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February 2012/Shevat 5772 Issue

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International Convention 2012 on TV and Radio!

8th Graders Eligible for Membership

BAR Spring Calendar

BBYO Connect Opportunities

Summer Early Bird Discount - Last Chance!

Stand UP Seminar in March

Wanted: Advisors

Gap Year Survey






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Shabbat Candle Lighting

Friday, February 10: 5:07pm

Saturday, February 11: 6:07pm

Friday, February 17: 5:14pm

Saturday, February 18:


Friday, February 24:


Saturday, February 25:


Friday, March 2:   5:31pm

Saturday, March 3:  6:30pm


Tu B'Shvat: Jewish Arbor Day

February 8

Tu B'shvat is the day we celebrate one of God's most special creations -- the tree -- and all of the good we get from them. There is a custom to eat many different types of fruit on this day while thinking about and appreciating where they came from.

We can learn a lot from trees. One thing is patience. A tree, which starts from a tiny seedling, takes many years before it grows tall and produces its delicious fruit. So too, we should try to be patient and know that all good things will eventually 'bear fruit' if we're willing to wait.  Trees reach upward - so too we should always strive to grow. Trees give generously of their fruit - we too should be generous. Trees are sustained by their roots - we should feel connected to and draw from our 'roots' too. Trees can look dead and dormant in the winter, but suddenly blossom in the spring - we should know that even when in our lives we feel like we're dormant and getting nowhere, as long as we try to do good, things will eventually bloom.

Click here to read more from this article about Tu B'Shvat provided by Aish.


International Program Involvement

East Coast Kallah: 54

March of the Living: 5



Kallah: 3

Impact Boston: 2

Impact Israel: 2

Euro-Quest Continental: 3

Eco-Quest Cost Rica: 2

Euro-Israel Journey: 1

Israel Journey Plus: 2

South African Journey: 1

Trek West USA: 1

Trek West Connect: 3


1,100+ Jewish Teen Community Leaders from 14 Countries to Gather for International Convention 2012

Follow Us Through TV, Radio Broadcasts, and our IC Live Blog!











Atlanta will host more than 1,100 of the Jewish teen community’s brightest thinkers, strategists, philanthropists, and educators from 15 countries February 16 – 20 for the largest-ever International Convention (IC) of BBYO. For the past eight decades, this convention has served to unite the rising leaders of AZA and BBG to set the course for the coming year, determine strategies for strengthening BBYO as a youth-led movement and connect teens to the worldwide Jewish community. In addition to nearly 900 teen leaders in attendance, the convention will bring together BBYO professionals, Board of Directors and volunteer advisors that represent some of the most passionate, educated and committed leaders in the Jewish community today. 12 teens from the Big Apple Region will be attending this convention, coordinated by teen leaders Allie Michel (Eastern Region- North Carolina Council) and Logan Miller (Big Apple Region).

Stay up to date with IC 2012 as the excitement unfolds:

  • Join the discussions on the new website and live blog at
  • Tweet at #azabbgic2012
  • Listen to live broadcasts directly from the convention and find out the 2012-2013 newly elected International Board members first on Jewish Rock Radio (a free app is available for Android, iPhone or iPad)
  • Watch Jewish Life TV's live broadcasts of Opening Ceremonies, Day of Service Kick-Off, Shabbat Preparation and the State of the Order Address!

Click here to learn more and read all of the exciting highlights to come during IC 2012!

8th Graders are Now Eligible for AZA and BBG Membership

Do you have an 8th grader in your life who wants to become involved with AZA and BBG? As of January 1, all current 8th graders are eligible for full AZA or BBG membership, including opportunities to attend conventions and chapter meetings. Membership is more affordable than ever before. Don't let teens miss out on the fun and meaningful opportunities that BBYO offers! Please spread the word and encourage families you know to  register for  a membership today!

Big Apple Region Spring Calendar

Big Apple Region's Spring program calendar has just been released! Be sure to check your email for a copy of the calendar and to save the dates!

The calendar includes all regional and international programs in addition to dates of interest including: scholarship and program registration deadlines and Jewish holidays.  Please note that this calendar does not include weekly chapter experiences and is subject to change as our teens launch even more creative ideas for programming!

Make sure you save the dates for all of our great programs!

