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$100,000 in Israel Scholarships

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Kallah 2011

On Sunday, February 27th teens gathered at the Parkway Jewish Center in Monroeville for an afternoon of educational programs.  The day began with a speaker from Positive Pathways to talk about KMR's Stand UP! cause, Teen Depression.  Susan Rua took the teens down a path through her life from her darkest hour to where she is now, a licensed psychologist with Positive Pathways.  She told teens the dangers of depression and how to recognize warning signs if a friend begins to exhibit strange behavior.

Following a lunch prepared for by the gracious sisterhood of the Parkway Jewish Center, the teens divided into small groups with a group leader and advisor to discuss what G-d and Judaism meant to them.  They examined the ways Judaism plays a role in their everyday lives and what it means for them to be Jewish growing up in sometimes not so Jewish areas.

Finally, AZAs and BBGs broke up into groups for their separates programming lead by Hannah Frank and Tanner Berman.  The sessions helped teens recognize their strengths and to live to their full potential.  T-shirts were then given out at the end of the day, thanks to all teens who attended this day of fun and meaningful programming.

Beau Dance

Everyone get ready to dance the night away as KMR will be hosting its annual semi-formal Beau Dance.  Date is Saturday April 9th, place and cost are TBA.  Mark your calendars now, you won't want to miss this!

BBYO Basketball

Congratulations to the BBYO basketball team for their win last night against Rodef Shalom.  The AZAs are 2-0 on the season as they prepare for their game next Sunday.  There are still spots available for any AZA who wants to play on the team.  All games are on Sunday evenings at either 8 or 9 PM.

Contact Tanner Berman ( or Jason Barash ( if interested.  Hope to see you on the court!

New Scholarship Fund for BBYO Passport Israel Travel to Distribute $100,000!





BBYO is proud to announce the establishment of the Milk & Honey Israel Fund.

In keeping with our mission to share the experience of Israel with as many Jewish teens as possible, we will be offering 100 need-based scholarships in the amount of $1,000 this summer. Submissions are due no later than March 20th, 2011.

This scholarship is only guaranteed for one-year. Act now!

Learn More

Looking for a Real Israel Experience?




Click here to watch our new Passport 2 Israel Commercials!

Hot Off the Press: Shofar Newsletter

The 2011 Shofar: The Newsletter of AZA & BBG is here! Written by the BBYO Teen PR Team, the newsletter covers important happenings across the organization such as Speak Up, Build a Prayer and Panim el Panim. Also, don't miss the special interviews with Rebecca Ungerman, BBYO's favorite song leader and Jeremy Sherman and Arielle Braude, BBYO's International Teen Presidents. There's even a secret "confessions" page from the 2020K team about working in BBYO's International Office!

Read the Shofar Now!

8 teens from KMR attended International Convention 2011 in L.A.

Los Angeles, Calif. will host more than 750 Jewish teen leaders from eight countries on February 17 – 21 for BBYO’s 86th Annual International Convention (IC). Highlights included a rally to launch Stand Up for Each Other: BBYO's Campaign for Respect and Inclusion; a Day of Service & Advocacy taking participants out into the L.A. community; speakers such as Judea Pearl, the father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl; and the election of the 2011-2012 AZA and BBG International Boards!

Click here to read more about what happened at IC 2011!

Click here to visit the IC 2011 Live Blog!

Special Thanks for BBYO's Chapter Advisors

Did you know that KMR BBYO has more than 8 volunteer chapter advisors who dedicate their time and energy to serving as mentors and role models to all of our AZA and BBG teens? This month is Advisor Appreciation Month and we are hoping that every teen and parent can take a moment to thank their Chapter Advisor -- they truly cannot be thanked enough!

If you aren't sure who your son or daughter's chapter advisor is, just ask your teen. They'll be able to tell you how impactful chapter advisors are to the success of AZA and BBG chapters. Our organization would not be what it is without them!

J-Serve 2011 is Right Around the Corner!

-    Please join KMR as they participate in serving the Pittsburgh community on April 3rd, 2011. Everyone will be meeting at the Squirrel Hill JCC, divided into groups, then sent on their way to better the community!
-    Registration is on
-    Keep up with J-Serve news on Facebook and on Twitter @J_Serve

Build a Allows Customization of Shabbat Experience

BBYO’s Build a is a comprehensive liturgical website that allows users to make a traditional or pluralistic Shabbat service and add custom content to tailor it to individual preferences. Click to download sample services created on Build a  such as Young Adult Minyan Service, Sisterhood Service and Brotherhood Service.

Here are a few things that people are saying about it:

“This is a most amazing site, thank you for conceiving of this and making it available! I will use them personally and professionally!" - Deborah Newbrun

“This is a phenomenal resource. I help families (mostly families of children with special needs and circumstances) plan for out of synagogue b’nei mitzvah. This is VERY helpful.” - Howard Blas

“What a GREAT idea and site!!  I think it would be a wonderful project for our 6 - 7th grade classes who are learning the "geography" of the siddur and the structure of our services to "build" their own siddurim." - Shelley Kniaz

Visit Build a today!


KMR Advisors

Since it is Advisor appreciation month, it is important that KMR gives a shout out to all of our hard-working advisors.  From each chapter, here is a list of KMR's advisor staff:

Gateway AZA: Jesse Rosenthal

David Iszauk AZA: Amy Dicker

L'Chaim AZA: Laurence Tell

Ruach AZA: Andy Parker

Shoshana BBG: Alex Swidler and Carolyn Slayton

Chana Leah BBG: Patti Meyers

Zion BBG: Jenna Iszauk

Dayenu BBG: Jamie Exler and Jaime Lebo

Become a Member

The Keystone Mountain Region has 8 Chapters all looking for new members! Contact for more information on each chapter.

Ruach AZA- Boys chapter located in the North Hills.  Meetings held at Panera at the Waterworks on Sundays.

Chana Leah BBG- Girls chapter located in the North Hills. Meetings held at Panera at the Waterworks on Sundays.

Gateway AZA- Boys chapter located in Squirrel Hill.  Meetings held at Evan Kimel's house on Tuesday evenings.

Shoshana BBG- Girls chapter located in Squirrel Hill.  Meetings held at Becca Lerman's house on Sunday afternoons.

L'Chaim AZA- Boys chapter located in Monroeville.  Meetings held at Ben Weiner's house on Sunday afternoons.

Zion BBG- Girls chapter located in Monroeville.  Meetings held in the party room at Leah Marcone's apartment complex on Sunday afternoons.

David Iszauk AZA- Boys chapter located in the South Hills.  Meetings held in the conference room at the South Hills JCC on Sunday afternoons.

Dayenu BBG- Girls chapter located in the South Hills.  Meetings held at Becca Cohen's house on Thursday evenings.

KMR is looking into expanding into Washington, PA as well as in West Virginia.  If you're interested or know of any teens who want to start a chapter, please contact us ASAP!

Contact the Regional Director

Please make sure to contact KMR's Regional Director, Jason Barash if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, at or 412-421-2626.