirit

Occupy the JCC Sets a New Record

Election Results

KIO Meets Matisyahu

Parents of KIO Teens

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A Message from Matt Steinberg, the New Interim KIO Regional Director

Dear KIO,

We are all part of an incredible organization. An organization that provides us with opportunities we would not otherwise be afforded. From every weekly meeting to every chapter sleepover to every regional convention, we are surrounded by quality people and quality programs in a safe and comfortable environment that allows us to discover and define our Judaism and ourselves on our own terms. BBYO is truly something special, but a lot of hard work goes into making it so special.

As I am sure you know by now, Josh Rothstein is leaving his post as KIO Regional Director to pursue a career in commercial real estate. Over the past year and a half, KIO has made great strides in improving our region. We have welcomed new staff and advisors to the KIO family, along with many new members. Our family has grown, not only in our size but also in the closeness of our bonds with each other. I hope you will join me in wishing Josh well and thanking him for all he has done to lay a solid foundation upon which we can build an even stronger region going forward.

As the Interim Regional Director of KIO, I intend to preserve the traditions that make this region so special, while continuing to foster the excitement and passion that has led to the growth of KIO over the past year and a half. Our cities are strong, our region is getting stronger every day, and with KIO bringing home the AZA Spirit Gavel from International Convention in Washington, D.C., our spirit is the strongest it has ever been!

I have already begun working with the new Regional Board and convention coordinators to plan next month’s Kallah convention. I am very excited for everyone to share in this awesome experience, which will take place on March 8th-10th at Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, Ohio. Registration is still open, so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out.

Here's looking forward to an excellent year.

Yours truly,

Words of Praise from BBYO's Midwest Hub Director

Dear KIO,
Congratulations on such a strong and growing region. You are having an absolutely outstanding year in membership, programming, and leadership, and everyone should be proud of the team effort for this success. Thirty one KIO teens just returned from BBYO’s International Convention (IC) in Washington, DC, where they joined 1,600 other Jewish teens from North America and around the world in this incredibly meaningful and inspiring event. KIO’s success was evident to all as KIO AZA won the Max Baer Spirit Gavel Award for IC 2013, given to the Region displaying the most spirit, unity, and cooperation. Congratulations and Mazel Tov to KIO on this award! You can view many of the highlights from IC on the blog or on twitter at #AZABBGIC2013.

KIO is also having a fantastic year in membership and has already reached 96% of AZAs goal and 99% of BBGs goal for the 2012-2013 program year. This success is due to the teens, parents, advisors, staff, and community members who all play such an important role in the growth of our BBYO movement and we are confident that this growth will continue throughout the year and beyond. Keep up the great work!

Again, we thank Matt for taking on the leadership role and the interim Regional Director responsibilities and we look forward to seeing many of you at Kallah, March 8-10.

Great work KIO!
Allan Bogan

KIO Goes "Quackers" at IC in DC!

Click here to see more photos of 2013 IC.

KIO AZA's Got the Spirit

Congratulations to KIO AZA for winning the Max Baer Spirit Gavel Award at this year’s International Convention. This is the third year in a row that KIO has taken home this coveted prize for the region displaying the most spirit, unity and cooperation! We are so proud of you!

Occupy the JCC Sets a New Record!

More than 110 teens from all over KIO and about 30 parents gathered for Shabbat Dinner and BBYO board installations on Friday, January 25th to help kick off the Second Annual #OccupyTheJCC at the Mayerson JCC in Cincinnati.

The evening began with an Italian-style dinner with awards and installations in the main auditorium. After dinner, the parents left and the Occupy the JCC overnight event began. The program included a mixer, a dance featuring Louisville’s own DJ Good (Jonah Goodman), separates, snack time in the café, and of course the sleepover.

Nearly 350 canned goods were collected that evening that will be donated to the Freestore Foodbank, the same charity that received our huge sock donation after KIO’s Regional Convention last December.

Big thanks to Big Mike from Louisville for coming up and staffing the event, along with Aaron Slovin from Camp Livingston. Everyone had a great time, including lots of 8th graders and first-timers who we hope to see again soon! Click here to check out photos from this event

Election Results are IN!

Congratulations to all the new and returning leaders who have stepped up to make their chapters great:



Godol (President): Joey Slovin
S’gan (Programming): JD Kurtzman
Moreh (Membership): Sam Meyers
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Ivan Meisner
Mazkir (Communications): Jon Deutsch
Gizbor (Treasurer): Cory Harbatkin

Ner Tamid

N’siah (President): Sarah Wolf
S’ganit (Programming): Andrea Goldstein
Morah (Membership): Ali Richter
Shlicha (Judaism & Social Action): Raquel Levitt
Mazkirah (Communications): Jenna Reis
Gizborit (Treasurer): Olivia Wolf


Heart of Ohio
Godol (President): Jacob Budin
S’gan (Programming): Matt Gordon
Moreh (Membership): Hunter Cohn
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Justin Slutsky
Mazkir (Communications): Adam Erlichman
Gizbor (Treasurer): Paul Weinper

