January 2012/Tevet 5772 Issue

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Regional Convention Chai- Lights

World Famous Beat Boxers Crash KIO's Convention

KIOers Get their Dougie on in Dayton

Meet Your New Regional Board

Regional Recognition

Message from Josh






BBYO Connect Opportunities

Teen Presidents Return from Abroad

Summer Recruitment Off to a Record Breaking Start

Oratory Winners to be Published in JTA

Southern Alum Reunion at IC

Torah Portions on Facebook





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KIO Regional Convention Chai-Lights

Hey KIO,

Whether you were one of the 150 teens, staff and advisors who attended the Regional Convention this past December, or you couldn’t make it this time around,  here's your chance to check out some of the “Chai Lights” from the biggest BBYO blowout of the year!

See who showed up… and who showed off (their Dougie moves that is), meet your new Regional Board and Regional Director and who got awards.  Plus, get the scoop from each of the City Directors about what their local chapters are up to…and if you haven't seen pictures from Convention, click here to view the gallery!

World Famous Beat Boxers, the Maccabeats, Crash KIO’s Regional Convention!

Three members of the acclaimed a cappella group, the Maccabeats, made a surprise stopover at the KIO regional convention to perform, answer questions, sign autographs and even pose for pictures.  It’s all thanks to Josh Rothstein, KIO’s new Regional Director who pulled some strings and worked his magic to get them to make this very rare personal appearance.  Click here to check out more photos from their visit and from the Convention!

KIOers Get their Dougie On in Dayton!

On Sunday night, Michael Fishman, Sarah Wolfe and others demonstrated the newest dance craze, the Dougie.  Click here to check out their moves in this quick video !


Meet Your New Regional Board


Congratulations to the new 2012 KIO Regional Officers who represent all five cities in the region!

Godol: Mark Kravitz, President, Dayton

N'siah: Jackie Pavlofsky, President, Dayton

Mazkirah: Alanna Gilbert, Secretary & VP of Communications, Louisville

Mazkir: Eli Profeta, Secretary & VP of Communication, Indianapolis

Morah: Sophie Reskin, VP of Membership Louisville

Moreh: Cody Philips, VP of Membership, Columbus

S'Ganit: Maya Rothenberg, VP of Programming, Indianapolis

S'gan: Grant Hansell, VP of Programming, Columbus

Sh'licha: Kali Cohen, VP of Judaism & Social Action, Cincinnati

Shaliach: Michael Fishman, VP of Judaism & Social Action, Columbus

Chairwoman: Maggie Rosen, Louisville

Chairmen: Jason DuBro, Dayton & Jacob Spielberg, Louisville

Regional Recognition

Congratulations to all the chapters who took home the following highly coveted awards:

Aleph of the Year: Aaron Welcher, Indy

AZA Chapter of the Year: Brae Sheath, Indy

BBG Chapter of the Year: Jay Levine BBG, Louisville

BBG Spirit Stick 2011: Ner Tamid BBG, Cincinnati

Chapter of the Year: Brae Sheath AZA, Indy

Duck Race Award for Quality Programming: Brae Sheath AZA, Indy

Duck Race Winners AZA: Brae Sheath AZA, Indy

Duck Race Winners BBG: Jay Levine BBG, Louisville

Fundraiser of the year: Drew Corson, Louisville (Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fundraiser)

Gizbor of the Year: Eli Profeta, Treasurer & VP of Fundraising, Indy

Gizborit of the Year: Emily Kingsley, Treasurer & VP of Fundraising, Columbus

Jewish Program of the Year: Brae Sheath AZA, Indy (Israeli Night)

BBG Judaic Program of the Year: Chocolate Seder, Dayton

AZA Judaic Program of the Year: Israel Night, Indy

Mazkir of the Year: Benji Kriner, Secretary & VP of Communications, Cincinnati

Mazkirah of the Year: Kelsey Bardach, Secretary & VP of Communications, Cincinnati

Most Improved Chapter: B’Yachad BBG, Indy

Most Improved AZA Chapter: Heart of Ohio AZA, Columbus

Most Improved BBG Chapter: B'yachad BBG, Indy

Morah of the Year: Haley Weiss, VP of Membership, Indy

Moreh of the Year: Ben Kobe, VP of Membership, Louisville

N'Siah of the Year: Kali Cohen, President, Cincinnati

Programming of the Year: Ner Tamid, Cincinnati

Program of the Year: Fun Run for Acceptance, Brae Sheath Indy

Program of the year BBG: Zumba and Barbi Workout, Ner Tamid BBG, Cincinnati

Ruach Award: Helen Weinberg, Indy

S'Gan of the Year: Zach Samuelson, VP of Programming, Cincinnati

S'ganit of the Year: Alanna Gilbert, VP of Programming, Louisville

Shaliach of the Year: Aaron Welcher, VP of Judaism & Social Action, Indy

Sh'licha of the Year: Natania Lipp, VP of Judaism & Social Action, Louisville

Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO BBYO's New Regional Director

Who knew?  Until about nine months ago I had never had any association with BBYO - ever.  But when someone suggested I consider becoming an advisor for Cincy’s Mishpocha AZA chapter I figured I’d give it a try.  I took the job thinking I could help make a difference… but who knew the difference it would make in my life!

