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May 2011/iyar 5771 Edition

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Advisor Spotlight: Brynn Ginsberg

March of the Living Blog

BBYO Partners with Special Needs Initative

Dallas Intake Luau

Genocide and Human Rights Summit in DC

J-Serve 2011

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Advisor Spotlight: Brynn Ginsberg

"Alright gBrynnuys, this ain't my first rodeo.  You can't pull that over on me." That's a common statement you might catch Brynn Ginsberg the new advisor for Eamonn Lacey AZA saying to her boys.   This is Brynn's third time in the ring  as an advisor.  Brynn first started in 1997 with Fannie Sablosky BBG. Then returned in ten years later to again advise Sablosky BBG.  When the Dallas AZA chapters went through a small evacuation with the male advisors she stepped in for double duty to help out with Louis D. Brandeis AZA.  Her husband and she moved to Phoenix for 2 1/2 years and just returned to bring her passion back to the boys of Eamonn Lacey AZA.  
"Once you start as an advisor, you're hooked!" she says.

"I love more than anything watching my kids grow into adults, learn responsibility, garner a renewed passion for each new project each time, and truly becoming leaders by the time they graduate.  And, there are so many things I've learned from the kids by being an advisor, just one of them being patience.

Brynn was an active participant in BBYO when she was in high school. She was in Ruach BBG in Lone Star Region (in San Antonio).   She was Small Cities Council N'Siah on Lone Star's regional board and a number of different positions in the Chapter from N'siah down. Eighteen years after being out of BBYO, she still has a number of lifelong friendships from her years in BBYO and a few more from being an advisor.  

Her proudest moment was returning for round 2 to see one of her girls from her first stint as Sablosky advisor now running the BBYO office as the Dallas Program Director (Tracy Davis) and another one of her girls as an advisor.

Brynn is a University of Texas at Austin alumni, lives in Dallas with her husband and her 18month old "Lacey Mascot," Dylan.  She's got 15 years of experience in advertising, media & marketing industry.  Currently she has her own company and does freelance marketing and media buying.  She also has a specialty line of jewelry and does jewelry remodeling & design. 

Brynn is still working on getting to know each of the Lacey boys individually and to help them realize all of their potential.  "There's nothing more powerful than seeing a chapter have a successful fundraiser, plan a creative award-winning project, bond with intense fraternity at a retreat, or just simply participate in parliamentary procedure at a business meeting.  It's going to be a fun and exciting road, with a lot of hard work on all our of parts, but we are going to keep at it until we reach our goals and we are going to be there to guide them."

Experience the March of the Living







Check out the 2011 BBYO March of the Living Delegation Blog Chronicling the Experience

Nearly 150 representatives from BBYO took the journey from darkness to light and history to destiny as a part of the 2011 BBYO March of the LIving delegation.  The March is an international, educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world to Poland on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest concentration camp complex built during World War II, and then to Israel to observe Yom HaZikaron, Israel Memorial Day, and Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day.

The goal of the March of the Living is for these young people to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to lead the Jewish people into the future vowing Never Again.

Click here to read the 2011 BBYO March of the Living Blog with photos and testimonials of the experience.

BBYO Partners with Special Needs Initiative

For the first time ever, Dallas BBYO has partnered with the Special Needs Initiative and the Zweig family to host a citywide bowling tournament.

On May 22nd, Dallas BBYO chapters will join together at 300 in Addison to raise awareness and money for the Special Needs Initiative. All twelve chapters are involved in making teams and raising money to participate.

With our new partnership, we hope to get our teens and the special needs community to not only understand one another, but be integrated and supplement programs in the future.

Dallas Intake Luau


Calling all incoming Freshman!

On Sunday, June 5th, Dallas BBYO will host our annual intake pool party at the JCC pool. From 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, all incoming 9th graders are welcome to join the members of BBYO to learn about what they might experience as an AZA or BBG in the fall.

Bring friends, make new ones, and best of all - there will be pizza and prizes!

For more information or questions concerning intake, please contact Tracy Davis, Dallas Program Director (

Genocide and Human Rights Summit in DC

On June 26-28, 2011, teens from across North America are invited to Washington, DC, to take part in an extraordinary experience – a Jewish Teen Summit on Human Rights and Genocide.

For three days, a diverse group of Jewish teens will come together in the nation’s capitol to learn about Genocide and how they can stand up and speak out against these worldwide atrocities.  They will hear from activists, meet with their Members of Congress, and most importantly, they will walk away from this PANIM Institute summit armed with increased knowledge about human rights and genocide, enhanced skills as a community leader, and a greater understanding of their own civic responsibility.

Learn more or register here!

Over 180 Teens from the Dallas Community Participated in J-Serve 2011!

J-ServeAbout 180 teens from the Dallas community participated, along with roughly 10,000 Jewish teens from across North America, Europe, and Israel in a day of community service and improvement projects as part of J Serve, a National Day of Jewish Youth Service on April 17th."J-serve was a great way to meet other jewish teens while bonding over community service projects that improve our community," said Molly Pluss, head of the teen J-Serve committee.

J-Serve project, “Serving up Service" incorporated 10 projects in the Dallas area for teens to participate.

“It was an incredible experience to witness teens going out all over Dallas to impact the community,” said Dallas Area J-Serve Jacob Schnitzer, Regional Aleph Godol. 

“Serving up Service in Dallas” is one of over  100 projects internationally, where teens participated in a variety of different projects as they explored the Jewish values of gemilut chasidim, acts of loving kindness, tzedakah, just and charitable giving, and tikkum olam, the responsibility to repair the world. 

This year marks the seventh year in which Jewish youth turned out in force for J Serve, the Jewish service component of the annual Global Youth Service Day of Youth Service America.

J-Serve 2011







Partnership with Kaplan Test Prep Provides $200 off in May

Committed to preparing Jewish teenagers for their future, BBYO is excited to announce that this month only Kaplan is offering $200 off Kaplan Test Prep programs of $999 or more. BBYO members can use the promo code BBYO200 online or over the phone to access this discount. To learn more about BBYO’s partnership with Kaplan Test Prep, click here.