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February 2011/adar 5771 Edition

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Kallah 2011 a HUGE Success!

Parents' Night

Beau Sweetheart 2011

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Kallah 2011 a HUGE success!

We are just a few weeks past Kallah 2011 and the success of the event still lingers with us.  There were close to 260 Jewish teens in attendance for Kallah.  187 of those were from CVR.  That is the largest Kallah in over 10 years!  Some of the highlights were former neo nazi and skinhead Frank Meeink who shared with us his story.  Many teens said he was one of the greatest speakers and one of the best programs they have ever been a part of. In addition to Frank, Jewish Comedian Joel Chasnoff entertained us with this humor and stories.

At Kallah, we had three new teens from Longmeadow Massachusetts.  These teens were so excited and impressed with our program that I received an email the day after Kalalh asking if they could start a chapter.  Next week we have a meeting in Longmeadow with teens and parents to create our 16th chapter!

We are looking forward to Spring Convention that will take place April 8th - 10th at the Danbury Plaza Hotel.  After extensive meetings with the hotel's new ownership, they have decided to allow us back.  Additionally, the hotel is in the process of being convereted into a Crown Plaza.  Renovations have begun but will not be finished until Fall Convention of next year.

Parent's night

Several chapters have their annual parent night coming up.  If your teen's chapter is having a parent's night please come out and support the chapter, your teen and BBYO.

Beau Sweatheart March 5th 2011

Beau Sweatheart is our annual semi formal dance.  This year we have the opportunity of having the dance in a brand new nightclub in downtown New Haven.  On of our alumni recently purchased the club and has given BBYO exclusive access for the evening.  Now here's the deal.....After Fall Convention, our teens embarked on a race to see who could get to 40 members first, AZA or BBG.  The deal is, if we get to 40 and 40, we will have the dance in the club.  If not, Beau Sweatheart will be at the JCC in New Haven.  Currently BBG's have 30 members and AZA have 21.  Hopefully we will know the location before March 1st.

Beau Sweetheart begins at 8pm and is over at 11pm.  The cost is $35 per teen including transportation, food, drink, entertainment and security.  All participants must sign up on B-linked.  This event is open to ALL JEWISH teens.  More information will be sent out as the event draws near.

Please keep in mind that safety is our primary concern for our teens and staff and every mesaure will be taken to ensure this event is safe and accessible for everyone in attendance

Advisor Appreciation Month!

March is Advisor appreciation month and as you know, our volunteer advisors work very hard and give their time to the chapters and the teens. There will be a reception for the advisors before and after Beau Sweetheart.
Because of this, we will need parents to ride the busses to Beau.  Because of issues we have had in the past, we do not allow teens drive to Beau Sweetheart.  Transportation will be arranged by the region.  If parents are unable to ride the bus, then teens will have to find
alternative methods of transporation to Beau.  For parents who ride the bus, you are not required to attend the dance and may go out in New Haven for the evening until the dance is over.  The club is located across the street from the Omni Hotel in a nice area of downtown New Haven.

Summer Programs Reminders

It is not too late to sign up for BBYO Summer Programs.  There are about a dozen teens from CVR who have either signed up or are planning on signing up for CLTC session 4!  Remember that if you sign up by February 15th, you save $100 on registration.  In addition, you can register for summer programs and back out penalty free by May 1st. Scholarships are available for summer leadership programs.  Please contact the regional office for scholarship information.

Also BBYO is announcing a fantastic new Summer Raffle
The Raffle is open to ANY and ALL teens who have registered for ANY Domestic and Passport Summer Experience.  

With more than 20 available programs the options are endless for a fun and meaningful summer.  And this is one more way to make it more affordable!

The winners will be announced LIVE at IC on Facebook and Twitter; teens do not have to be at IC to win, they just have to have signed up for a Summer Experience by 2/17/2011.

Raffle Schedule:
Thursday Dinner: 4 Scholarships of $250

Saturday Dinner: 2 Scholarships of $500

Sunday Dinner: 1 Scholarship of $1000

In an additional offer if 990 teens register for any domestic or Passport program (not MOTL) by 2/27/2011 (the end of the Early Bird Discount) BBYO will be giving away a brand-new iPad to one lucky teen!

As always if you have any questions about BBYO please do not hessitate to contact me

Follow the International Convention Live Blog!







Los Angeles, Calif. will host more than 750 Jewish teen leaders from more than 11 countries on February 17 – 21 for BBYO’s 85th Annual International Convention (IC). For the past eight decades, IC serves to unite the rising leaders of AZA and BBG to set the course for the coming year, determine strategies for strengthening BBYO as a youth-led movement and connect teens to the worldwide Jewish community.

Don't miss any of the action! BBYO's International Convention's Live Blog will have all of the latest photos, videos and happenings throughout the weekend. Visit the blog at and follow IC on Twitter at #bbyoic2011!

Make Your Summer Fun, Meaningful, AND Affordable

  • Get your GROUP ON this summer! BBYO’s Passport to the World is now offering TWO great reasons to travel this summer:

    1)    Get at least 50 percent of your AZA or BBG chapter to sign up for any Summer 2011 BBYO Passport trip, and everyone in your chapter gets 10 percent off all program costs.

    2)    Want to plan a private trip? Get a group of at least 30 friends together, and BBYO Passport will run a private session of any posted Summer 2011 trip on the dates of YOUR choice.

    Two Great Ways to Get Your GROUP ON. One Unforgettable Summer.

    Click here to learn more.

  • New Summer Scholarship Plan! For Summer 2011, BBYO is introducing a new scholarship initiative. We understand that financial need is significant in many communities, and we are allocating more scholarship subsidy this year than at any point in BBYO's history.  BBYO is committed to affordability.

    Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the BBYO regional offices so that funds are disbursed with a greater knowledge of individual teens’ needs.   All BBYO domestic summer experiences (CLTC, ILTC, Kallah and Summer of IMPACT), as well as ILSI in Israel, are eligible for scholarship subsidy. 

    The deadline is April 1st, but may vary region-to-region.  All scholarship awards are announced no later than May 1st. Applications can be downloaded by clicking here and should be submitted directly to your teen’s regional office.  For a listing of regions, click here.  Please contact your local BBYO professional to learn more about scholarship deadlines and the review process.  We also urge parents and teens to connect with local Federations, BJEs, synagogues and other community agencies for additional scholarship support.  Regional staff can provide template letters to send to these agencies to request summer program funding.

    Remember that early-bird pricing for CLTC, ILTC and Kallah expires on February 27th.  All registrations on or before February 27th will be discounted by $100. 

    Looking forward to an amazing summer in 2011!

BBYO is Looking for Summer Staff

BBYO Summer programs serve as the basis for many teens’ most significant memories. You can be a part of helping those memories happen. With openings for Jewish educators, song leaders, and madrichim (counselors), there are many opportunities to enhance dozens of teens' summer experiences.

Click here to see available positions and get the Staff Application!