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BBYO’s Hanukkah

View this story in The Omaha Jewish Press

by Rachel Martin, BBYO/Teen Director

More than 40 Jewish teens dressed in their ugliest holiday attire on Tuesday, Dec. 8, to celebrate Hanukkah among fellow BBYO members. Max Goldberg and Josh Militti planned and led a meaningful and fun Hanukkah program held at the Alley V bowling complex.

The evening included a “Mystery Maccabee” secret gift exchange (think White Elephant), in which participants each brought a gift. Militti drew names out of a kippah to decide the order the gifts were chosen. Once a gift had been chosen and unwrapped, it was available to be stolen or traded by other gift recipients whose names had already been drawn. Favorite gifts included Selfie Sticks, boxes full of candy, a live gerbil, live goldfish, and Amazon gift cards. The rest of the program consisted of menorah lighting led by Goldberg, dinner and bowling.

Everyone was surprised when the screen above the bowling lanes showed a picture of the BBYO Mid-America Region teens at last year’s International Convention. With the picture, a message popped up congratulating Omaha’s BBYO on hitting their AZA midyear membership goal. BBG is also very close to hitting their goal. Way to go, Omaha BBYO!

“We wanted to plan a program that would be a fun activity for everyone to participate in. We had a great showing of members there. We had a great time eating, bowling and hanging out. It was cool to light the menorah with everyone together. The gift exchange was super fun. People were clever and creative in their gifts. There was everything from a gerbil to a bag of 1000 pennies. At the event we celebrated AZA’s mid-year membership goal. BBG is only four members away! Overall, it was a very successful program.” Max Goldberg, Shaliach, Mother Chapter AZA #1

“Our Hanukkah party was an objective success. From the energetic lighting to the gift exchange (where gifts such as gift-cards, candies, and even pets were exchanged), we were able to bring more than 40 Jewish teens and advisors together to have fun and celebrate our victory more than 2000 years ago. This party also commemorated the reaching of the mid-year membership goal by the AZAs and the BBGs nearly reaching theirs. Over these past few months, the Omaha BBYO Council has grown dramatically and has, in turn, immensely strengthened the Jewish community.” Josh Militti, S’gan, Mother Chapter AZA #1

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