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We might live in five different cities, but now we only have one home address… on the internet that is! KIO has a brand new website packed with upcoming program information, regional board contact information, BBYO Connect events and so much more! Now you can stay up to date with the latest happenings in the region. Click here to check it out!

Pictures from the Beau Sweetheart Dance

Click here to check out photos from last weekend's Beau Sweetheart Dance where nearly 160 teens from all over the Region got together for one of KIO's most successful programs of the year!


Louisville's Jay Levine chapter really loves KIO! Click here to watch their cheer video.

Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO's Regional Director

Hey KIO!
It’s bittersweet for the the school year to be coming to a close because it means that a great group of seniors will be leaving us to embark upon a new and exciting journey. And while we're sad to see them go, we won't forget the amazing legacy they left. Now it's time for the torch to be passed for the new class to keep the flame burning. I wish great success to all those seniors who will be beginning the next chapter of their lives. I hope you will keep BBYO near and dear to your hearts as you take on the world. We will miss you!

With the end of the school year also comes the end of my inaugural year as KIO Regional Director. I can’t believe how much I have learned about what it means to be in BBYO and how much this organization and this region have come to mean to me!

After experiencing KIO’s recent Beau Sweetheart Dance, as well as a year’s worth of conventions, I’ve now had the chance to experience firsthand how the majority of the regional events play an integral part in fostering and maintaining unbreakable bonds amongst our members, even though we come from three different states. I look forward to working together to build even stronger regional ties as we continue to march onward and upward.

I look forward to connecting with many of you when I make the rounds to some of our region’s overnight camps this summer. Have a safe and awesome summer...and go KIO!


Save the Date

Roundtables/Brotherhood & Sisterhood Weekend: August 31-September 3

At this event, chapters from every city will get together to share ideas and explore common practices. Stay tuned for more details!

In the News

According to BBYO International, KIO is in the news more than almost any other region in the country thanks to our wonderful KIO Public Relations Coordinator, Rachel Rothstein. “KIO has so many amazing programs going on all the time and that makes my job easy,” says Rachel. “From a recent convention in Dayton, a special Stand-Up Cause event in Cincy, a Shabbat dinner in Indy or a really cool program in Louisville or Columbus, there’s always something great to write about!”

Rachel is constantly on the lookout for stories that showcase the impact of BBYO and welcomes your ideas and suggestions. She is interested in getting quotes from both teens and parents to include in articles that she sends out to the various Jewish newspapers and other publications and website in our region. Want to share a favorite BBYO moment, a meaningful experience or just something fun or funny that happened at a meeting, event or convention?

Email your quote to KIO's Public Relations Coordinator, Rachel Rothstein and then click here to email your quote. It might just appear in your hometown paper!

Check out some articles that have recently appeared:

Cincinnati's American Israelite (May 9th)

Jewish Teens Get Tough on Bullying and They’re Not Backing Down

Members of Cincinnati’s BBYO youth group are fed up, and they’re not going to take it anymore! This year, over 13 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, through their cell phones and on the streets of their towns, making it the most common form of violence young people in this country experience. It can become so unbearable that some even take their own lives. That’s why these local BBYO teens have made bullying their Stand-Up Cause and have dedicated themselves to tackling the problem head on (read more…)

Indiana's Jewish Post & Opinion (May 6th)

Israel Is Closer Than We Think

As I stepped into the hotel in Northbrook, Ill., for BBYO’s Midwest Israel Seminar, I realized that BBYO is bigger than Jewish teens coming together for a fun time; it is bigger than serving the community; it’s about Jewish teens all being connected by our strong identities, and Israel is part of that identity; whether we’ve been there before or not. This was BBYO’s first ever Midwest Israel Seminar (read more...)

Louisville's Community Newspaper (April 27th)

Teen Topics

Every year, the international order celebrates a “BBG Shabbat,” and all BBGs (B’nai B’rith Girls) are encouraged to celebrate Shabbat together. However, the Jay Levine chapter had complications with the original date, so they had BBG Shabbat in March instead.

The theme, used throughout all of BBYO, was l’dor vador, meaning from generation to generation (read more...)

