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Teens gather to watch Clinton-Trump debate and glimpse the future

This story was published in Jewish Community Voice

By JESS BARR | Regional Mazkirah

On Oct. 19, the Teen Lounge was full and most people would have been surprised why. The final Presidential Debate between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump was on TV and over 40 teens were gathered at the Katz JCC to watch. The atmosphere was amazing; you could have heard a pin drop as the BBYO teens listened to every question and answer the candidates gave. South Jersey Region (SJR) BBYO was one of over 50 regions and chapters across the country that hosted a debate night watch.

SJR BBYO teens arrived at the Katz JCC at 8 p.m., and spent the hour before the debate snacking on foods and discussing their opinions of the candidates and what it means for the future of the United States. The debate was a great opportunity for our members and friends to watch the future of the United States unfold before them with teens their own age and engage themselves in what the candidates had to say.

“Debate night was a great event where all of South Jersey Region came together to listen to what the candidates wanted to say. We all had a great time and our members were definitely engaged while hanging out with our BBYO region,” said Dara Molotsky, a senior in SJR.

For the past year, the United States and the teens within have been hearing from all the candidates, and although only a few BBYO teens are of age to vote, we are very aware of what is going on and have our own strong opinions. The teens of SJR BBYO know that this next president will have a significant effect on their college years (and cost of going), personal rights (whether about their bodies or guns), and much more, and they are fully invested in the race.

At SJR’s Debate Night, members also received bingo cards with common things the candidates tend to say. For example, these cards said things like “Make America Great Again,” “Clinton Emails,” “We need a Wall,” and more. This gave teens the opportunity to have a little bit of fun while watching the debate. These bingo cards were humorous, and helped to engage members of all ages in the debate.

SJR BBYO was excited to have over 40 teens in 8th grade to 12th grade join us in the Teen Lounge of the Katz JCC. Everyone was sad to leave before the debate ended, and truly had a good time while watching something important for the future of our country.

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