2.23: Snowtubing with BBYO Westchester and JCC of Manhattan (open to all Jewish teens in 6-12 grades)

2.25: Family Shabbat with BBYO Nassau-Suffolk Region

3.23-3.25: East Coast Kallah

4.22: J-Serve

5.11-5.13: Spring Convention



BBYO Connect

Nudge a teen in your life! BBYO Connect aims to provide every middle school student with fun, meaningful and affordable experiences! Please click here to provide us with contact information of families who can benefit from BBYO Connect so we can notify them of opportunities.

Make it an Impactful and Affordable Summer!







Don't miss your last chance to register for a BBYO Summer Experience at a special early bird discount of $75. Early Bird ends February 29!


This summer, BBYO has several scholarship opportunities for teens to learn about service at one of BBYO's four Summer of Impact programs taking place in Boston, Chicago, DC, and Israel. Each of these programs offers a unique understanding as to how you can be a leader and create change in your community. For more information on Summer of Impact, click here.

Congratulations to Big Apple Region's Jason Brillon (Meshuganahs AZA) for being selected as the AZA coordinator for Impact: Boston

It is not too late for you to take advantage of one of our great discounts:

  • Are you a JSU member? All JSU members can receive $100 off Impact: DC and Impact: Chicago - just like that!
  • Have you attended a Panim el Panim seminar? If so, you can receive $100 off Impact: DC and Chicago.
  • Do you know anyone who attended the University of Maryland or University of Chicago? If so, have them email Natalie at with a referral and you can receive $150 off either Impact: DC or Impact: Israel.
  • Take advantage of BBYO Scholarships:
  1. All regions have scholarship money specifically for Impact: DC,  Chicago and Boston -- just reply to this email and ask your regional staff!
  2. Participants of Impact: Israel can take advantage of the Milk and Honey Scholarship, with scholarships up to $2,000.


You can also get a taste of Impact programs at CLTC. Teens attending CLTC Sessions 1 and 6 can spend three extra days at Impact: Milwaukee (following Session 1) and Impact: Pittsburgh (following Session 2).  At both of these extensions, you’ll have an  intensive experience of service, advocacy, and Jewish values. You will do hands-on service, learn about different ways of having an impact on your community, and discuss how to apply your CLTC leadership skills back home. More information is available here.

We hope to see you this summer! For questions, please email Natalie at

Stand UP in Washington, DC on March 25 - 28!

NEW PROGRAM: Special BBYO Panim el Panim Seminar for Stand UP leaders

Do you want to learn how to run a strong Stand UP campaign and sharpen your leadership skills while thinking about today’s current issues? All BBYO teens are invited to come to Washington, DC, to participate in the first ever Panim el Panim: Stand UP Seminar and return home as a leader ready to impact your community! The program features advocacy training on a wide range of current topics, a community service project and the opportunity to lobby your elected officials on Capitol Hill! The program will focus on all aspects of Stand UP, allowing seasoned participants to strengthen their existing skills and new participants to learn a solid foundation of the campaign!

Attend this seminar and receive a $100 discount towards your Summer of Impact Experience!

Click here to learn more about the Panim el Panim: Stand UP Seminar.

Become an Advisor

Big Apple Region is searching for advisors!

BBYO advisors are volunteers committed to helping BBYO members, and their chapters, reach their full potential. BBYO empowers advisors to work in partnership with professional staff to supervise and guide AZA and BBG chapters. Advisors serve as positive Jewish role models by sharing observations with the youth, exploring challenges and seeking solutions with (not for) the teens, and encouraging BBYO members to strive for excellence. Advisors are there to support and advise, while it is the teens who lead the chapters and are ultimately responsible for chapter programming with their peers. Under the guidance of advisor leadership, BBYO teens have the opportunity to grow into dynamic, engaged young Jewish leaders.
International Advisor Network

BBYO advisors are part of an international network of more than 600 volunteers.  Advisors include alumni, parents and friends of BBYO who care about the Jewish future.

Becoming a BBYO advisor is an exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunity that will give you the chance to be part of the world’s leading Jewish teen movement, and make a direct impact in shaping the future of the Jewish community!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with BBYO, please contact Stacy Heller. If you would like to become a BBYO Advisor please fill out this form.

Calling All Gap Year Abroad Alumni

Calling all Gap Year Abroad Alumni
Are you or someone you know an alumni of a gap year abroad program?  If you know someone who took a year off between high school and college to go abroad for fun, study, or anything else, we want to know about the experience!

Please take a moment to pass along (or fill out) this brief survey to all the gap year alumni you know.  Thanks.