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It's been a very exciting month for BBYO Wisconsin Region! We sent teens to two International programs - International Convention and Panim. We finished 8th grade recruitment, welcoming lots of new members into Wisconsin Region, and we have continued to grow our involvement in Madison.

Wisconsin Region is so excited to welcome new members to BBYO.

53 new 8th graders to Milwaukee chapters

Daniel Adix Tamar Halmann Julian Lowe Daniel Schiff
Scott Arenzon Tamy Huck Etan Maistelman Sammi Schnoll
Kyle Asmann Joel Kaswan Emily Mayer Michelle Shterenfeld
Zach Asmann Cameron Kaufmann Josh Melton Alyssa Silverberg
Alex Cayle Jordan Kolsky Taylor Moskol Zach Sinykin
Tori Cayle Adi Krasnianksy Aslynn Orozco Natan Steigman
Jared Deck Dylan Kravetz Avi Paley Jack Steinberger
Jenna Dorf Eirene Kulutbanis A.J. Pangallo Daniel Sturycz
Sarena Farber Sari Lewinsky Jessica Perl Sam Veytsman
Ben Friedman Charlie Lewis Charles Rickun Erin Watton
Sam Gianakos Leora Lindenbaum Ari Robinson Brynn Weiss
Daniel Glazer Lexi Lipkowitz Eytan Robinson
Talia Gottlieb Josh Lookatch Carly Rubin
Ben Grindel Katya Lorman Maddie Ruvin

6 new members to Madison BBYO

Quinn Frankel Talia Resnick Sam Shovers
Noah Pollack Ben Shovers Jacob Stein

Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

Share the BBYO Connect experience with a middle school teen you know!

Check out some pictures from this past month

From Top to Bottom: Wisconsin Teens at IC, BBYO Madison teens showing their spirit and 6 of our 9 Panim Participants on their way to Capitol Hill

President Obama loves BBYO.

Click here and see it for yourself.

March is Advisor Appreciation Month

Advisors are dedicated volunteers who commit hours of their time each week to BBYO. In order to say "thank you," BBYO parents across North America are joining the Advisor Appreciation Campaign. To honor your advisors, click here!

Thank you to all of our advisors for the outstanding work they do for our teens.

Here is the list of the Wisconsin Region Advisors, by chapter.

Ahavah BBG Genesis AZA
Sarah Katz Jonathan Branton
Lisa Kulakow Madison BBYO
Tamara Stolle Jake Futerfas
Bereshis AZA Nivayim AZA
Andy Stein Dan Baer
Nat Sattler Mitch Moser
B’Sheret BBG Ra’anan BBG
Stefanie Sager Deb Carneol
Robyn Swernoff Helene Weisz
Mari Schlossman
Solomon AZA
Eden BBG David Cohn
Aaron Aizenberg Ben Glicksman

Upcoming Dates

Wisconsin Region has a lot of great regional activities happening this semester. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! (This list is constantly being updated.)

Be on the lookout for more information about these programs or check our website to stay updated.

  • Saturday, March 16 - Chapter New Member Programs
  • Friday, April 12 - AZA Shabbat & BBG Shabbat
  • Sunday, April 14 - Ra'anan Pasta Lunch
  • Sunday, April 21 - Community Walk for Israel
  • Friday - Sunday, April 26-28 - Young Leadership Conference (Attention all 8th and 9th graders, this one is just for you. Held at OSRUI in Peawaukee.)
  • Sunday, April 28 - J-Serve Day International Day of Jewish Youth Service (all ages)
  • Saturday, May 11 - Eden Movie Night
  • Sunday, May 19 - Zumba BBG Event
  • Friday - Sunday, May 24-26 - Spring Regional Convention
  • Sunday, June 2 - End of the Year Breakfast/Chapter Elections
  • Friday, June 7 - Close Off Oneg at Klode Park

Parents invited to Chapter Programs - Is this for real?

Over the next couple of months, many of our chapters are holding programs and inviting their parents. This might seem a little crazy, but we would love to have parents get a closer look at what our teens are doing and why our teens love BBYO.

We hope that if you are invited to a chapter program for your child's chapter that you will attend. Please feel free to contact the office at 414-326-2808 or afterwards and let us know what you thought.

We hope you have fun!

JCC Maccabi Game - July 28-August 2

Wisconsin Region is excited to share information about the 2013 JCC Maccabi Game.

The Maccabi Games is the largest gathering of Jewish teens ages 13-16 in the world for Olympic-style athletic competitions. You don't have to be competitive; you just have to want to play! Any sport you play - basketball, tennis, track, swimming, ping-pong, you name it - is included.

Milwaukee wants to send a big team this year, and we think that you should be on it. Find out more information by attending the info meeting on March 13 (click here for the flyer) or by asking Aaron Miller at 414-967-8330 or

Make an IMPACT this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and BBYO is gearing up for the best summer yet! While ILTC is full, there are still spots available in all of the other programs. Make it a Summer of IMPACT and build your leadership skills, learn community service and advocacy best practices and how to improve your local BBYO Stand UP campaign and, most of all, have fun with BBYO at IMPACT: Boston, IMPACT: Chicago, IMPACT: DC, IMPACT: Pittsburgh or IMPACT: Milwaukee!

For a taste of a BBYO Summer Experience, join friends at a mini-Summer of IMPACT program. IMPACT: Milwaukee is a three-day experience focused on service, advocacy and Jewish values that will prepare you to be a BBYO Stand UP leader in your chapter, council or region.

No prior Summer Experience registration is necessary! This is a great opportunity to fit a BBYO Summer Experience, and some great community service, into a busy summer!

Second Annual FAN Retreat at IC a Hit

On February 15, BBYO's top leadership came together for a day of networking, idea sharing and learning from one another and outside experts at the second annual Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) Leadership Retreat, held at BBYO's International Convention in Washington, DC.

The day began with a thought provoking session, “Lead Like the Great Conductors,” faciliated by Israeli Conductor and featured TED Talk speaker, Itay Talgam. Click here to see Itay's talk. Other sessions consisted of community engagement strategizing and best practices, parent and alumni engagement practices and much more.

For more information about getting involved in FAN near you, please contact Ben Kozberg at


This year, BBYO was invited to host an official reception at the AIPAC Policy Conference, which took place on March 3-5 in Washington, DC. The BBYO Reception, hosted by the BBYO Board of Directors and themed “When did you first fall in love…with Israel?” welcomed BBYO teens, Community Engagement Fellows, alumni, advisors, supporters and friends to reminisce about when they first fell in love with Israel and to learn how BBYO is inspiring thousands of teens to develop relationships with Israel as well. The reception was also an opportunity for friends of BBYO to learn about BBYO programs such as the Friends and Alumni Network, Beyond, Israel travel programs and summer leadership programs.

BBYO in the News

Thank You FAN Leaders

Wisconsin Region is grateful to the Friends and Alumni who dedicate their time to BBYO. Thank you to our Wisconsin Region Leaders:

Michael Barolsky Joan Kazan Jill Plavnick Jason Steigman
Sarah Belstock Leo Kleiner Heather Polan Mike Stein
Allan Carneol Michael Levey Jen Saber Melinda Swartz
Stephanie Dykeman Rachael Marks Alicia Sadoff Gina Teper
Melissa Feldmesser Nancy Melnick Ellen Schupper Sylvia Winter
Andy Franklin Cheryl Moser Candace Burrows Mike Wiviott
Linda Freedman Mitch Moser Gerald Schwartz Al Zukrow

If you would like more information or to get involved in Wisconsin Region please contact Ben Kozberg at