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March 2012/Adar 5772 Issue

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March is Advisor Appreciation Month


Upcoming Regional Programs

New Parent Meeting

Midwest Israel Seminar


True Life: I AM A JEW

Summer Scholarship and Waitlist Info

Human Rights and Genocide Summit in DC

International Convention 2012 in Review


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March is Advisor Appreciation Month

Honor Your Advisor Today!







Every year, BBYO designates the month of March to appreciate the network of volunteers who serve at the heart of BBYO and in the lives of each of our teens – our advisors. As you may know, each BBYO chapter has at least one dedicated advisor who stewards our teens through their BBYO experience, while also serving as a mentor, role model, and positive adult influence on the members of the chapter.  Almost any time a teen is at a BBYO event, an advisor is there – Saturday nights, Sundays, weeknights, conventions, and more.  And that doesn’t even include the countless hours they spend on phone calls, sending texts and emails or responding to Facebook posts.

Moreover, our advisors are volunteers – that’s right, they are not paid for their time with BBYO.  That’s why we take this month to recognize and thank our wonderful advisors for their service and dedication.

Our advisors repeatedly tell us that a gesture of “thanks” from the teens and their families is a gratifying reward for their hard work.  To that end, please consider making a tribute to honor your child’s advisor! Please visit bbyo.org/wisconsinfan/donate to make a tribute in honor of your teen's advisor.  We will send the advisor a beautiful tribute card from you in recognition of their service and dedication.

Please contact Rachael Frydman, rfrydman@bbyo.org or (414) 325-2808 if you need help identifying your teen's advisor's name.  Thank you in advance for your support.

YLC - Register NOW!!

April 20-22nd at OSRUI

YLC is a special convention just for the youngest and newest members of Wisconsin Region BBYO.  All of your 8th and 9th grade friends will be at this event.  And this year, we have a new special track for all 2nd time YLC participants. This is such an exciting time in your BBYO career, and we want to make sure we help you take full advantage of it.

YLC has become the FAVORITE convention of Wisconsin Region BBYO members, and we promise this will be one weekend you will not soon forget! The time to register for YLC is now!! Call the office at 414-326-2808 or email wisc@bbyo.org.

Don't Miss These Upcoming Programs!

Eden Movie Night - March 24th

Don't miss a fun night of eating popcorn, movie watching and hanging out wth BBYO. Saturday Night, March 24th at Katy Mayer's House.  $7 at the door.  RSVP to edenbbg@gmail.com or to Molly Kazan.

Regional Pasta Dinner - Sunday, April 1st

No joke! Join Ra'anan for the 2nd Annual Regional Pasta Dinner Night.  Sunday, April 1st in the BBYO Office from 5-7pm. $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Contact Jessie Bekker to register .

Class of 2016 New Parent Meeting!!

Tuesday, March 20th, 6:30pm

Wisconsin Region BBYO is excited to welcome over 75 new members to BBYO. We invite and encourage all new parents to join us for our New Parent Meeting on Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30pm to learn a little more about the A, B and Zs of BBYO. One advisor from each chapter will be present.

Help Wisconsin Region Reach More Jewish Teens!

March is an exciting time in Wisconsin Region and we want all Jewish teens in our area to join us. Please forward this newsletter to any Jewish youth you know and invite them to learn more about joining AZA and BBG. Remember, teens can preview most of our upcoming programs or chapter meetings before becoming a member!

Wisconsin Teens Enjoy Midwest Israel Seminar









This past weekend, March 9-11th, 50 teens from the BBYO Midwest Hub (including 18 from Wisco) gathered together in Northbrook, IL for an Israel Seminar, which was co-sponsored by the iCenter.  Teens participated in a variety of eye-opening programs based around Israel.  Some of these included: a program examining the annual Israeli Yom Ha’azmaut posters, and learning about the themes of them; a program learning about the Social Justice organizations within Israel; a program about the modern art and music in Israel;  as well as a time to learn about Israeli culture by watching an Israeli comedy TV show, eating Israeli snacks, and learning Israeli dances. The teens also heard from a panel of professional adults who currently work for organizations that focus on Israel advocacy.  Furthermore, the participants shared many of their personal stories and connections to Israel with one another, whether or not they have been to Israel.  For more information on BBYO's Passport Israel trips please visit the Passport Website.

Summer Experiences 2012 are Filling Up Fast!

We want YOU to be there, and we want you to SAVE!