Pops DSK
Godol (President): Jacob Honick
S’gan (Programming): Greg Feinberg
Moreh (Membership): Jake Davis
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Chad Bloch
Mazkir (Communications): Ben Lustig
Gizbor (Treasurer): Jordan Gewirtz

Bat Shalom
N’siah (President): Madison Phelps
S’ganit (Programming): Addy Feibel
Morah (Membership): Rachel Canowitz
Shlicha (Judaism & Social Action): Blake Canowitz
Mazkirah (Communications): Rachel Canowitz
Gizborit (Treasurer): Jordan Brooks

N’siah (President): Hilary Kleppel
S’ganit (Programming): Zoe Philips
Morah (Membership): Sydney Meyer
Shlicha (Judaism & Social Action): Jaime Kleppel
Mazkirah (Communications): Morgan Handmaker
Gizborit (Treasurer): Eden Friedman


Weprin Kadima

Godol (President): Ethan Cohen
S’gan (Programming): Alex Africk
Moreh (Membership): Eric Roytman
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Aaron Cohen
Mazkir (Communications): Addison Caruso
Gizbor (Treasurer):Jack Jacobs


N’siah (President): Phoebe Rose
S’ganit (Programming): Jessica Cohen
Morah (Membership): Sarah Abrams
Sh'licha (Judaism & Social Action): Andrea Lieberman
Mazkirah (Communications): Emma Pickard
Gizborit (Treasurer):Julia Caruso


Brae Sheath:

Godol (President): Noah Glazier
S’gan (Programming): Adam Goot
Moreh (Membership): Ryan Rubenstein
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Aaron Welcher
Mazkir (Communications): Ariel Korin
Gizbor (Treasurer): Adam Kashen
Shotare: Adam Friedman
Shotare: Nadav Harper


N'siah (President): Julia Rubenstein
S'ganit (Programming): Madeleine Ohrn
Moreh (Membership): Sylvie Siegel
Sh'licha (Judaism & Social Action): Moriah Atlas
Mazkirah (Communication): Rebecca Schankerman
Gizborit (Treasurer): Alayna Weiss


Drew Corson

Godol (President): Eli Gould
S’gan (Programming): Michael Schwartz
Moreh (Membership): Daniel Segal
Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action): Ben Koby
Mazkir (Communications): Jacob Finke
Gizbor (Treasurer): Ben Bass

Kohen Godol (Outgoing President): Ben Koby

Jay Levine

N’siah (President): Rachel Bass
S’ganit (Programming): Deborah Levin
Morah (Membership): Becca Lustig
Shlicha (Judaism & Social Action): Hillary Reskin
Mazkirah (Communications): Audrey Nussbaum
Gizborit (Treasurer):Katie Segal

KIO Meets Matisyahu!

When most people hear that one of their favorite performers is coming to town, they buy a ticket to his or her concert. But Benji Kreiner isn’t “most people.” When he found out that Matisyahu was coming to the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, he decided it wasn’t good enough to just “see” him in concert. He wanted to meet him too, and give his fellow BBYOers and other friends a chance to do the same! So what did he do? He picked up the phone and called Matisyahu’s manager and made a deal! They agreed that if Benji could get 150 people to buy tickets to the Cincinnati show, Matisyahu would hold a private Meet and Greet for the group. From that moment, it was game on!

Benji met the challenge head on and managed to bring in teens from BBYO and various youth groups, high schools, and neighboring cities (some even drove in from Indianapolis) as well as students from Miami University and the University of Cincinnati. In the end, it didn’t matter where they came from or which organization they represented, because everyone in attendance was part of a whole… a Jewish community of young people who, more than simply meeting Matisyahu, formed connections and a sense of community that, in that moment, was tied to music, but ended up playing on long after the concert ended.

Thanks Benji, Josh and all the others who helped make this special, once in a lifetime event possible. It just goes to show that “if you will it, it is no dream!”

Parents of KIO Teens

Tired of always trying to squeeze out information from your teen about events, dates, deadlines and other important information? At the Regional Office we are well aware of how tough it can be so we’ve created the Parents of Teens in KIO BBYO Facebook group
where you can communicate with other parents and find important documents, dates and other information. Click here to join now.

What's Up KIO?


Mishpocha AZA and Ner Tamid BBG are both kicking off the winter-spring term with board bonding and chapter sleepovers. It’s already shaping up to be a great term!

Please click here for information and photos of the Occupy the JCC event in January.

Upcoming Events:

2/25: Meeting for New Parents & Members


Columbus BBYO has had over 20 incoming 8th graders sign up and register for BBYO! Each chapter put on a great 20-minute recruitment program for the recruitment fair on January 15th.

Heart and Aliah teamed up for a speed connections program where they asked each other random questions in order to learn more about each other.

Bat Shalom held their installations and then had a Tu B’shevat program!

Pops members each wrote a funny or interesting fact about themselves, then they played “Guess Who?” where the boys learned about themselves and each other.

