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December 2010/Tevet 5771 Edition

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Regional Convention 2010

New Regional Board

Fundraising for Israel

Regional Kallah

Chapter Elections & Recruitment

BBYO Teen on MTV Season Finale

BBYO Impact Survey

International Program Registration

New PANIM Website




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Regional Convention 2010 A Huge Success

Regional Convention Photo






Over 140 KIO Teens attended Regional Convention 2010 in Columbus, OH.  The teens enjoyed a variety of programming, highlighted by a concert and music workshop by Columbus-based musician Elijah Aaron.

If you attended, please take a moment to fill out the Regional Convention Evaluation Form!

Congratulations to the 57th KIO Regional Board

57th KIO Regional Board

At Regional Convention, the 57th KIO AZA & BBG Regional Boards were elected.  The new Regional officers are:

BBG:  N’siah – Erica Abrams (Dayton), S’ganit – Alyssa Bardach (Cincinnati), Morah – Sophie Reskin (Louisville), Shlicha – Jackie Pavlofsky (Dayton), Mazkirah – Jamie Maxwell (Cincinnati)

AZA:  Godol – Sammy Katz (Indianapolis), S’gan – Mark Kravitz (Dayton), Moreh – Jason DuBro (Dayton), Shaliach – Alec Miller (Columbus), Mazkir – Grant Hansell (Columbus)

Congratulations to our new Regional Board, and thank you to the 56th Regional Board for all of your hard work over the past year!


KIO Raises Funds for Israel Fire Relief

After the devastating Mount Carmel Fire in Israel, KIO teens mobilized quickly to raise money to help replace the over 1.5 million trees that were destroyed in the fire.  We have already raised over $1000 as a region, with more coming in.  Our penny war at Regionals was also very successful.  A special kudos to Indianapolis BBYO, which has raised the most money so far and has really spear-headed the fundraising effort.  Please send all donations to the Regional office, or hand them in to your city director.


Coordinator & Steering Applications for Kallah are Available!


It’s hard to believe it, but our next Regional convention is coming up soon!  Applications to coordinate or be a member of the steering committee for Regional Kallah 2011 are available!  All applications will be due on Friday, January 7th.  Kallah will take place March 4-6th.

Chapter Elections & Recruitment Programs Coming Soon!


Be sure to look for information on chapter elections, which will be taking place in January, and 8th grade recruitment programs, which will start in January and February.  If you know any 8th graders, start encouraging them to get excited about BBYO!

BBYO Teen on MTV Season Finale

Buried Life Image

Find Out What Wish Came True for an AZA Teen: Watch an interview with Lucas Lendenbaum sharing his experience as a featured guest on the season finale of MTV’s “The Buried Life.”

Last spring the four young stars of MTV’s documentary “The Buried Life” spoke at BBYO’s East Coast Kallah Convention. Their message reflected the focus of their television series which features their attempts to live out their dreams today and not get buried in the typical paths most people take in life, while at the same time recognizing the importance of giving back and helping to make dreams come true for the people they meet along the way.  Before wrapping up their remarks at Kallah, they opened up a question to the crowd of 450 teens asking them, “If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?”

Lucas Lendenbaum, 16, of Gaithersburg, MD walked onto to the stage, took the microphone and with one brief and emotional sentence stated his wish: "My Dad doesn't have a home, and I just want him to have a home."Six months later, the cast from “The Buried Life” decided to make Lucas’s wish part of their season finale episode on November 29. Immediately following the show BBYO aired a live webcast with Lucas, allowing BBYO teens from around the world to ask him questions and hear his reflections on the experience and what it has meant to his family.

Click here to learn more, including links to watch the Season Finale on and the recorded interview with Lucas.

Take the BBYO Impact Survey!

Are you or your child a BBYO junior or senior? As part of our commitment to our members and supporters, we are conducting research to study the value of our programs. Your input will provide us with valuable understanding of what people enjoy about BBYO and where improvements can be made. Participate in our survey and you can enter to win a $100 gift card!


Don't Miss Out!

Registration is open for dozens of BBYO International Experiences.

February 2011:

April - May 2011:

  • March of the Living: Experience a two-week, life-altering journey where teens bear witness to the destruction of the Holocaust in Poland followed by a celebration of the State of Israel in the Jewish Homeland. Sophomores are eligible for $1,000 off!

Summer 2011:

  • AZA & BBG's Flagship Leadership Development and Judaic Identity programs: CLTC, ILTC and Kallah.
  • Summer of Impact experiences through the PANIM Institute of BBYO. Serve new communities and make a real difference in Boston, D.C., the Southwest and Israel!
  • Passport to the World, BBYO's global travel program, taking teens to more than 16 countries around the world.

Click here to check out BBYO's Interactive Brochure of Summer Experiences for 2011 featuring videos, photo albums, scholarship information, Facebook quizzes, and more!


  • Panim el Panim: Receive advocacy training, participate in service learning and have the opportunity to lobby your elected officials on Capitol Hill -- all in a few days!
  • Double Impact Scholarship: Earn a 50 percent scholarship towards the tuition of a domestic Summer of Impact experience and 25 percent towards Impact: Israel by performing 60 hours of community service during the school year!

New PANIM Website!






Check out the new site and learn about all of PANIM's premiere service learning experiences.