Wisconsin Region has 32 teens currently registered for a BBYO Summer Experience – and we hope you’ll be joining us.  Register today with a refundable deposit for Passport travel through March 15, and for a domestic experience through April 15, 2012!

Important Dates and Ways to Save:

  • BBYO Regional Scholarship: Each Region has funds set aside for need-based scholarship. All families will be notified of their scholarships by April 1, 2012.  Deadline to apply is March 22, 2012.
  • Teens who are alumni of Panim el Panim or Panim Issue Summits can save $100 on IMPACT: DC and IMPACT: Chicago.

Current Availability:

  • Waitlist: International Kallah, CLTC 1 (for BBGs), CLTC 7 (for BBGs)
  • Over 80% full: International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC), CLTC 3, 5, and 6 (for BBGs)

Don't miss out! Register today!


Wisconsin Region BBYO is taking a closer look at being JEWISH, with an eye-opening seven part series called: TRUE Life: I AM A JEW. This series features a variety of Jewish professionals in our community to discuss their expertise on different divisions of Judaism.

These discussions will educate us on the origins and practices of each sect of Judaism and their view on: Kashrut, Shabbat, Conversion, Modesty, Intermarriage, Women's roles and responsibilities, Torah, Talmud and Rabbinic Law, Israel and more.

Mark your calendars to join us for session four, Tuesday, March 27th with Chabad/Lubavitch Rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Rapoport.

Click here to see the whole schedule.

Jewish Teen Summit on Human Rights and Genocide - Registration Now Open!








Registration is now open for the second annual Human Rights and Genocide Summit (HRGS) – a three-day experience in Washington, DC, that focuses on global human rights and genocide issues.  Participants will include a diverse group of Jewish teens from across North America that will have a unique experience to learn from leading political experts about genocide and how  to stand up and speak out against these worldwide atrocities. Most importantly, participants return home with enhanced skills as a community leader and a greater understanding of their own civic responsibility. Click here to read "Never Again: A Teen Takes Action to Honor These Words" published last year in eJewishPhilanthropy.com by a HRGS teen participant.

Ready to learn more?  Click here to see the itinerary and register.


IC 2012 Review via Social Media










12 teens (and Program Associate Danielle Berger) from Milwaukee joined nearly 900 other teens from 13 countries on February 16 – 20 for the largest-ever BBYO International Convention (IC). The annual conference celebrates and strengthens AZA, BBG, and the Jewish People.

Our talented teen leadership and professionals shared their IC experience in real-time by posting updates on our central media hub, the IC Blog, posting over 3,000 tweets and updates on Facebook and Twitter, and participating in our live broadcasts on Jewish Life TV and Jewish Rock Radio. The collective multi-media effort had the power to reach millions around the world and allow AZA and BBG teens back home to follow elections and be among the first to congratulate their new regional leaders! Our thanks goes out to all of you who made this possible.

Directly from the teens commentary, we offer this International Convention recap:

On Twitter…@BBGSganit: So this is what 900 teens look like... Whoa. #azabbgic2012

Sean Frazer and Michaela Brown were recognized at IC by the JTA for having won the 2012 AZA and BBG Oratory Contest. Sean wrote, “…three years since that first AZA basketball game – my perception of myself and the world around me has changed dramatically… Today, Judaism is a pillar of my life – a context through which I interact with the world, deeply embedded in my soul.” Click here to read their essays.

During a Day of Service and Advocacy, teens volunteered at 18 sites throughout Atlanta. One track included the first all teen-audience premiere and Q & A with the director of The Bully Project, a new feature-length documentary that follows "a year in the life" of America's bullying crisis. Click here to learn more about The Bully Project track.

@JamieRothstein: I pledge a commitment to community service and advocacy #ifnotnowwhen #azabbgic2012

Click here to read the rest of the IC 2012 Social Media Review!

Click here to see the latest photos and videos on the IC 2012 Live Blog, including coverage by Jewish Life TV and Jewish Rock Radio.

BBYO Connect Goes to see The Hunger Games

You've read the book, now see the movie. Wisconsin Region BBYO's BBYO Connect program is going to see this season's hottest movie...The Hunger Games. We invite 6th and 7th graders to join us Sunday, March 25th for movie madness. Click here to download the flyer and learn all about the program.

Nudge a teen in your life! BBYO Connect aims to provide every middle school student with fun, meaningful and affordable experiences! Please click here to provide us with contact information of families who can benefit from BBYO Connect so we can notify them of opportunities.