Each chapter brought their new chapter board for a few hours of leadership and chapter programming training to CCLTC (Columbus Chapter Leadership Training Conference). Our Columbus advisors worked very hard on this event, and thanks to that, Columbus’ programming is shaping up to be top notch!

Columbus AZA held its annual Souper Bowl Party on Sunday, February 3rd. Columbus sent 7 teens to Internation Convention in mid-February.

Most recently, Pops had a state trooper come speak to them while Aliah had a baby picture program, and Heart and Bat Shalom had business meetings.

Upcoming Events:
2/23: Poppin' Purim

4/19: Volunteering at Israelfest


The month of January consisted of chapter meetings, election pre, elections, installations, and many other pgrograms. Janaury was a month of transition and electing new leadership while the months ahead will focus on recruitment programs and retention efforts.

Weprin Kadima had a strong showing at Heart of Ohio’s TOGA Party, and sent 8 alephs to Regionals.

A couple of members went to Occupy the JCC in Cincinnati. Members have started to become more active as the new term begins. Installations were a success and chapter meetings since then have also been successful! At the recent planning meeting with Scott Goldberg (the advisor), Weprin Kadima hammered out a loose configuration of our calendar.

In the past month, Hatikvah has been working hard at their meetings to come up with stellar recruitment programs for the term. Hatikvah also elected a new Spring board! So far, they have had a Scavenger Hunt at the Dayton Mall. Everyone got to test their photography skills by completing random tasks throughout the mall. We are really excited for this upcoming term, that will be focused mainly on recruiting new 8th and 9th grade members.

Upcoming Events:

2/27: City Dinner

3/6: Chapter Meeting

3/13: Israel & Anti Semitism Program

3/21: Party at Scene 75

3/27: Chapter Meeting


Feb. may be a short month, but it sure is filled with great Indy BBYO activities! Following our wildly successful BBYO Parent/New Member Shabbat (in which over 100 teens and parents attended!), the momentum was kept going with a Super Bowl party, a new Stand Up cause and other events.

Over 30 of Indy's AZAsattended a Super Bowl party at Eli Profeta's house. The new Stand Up cause was voted on and will be Rebuild Indiana and will focus on beautifying Indianapolis through community service opportunities. The boys will host events to pick up trash, plant trees and flowers and so much more!

Our BBG girls were busy holding events to promote sisterhood and welcome their new members, especially the 8th graders! The BBGs held a scavenger hunt with over 30 girls, 12 of which were eighth graders!

Upcoming events:

2/25: Keshet Purim Carnival with Indy Jewish Youth Groups

3/2: Ice Skating

3/14: BBG Chipotle Dinner Night

3/22: BBG Sleepover


Drew Corson proudly elected their 2013 spring term board at the end of January! Louisville is thrilled to have elected such a fantastic AZA board, and the city expects great things to come this year.

On Sunday January 27th, Drew Corson had their first Recruitment Meeting of the term and taught their AITS about how business meetings are conducted. Then, they played basketball! It was great to have 20 people attend this meeting.

On Sunday February 3rd, they hosted a super bowl party for the entire city at Michael Schwartz's house.

The ladies of Jay Levine BBG has had a great month! The new board was elected and installed on January 13th. Jay Levine and Drew Corson had an amazing time in Cincinnati at #Occupy! Also, Jay Levine headed out to dinner together to celebrate its first ever Tu’ B'shevat together! At dinner they ate a healthy meal to appreciate the goodness of the Earth. Finally, Jay Levine released a brand new website that everybody should check out here!

February is turning up to be an exciting and busy month for Jay Levine full of MIT recruiting programs!

Upcoming Events:

2/24: Louisville BBYO Citywide Recuritment Event

3/3: Jay Levine MIT Meeting

3/12: Jay Levine BBG Parent Meeting

3/15: Jay Levine Six Fold Sleepover

3/17: Louisville BBYO Selection Sunday

3/22: Louisville BBYO Shabbat Dinner


Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

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Early Bird Summer Deadline

Last call for the Early Bird Registration deadline for all domestic BBYO Summer Experiences! Teens who register for ILTC, Kallah, CLTC and/or any Summer of IMPACT program by February 28, 2013 will receive a $75 discount.

Once registered, make sure to connect with your Summer Experience Coordinators by joining the Official BBYO Summer Experiences 2013 Facebook community!

Beyond High School

Will you go Beyond? Be a part of BBYO’s newest Israel experience, a gap year program after high school in Israel. On Beyond, Jewish young adults will be able to broaden their worldview before entering college by gaining valuable life skills, earning academic credit, exploring their Jewish identity, deepening their understanding of Israeli society and charting a course toward a life of meaning and purpose.

Visit the Beyond website to learn more.

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Save the Date:

  • Early Bird Registration deadline for BBYO Summer Experiences is February 28, 2013.
  • Purim is February 23 – February 24, 2013.
  • Going to the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.? If so, join the BBYO Board of Directors and BBYO teens, alumni, families, supporters and friends at the BBYO Reception on March 4, 2013.