Congratulations to the New 2012 KIO Boards


Ner Tamid BBG Fall 2012:
N'siah (President)- Kelsey Bardach
S'ganit (VP of Prgramming)- Andrea Goldstein
Morah (VP of Recruitment & Education) - Sydney Chaiken
Sh'licha (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Sarah Wolf
Gizborit (Treasurer) - Sarah Kanter
Mazkirah (VP of Communication)- Kali Cohen

Mishpocha AZA Fall 2012:
Godol (President)- Herbert Meisner
S'gan (VP of Programming)- Zach Samuelson
Moreh (VP of Recruitment & Education)- Sam Myers
Shaliach (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Cory Harbatkin
Gizbor (Treasurer)- Jon Deutsch
Mazkir (VP of Communication)- Joey Slovin



Godol (President)- Max Agronoff
S'gan (VP of Programming)- Jacob Honick
Moreh (VP of Recruitment & Education)- Greg Feinberg
Shaliach (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Sam Dolen
Gizbor (Treasurer) - Ben Lustig
Mazkir (VP of Communication) -

Heart of Ohio

Godol (President)- David Rothstein
S'gan (VP of Programming)- Jeremy Lifter
Moreh (VP of Recruitment & Education)- Jacob Budin
Shaliach (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Ben Teich
Gizbor (Treasurer) - Travis Wolf
Mazkir (VP of Communication) - Paul Weinper


N'siah (President)- Hilary Kleppel
S'ganit (VP of Programming)- Halle Herman
Morah (VP of Recruitment & Education)- Sydney Meyer Sh'licha (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Gabby Kahn
Gizboritt (Treasurer)- Jessica Bernard
Mazkirah (VP of Communication)- Zoe Philips


Nothing was submitted by Dayton for this section


Brae Sheath August 2012
Godol (President)- Ari Korin
S'gan (VP of Programming)- Jacob Ohlsen
Moreh (VP of Recruitment & Education)- Adam Kashin
Shaliach (VP of Judaism & Social Action)- Steven Auster
Gizbor (Treasurer) - Jakob Walerstein
Mazkir (VP of Communication) - Adam Friedman

B'Yachad's Elections will be in August


Jay Levine MIT (Member in Training) Board:
N'siah (President) -Emily Schulman
S’ganit (Vice President) -Audrey Nussbaum
Morah (MIT-mom) - Becca Lustig
Sh’licha (VP of Judaism & Social Action) - Molly Schuster
Gizborit (Treasurer) – Arianna Goldstein
Mazkirah (VP of Communication) – Sarah Ward

Chapter Board elections will be in August

KIO Kudos

Kudos to the Coordinators of the recent Beau/Sweetheart dance in Dayton. It was a huge success!

Louisville's Jay Levine Chapter is proud to announce that 13 members were inducted into the region during AIT/MIT, and all MITs came back after having a great time ready to run for MIT board!

Daniela Reuter and Jacob Honick for winners of the "Cutest Couple of the Year" at AIT/MIT!

Maggie Rosen & Grant Hansell for coordinating a very successful AIT/MIT Convention!

What's Up KIO?

On April 9th, Ner Tamid BBG held a Chocolate Seder and invited Mishpocha AZA. Tons of members attended and everyone had a deliciously good time. Ner Tamid senior, Alyssa Bardach, received a shake weight as a birthday gift, and everyone got a kick out of trying out this latest exercise craze! Cincinnati BBYO is in great shape!

On Monday, April 23rd, Cincinnati continued its pre-convention dinner tradition, where we distributed packing lists and answered any questions about the upcoming convention. We had a great turnout!

All Cincinnati’s AITs and MITs had a fantastic time at AIT/MIT: We Are Family! What a fantastic entrance into the world of BBYO regional conventions. Then on May 14th, Ner Tamid BBG and Mishpocha AZA had their chapter board elections, but the current boards will still be going full-steam until the end of the term.

Finally, on May 21st, the teens had their Farewell Dinner which was the last event of the year where everyone gets together to say goodbye to each other for the summer.


Columbus is doing spectacular. Meetings still occur every Tuesday and we'll be on summer vacation at the end of May. BBYOers look forward to awards night at the end of this month and newly elected board members are getting prepped for a great new term (Aliah BBG's new board is pictured above)! We're looking forward to this summer and a great new year!

Pictured here are the members of Heart's new board.


Please note: no photos were submitted by Dayton for this issue

In April, Weprin-Kadima participated in their second annual debate program, whereby teens were split into two groups and discussed current global and Judaic issues. The teens also had a chapter dinner and several meetings last month.

Hatikavah had a sister hood program that looked at self-image and inner beauty concepts. The girls also had an MIT dinner at Smith Gardens.

