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February 2013/Adar 5773 Issue

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Save A LOT of Dates

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Congratulations Ahavah BBG, Eden BBG and Solomon AZA on their chapter awards!!

Every year the International Order gives out a variety of awards. There are awards for members as well as chapters. You must apply to win are of these awards.

Wisconsin Region is super excited and impressed that 3 of our chapters have taken home chapter awards this year.

Solomon AZA - Henry Monsky Chapter Excellence Award (AZA)

Ahavah BBG - Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence Award (BBG )

Eden BBG - Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence Award (BBG )

These are the most prestigious awards chapter can earn. The award demands excellence in every component of the BBYO program, and it is reserved for only the best of the best AZA/BBG chapters.

Additionally, Molly Kazan from Eden BBG was recognized with the Menorah Pledge & Cardinal Principles Award

This award recognizes those certain Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls who truly embody the Menorah Pledge and Seven Cardinal Principles. This prestigious award honors those Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls who have dedicated so much of their time and energy into promoting the values of our organization.
Molly was nominated for this award by her chaptermates and her advisor. Woo Hoo Molly!

8 other teens also received Star/Shield or Eternal Light awards: Molly Kazan, Molly Wertheimer, Andrea Heffez, Ryan Brink, Talia Berman, Ben Steigman, Jane Feldmesser & Lauren Silber.

We are so proud of everyone!

Well done Wisconsin Region!

Wisconsin Region getting ready for the Class of 2017!

Wisconsin Region is in the middle our recruitment "season"; with all 8 chapter successfully completing their chapter recruitment programs. Soon the 8th graders will choose their chapter and new members will join BBYO.

If you have an 8th grader in your life we hope that you will encourage them to become involved with AZA and BBG. Membership is more affordable than ever before. Don't let teens miss out on the fun and meaningful opportunities that BBYO offers! Please spread the word and encourage families you know to register for a membership today!

Save A LOT of Dates!

Wisconsin Region has a lot of great regional activites happening this semester. Be on the look out for more information about all of them. But until then...MARK YOUR CALENDARS! (and this list is constantly being added to)

  • Weekend of March 15-17th - Chapter New Member Programs
  • Friday, April 12th - AZA Shabbat & BBG Shabbat
  • Sunday, April 14th - Ra'anan Pasta Lunch
  • Sunday, April 21st - Community Walk for Israel
  • Friday - Sunday, April 26-27th - Young Leadership Conference (Attention all 9th graders, this one is just for you (and the new 8th grade members). Held at OSRUI in Peawaukee)
  • Sunday, April 28th - J-Serve Day (all ages)
  • Saturday, May 11th - Eden Movie Night
  • Friday - Sunday, May 24-26th - Spring Regional Convention
  • Sunday, June 2nd - End of the Year Breakfast/Chapter Elections
  • Friday, June 7th - Close Off Oneg at Klode Park

Eden’s Earring Sale

Eden BBG #2458, a chapter in Wisconsin Region, is excited to be selling BBG (and AZA) pin earrings and rings. The earrings are made from sterling silver posts, and the rings are made on adjustable bases, so one size fits all! Both the earrings and rings are perfect for every BBG girl, alumni, and parent. The earrings are $10, and the rings are just $5. To order, all you have to do is send a check or cash to Eden BBG- c/o Hannah Paley, 9431 North Fairway Circle, Bayside, WI 53217. Thanks in advance for your support, and let us know if you have any questions at!

BBG - Self Defense Class

Elite Sports Club- North Shore invites all BBGs (and their sister/mothers/friends/etc) to a Self-Defense Workshop. Sunday, Feb. 24th from Noon – 3pm. Learn to spot danger, defend yourself from common types of assaults, and much more….all while having fun.

We have worked out a special $15 BBYO price for this program. Register on blinked, or by contacting the office. Talk to Rachael if you have any questions. Click here to view the flyer.

Wisconsin Region sends 17 to IC!

Just last week, over r 2,000 BBYO teens, alumni, advisors, professional staff and top Jewish philanthropists from 18 countries attended this year’s International Convention in Washington, D.C.
We excitingly sent 17 teens and our own Dani Hercenberg.

Ask one of these teens about their amazing experience.

Talia Berman, Ryan Brink, Ryan Evans, Aaron Glazer, Andi Heffez, Ben Henken, Bradley Honigberg, Gabe Jacobs, Hilary Miller, Nomi Monosov, Sam Moser, Sabrina Rosler, Eva Schwarz, Lauren Silber, Ben Steigman, Jake Teper, and Aaron Zetley.

And take a look at the buzz in the IC Wrap Up!

BBYO Connect is busy!

We are looking for 6 and 7th graders to be part of our super active BBYO Connect Program.

We have two great programs coming us.

Feb. 24th - A Trip to the Circus- here is the flyer!

March 3rd - Admiral Game- here is the flyer!

Encourage a middle school teen you know to get involved. Have them contact the office at 414-326-2808 or email

Early Bird Summer Deadline

Last call for the Early Bird Registration deadline for all domestic BBYO Summer Experiences! Teens who register for ILTC, Kallah, CLTC and/or any Summer of IMPACT program by February 28, 2013 will receive a $75 discount.

Once registered, make sure to connect with your Summer Experience Coordinators by joining the Official BBYO Summer Experiences 2013 Facebook community!

Madison BBYO

Wisconsin Region is the in the beginning stages of re-starting Madison BBYO.If you know any Madison teens between the age of 8th - 12th grade. Please call the regional office or send us their name via email. We don't want anyone to miss out on getting involved.

A reminder about Kashrut

As a pluralistic organization, BBYO seeks to create a welcoming community for all Jewish teens, irrespective of denominational affiliation or individual observance. Our dietary policy is designed to ensure inclusion and set a standard that meets the needs of all participants in BBYO.

· During a program where BBYO will be providing meal(s) for all participants and/or plays a direct role in menu planning, all food served must be strictly kosher.
· In circumstances where strictly kosher food service is either not possible or not practical, dairy (including fish) or vegetarian meals may be provided instead.
· BBYO shall not serve non-kosher meat, poultry, seafood, or other products derived from non-kosher animals under any circumstances.
· BBYO shall not serve dairy-based and meat/poultry-based foods together at the same meal under any circumstances.
· During BBYO programs where meals are “on-your-own” at the discretion of each individual attending, each participant may dine in accordance with his/her own dietary practices, provided that kosher, dairy (including fish) and/or vegetarian options are available for those who want them.

If you are buying/serving food for a chapter/regional program - please be aware and look for the kosher symbols. If you have any questions about this - please feel free to contact the office at 414-326-2808 or Thanks!

Beyond High School

Will you go Beyond? Be a part of BBYO’s newest Israel experience, a gap year program after high school in Israel. On Beyond, Jewish young adults will be able to broaden their worldview before entering college by gaining valuable life skills, earning academic credit, exploring their Jewish identity, deepening their understanding of Israeli society and charting a course toward a life of meaning and purpose.

Visit the Beyond website to learn more.

BBYO in the News