Just a few months later, when I learned that Justin would be leaving to go to California, I was offered the opportunity to become the KIO Regional Director, and haven’t looked back since!  I am so thrilled to have this job. I’ve already had the pleasure of taking part in two conventions so far; Spirit and Regionals, and I’m getting super excited for our upcoming Kallah convention, on March 23rd through the 25th.

One of the first things I did when I took on this role was to hold a staff retreat for all of KIO’s City Directors and advisors so we could get to know one another better, compare notes and share ideas about how to make KIO even stronger! I feel very fortunate that I get to work with such a talented and passionate group of young professionals who care so deeply about BBYO! With their help, and that of the teens and parents too, there’s no stopping us from becoming the fastest growing region in the country! So don’t be shy… feel free to click here to give me your input, feedback and suggestions now or anytime, because we’re all part of the KIO team! 



What's Up KIO?

Hey KIO, check out what’s happening around the region, below. 

P.S. Want to see more news, photos and videos of your chapter in this newsletter?  Get your submissions in for your City Director’s consideration before the last Wednesday of each month.  He or she might just send them along with your city’s monthly update!


December was a busy month for both staff and teens of Ner Tamid and Mishpocha! At the beginning of December, staff and advisers came to the first ever KIO Staff Retreat in Downtown Cincinnati for introductions, education, and socializing. It was a great way to get the region together and moving in a positive direction. Then, on December 7th, Ner Tamid had a successful fundraiser at Orange Leaf frozen yogurt in Kenwood! Along with members of the community, Ner Tamid and Mishpocha members and advisors came out to support the ladies’ chapter. Ner Tamid has been doing a great job fundraising for their chapter.

On December 10th, Ner Tamid had their 6 Fold Sleepover with Hatikvah from Dayton. The ladies ran programs discussing self-confidence and beauty.  Following this, on December 12th, Mishpocha and Ner Tamid met at Cincinnati’s famous chili restaurant, Skyline, for a pre-regionals meeting! 

Twenty-seven girls and boys from the Cincinnati Chapter attended the Regional Convention in Dayton, Ohio from December 16th-19th.



In November, the girls of Columbus’ Heart Chapter had a successful Toga fundraiser while the guys of Aliah went to the Wexner Heritage House and made homemade bags with cookies for the residents.

Across town, the girls of Bat Shalom have been hard at work creating new cheers and are ready to recruit new members while the guys of Pops have been planning some great upcoming programs!




Both Dayton chapters had a busy fall term creating and implementing strong programs throughout the term. The teens had a October Nature Hike with a Lock In, City wide Sukkah celebrations, Hanukah service projects and probably the most interesting program to observe was " Debating in the 21st Century" with teens and technology. No need to research prior, one can just Google anything in the moment. It was a spirited program and we found out that both chapters were equally skilled at discussing current issues.

The Regional Convention returned to Dayton after a 7 year absence. Current Dayton teens rushed to sign up and were excited to show their fellow AZA and BBG members some home hospitality in Dayton, Ohio on December 16-19th. Alex and Ben Africk along with Rachel Bloom shared their insight with the rest of the steering committee and assisted with running of some programs during Regionals.

While Dayton may not always be the largest contingent as these conventions, the heart, commitment and dedication to the KIO order is solid as anywhere.

Congratulations to all of the members of Hatikvah BBG and Weprin-Kadima AZA! Your focus, team work, and commitment were evident throughout the term! We are looking to continue the momentum and continue great programming for all teens to enjoy in 2012/2013. Both Dayton AZA and BBG chapters are preparing for even greater things next year! To all the members of the KIO region, it is the members within the region that make it a great experience for teens, alumni and staff.

All the best for the upcoming term. Stay tuned for the results of our chapter elections in January followed by a schedule of recruitment and retention programs.



At the Regional Convention in Dayton, Ohio on December 16-19th, Indianapolis BBYO was easily one of the most recognized chapters in attendance! Both Indy Brae Sheath AZA #246 and B’Yachad BBG #43 received numerous awards and honors and each elected one member to their respective regional boards. Last year Indy made history by electing Sammy Katz as KIO Regional Godol, the first time Indy has had a regional board member in nearly 30 years! This year Indy out did itself by electing Maya Rothenberg as Regional S’ganit (vice-president) and Eli Profeta as Gizbor/Mazkir (treasurer/v.p. of communications). The two will represent Indianapolis proudly as they help lead the Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Region to great new heights!

After elections, at the formal banquet, Indy showed how much hard work and commitment pay off as they were continually called to the podium to receive award after award (see above for recipients).

Congratulations to all of the members of B’Yachad BBG and Indy Brae Sheath AZA! Your team work, motivation, and commitment truly paid off! This is only the beginning- as both Indy AZA and BBG chapters are preparing for even bigger things next year! To all the members of the KIO region congratulations on helping to make KIO arguably one of the best in the entire order!