The weekend of April 20th-22nd, both Chapters had their BBYO Inductions programs where the new members were surprised and participated in different sisterhood/brotherhood events. Following the BBYO overnights, the teens participated in a community service program at one of the local temples. The teens helped make no sew blankets, packed lunches for homeless shelter, sorted through different household items and played with younger children.

April concluded with the new members attending AIT/MIT convention April 27-29 at Camp Campbell Gard. Fifteen teens from Dayton participated in a weekend of social networking, athletic and Judaic activities while getting their first introductions to BBYO programs on a regional level.

May is busy with activities as teens make final preparations for the summer. Both chapters got together on May 2nd for a city wide dinner and social networking.

Upcoming Events:
May 30: BBYO year-end program: “Cultivating Future Jewish leaders”


Indianapolis BBYO volunteered April 22nd at the JCC Earth Day Celebration. The teens helped work with young children at the arts and crafts table, where they helped kids create unique Earth Day T-shirts and green-themed face painting. With over 2000 visitors, Indy BBYO was busy all day helping spread awareness and knowledge on the very important issue of going green and Tikkun Olam! On May 5th, Indy had several teens volunteer at Indianapolis’ Mini Marathon and on May 7th, AZA had their chapter elections which was following by Inductions and Lives on May 12th.
On May 18th, the teens have their Lives Ceremony at Sammy Katz’s house and the Seniors shared their BBYO experience, told all of their crazy stories and shared their BBYO memories with the younger members.


Recently, Jay Levine had many successful events. They started off the month with J-serve, where they (along with other Jewish youth groups and middle school) helped out at the JCC. They painted fences, gardened, made blankets and folded bags. It was a great kickoff to their Stand Up Week! Every day, teens were sent daily healthy tips to serve as a reminder to stand up for teen health. Two weeks later they had an event in honor of stand up week. The theme was Biggest Loser, and the chapter met up at the JCC to play fun exercising games and eat healthy foods. Together they fundraised to support the fight against obesity.

They recently had MIT board elections where anyone who is a new member was welcome to run for a position of their choice. After elections the new board worked with the real board to learn more about the responsibilities of each position. In honor of Mother’s Day, Jay Levine held their annual flower sale. With over 30 sales this year, a large part of the chapter was busy driving around Louisville Sunday morning delivering flowers to the community. The fundraiser did a lot to support the chapter!

Drew Corson had their chapter meeting and basketball on Sunday May 6th. This was the first meeting the 8th graders attended and it was a good opportunity for them to see how a business meeting was run. On Saturday May 12th, they had a sleepover and Inductions at Michael Schwartz’s house.

Louisville held its J-Serve event on Sunday April 15th. Over 40 teens from all local youth groups attended.

Upcoming Events:
May 27: Senior Lives hosted at Sadie Cohen’s house. There will be a pool party and then Jay Levine and Drew Corson will come together to hear the closing stories of the Seniors.

Share Your Region's News on the New Shofar Blog

BBYO recently launched the Shofar Blog, a digital and ongoing BBYO news source to innovate the Shofar Newsletter, which AZA and BBG members have been using to share movement news for almost 90 years!

The latest Shofar articles include highlights of BBYO teens starting their own nonprofits, the TUNED IN in Northern Region East, J-Serve, and a BBYO Passover Seder in Albania!

Now you can also be a published author on! Submit articles on BBYO accomplishments in your region that are between 300 and 500 words to along with a stellar photo and you might be published on the Shofar Blog! This is a year-round opportunity, so please keep the blog in mind as your region has news to share.

Check out the latest articles today!

J-Serve 2012 was a Success

More than 10,000 Jewish teens from at least four countries came together on April 22 for J-Serve, the International Day of Jewish Youth Service. Click here to see photos of J-Serve events happening around the world!

Have You Signed BBYO's Anti-Bullying Pledge Yet?

As part of BBYO's Stand UP for Each Other Campaign and in partnership with Hollywood's BULLY Movie, BBYO is collecting signatures for anti-bullying pledges from teens and their families. All signatures will contribute towards The Bully Project’s goal to reach one million teens with an important message to take action and put an end to bullying. Sign the pledges today.

BBYO's Partnership with BULLY Published More than 50 Times!

With more than 18 premiere screenings across North America, BBYO's exclusive partnership with Hollywood's BULLY movie gained a lot of attention in the media! More than 50 articles, including several teen written reflections, were published over the past two months.

Click here to learn more about BBYO and BULLY, and see some of the top articles and teen reactions to the film.