Teens from the Drew Corson Chapter and Jay Levine Chapter worked hard and played hard at their Teen Jam on Saturday, December 3rd! Heavy recruiting took place while a DJ spun the tunes and teens enjoyed a jousting ring, game tables and a hypnotist.

Following the Teen Jam was a rousing Shabbat Dinner on December 9th where numerous teens not only attended, but also participated and led prayers! Way to go Louisville!

What better to do before the stress of finals sets in than enjoy a dinner with your friends? Louisville BBYO did exactly that at their annual and favorite event, The Progressive Dinner where twenty-five teens dined and schmoozed the night away.

Louisville sent nine guys from AZA and twenty girls from BBG to represent Kentucky’s favorite city at Regionals. 

Calling All Friends and Family Members of 8th Graders!

Eighth Graders are Now Eligible for AZA and BBG Membership!

Do you have an 8th grader in your life who wants to become involved with AZA and BBG? Beginning January 1, all current 8th graders are eligible for full AZA or BBG membership, including opportunities to attend conventions and chapter meetings. Don’t miss out on the fun and meaningful opportunities that await, buy a membership today!

If you know an eighth grader living in any of the cities below, click on the link to contact that City Director.

Cincinnati: Click here to contact Matt Steinberg

Dayton: Click here to contact Yale Glinter

Columbus: Click here to contact Stephanie Markowitz

Indianapolis: Click here to contact Kenny Lambert

Louisville: Click here to contact Julie Hollander


International Teen Presidents Return from BBYO's Canadian Regions and Global Affiliates









(BBYO's International Teen Presidents outside Buckingham Palace in London)

Grand Aleph Godol Oz Fishman and International N'siah Samantha Levinson just returned from visiting over 10 communities as BBYO’s International Teen Presidents! Starting with Canada, Sam and Oz spent the first half of December touring BBYO regions in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Then they crossed the Atlantic, visiting BBYO partner affiliates and BBYO/JDC service communities across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Israel. Their work as BBYO ambassadors helps unite Jewish teens across the world, building the BBYO movement and delivering on the teen-led agenda and priorities for 2011-2012.  (You can watch a video detailing these priorities here.)

Learn more about Oz's discussion with Bulgarian teens on community service as a Jewish value, Samantha's excitement at Canada sending more than 40 teens to IC, and more reflections on their trip on Keeping PACE, the International Teen Presidents travel blog, chronicling their gap year with BBYO.

BBYO's 2012 Summer Experience Registration Is Breaking Records!

Do you want to spend your summer making a difference, traveling the world and building lifelong friendships?   Registration for BBYO domestic Summer Experiences and BBYO Passport travel are up more than 400 percent over last year! Don't miss the opportunity to attend the program of your choice, as this unprecedented spike in early registration has left many experiences close to selling out.

The final early-bird discount of $75 ends Feb. 28th, so take advantage of the savings and make sure you are guaranteed a spot in what is sure to be a meaningful and memorable summer! Click above on the interactive brochure or visit BBYO.ORG/SUMMER for more information and scholarship details on BBYO's broadest and most affordable menu of offerings ever.

Oratory Contest Winners to be Published in JTA - February 1 Deadline!



AZA and BBG is now accepting submissions for this year’s Oratory and Storytelling Contests! "Am I a Jewish American or American Jew? Jewish Canadian or Canadian Jew? Wherever you live, does your Judaism come before your nationality?"  and “What makes Judaism unique and why is it important to me?” are the AZA and BBG themes for this year’s competition. If you’re creative, writing a fictional, funny story related to your BBYO experience and Jewish identity could win you the Storytelling Contest. More serious reflections on your personal experiences, the state of BBYO and the future of the Jewish people make up the Oratory Contest, with the JTA (the global news service of the Jewish People) providing special recognition to this winner by publishing their full submission to their audience of 200,000 monthly readers.

Visit the Storytelling and Oratory page on to watch videos and learn more about the details of this year's competitions. The deadline for entering is February 1, 2012! Winners will be announced at BBYO’s International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia from February 16 - 20.

Do You Know an Alum from the South?





BBYO's Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) is hosting the first-ever Southern Regions/Districts Alumni Reunion at International Convention 2012. Register or learn more at

The Southern Regions/Districts Alumni Reunion is on Saturday, February 18 at The Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, GA.  International Convention (IC) is the largest annual gathering of BBYO participants from across the world.  This year BBYO is expecting a record breaking 850 teens to join together at IC in Atlanta.  Join us at the IC Reunion to reconnect with fellow AZA and BBG alumni and friends while enjoying a dessert reception.  Space is limited so sign up today!

BBYO Teens Discuss Weekly Torah Portions on Facebook

Join the more than 650 people on Facebook every week that receive video D'var Torah updates from BBYO teen leaders! Through this new Facebook group led by Benji Fages (Lake Ontario Region); Emily Nassir (Big Apple Region); Ben Nach (Mountain Region); and Amy Restan (United Kingdom), engage in conversations about the weekly Torah portion with fellow BBYO teens from around the world!

Click here to join the group.