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Austin BBYO is Glowing

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It’s going to be a great year for our Austin BBYO girls’ chapter, Ra’naan BBG. We have the largest MIT (members in training) group we’ve ever had – 22 girls! It is the largest freshman class that one chapter has in all of Lonestar Region. BBYO Lonestar Region is made up of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

This is a huge accomplishment for Ra’naan BBG and we would not have been able to achieve this without our hardworking board members. We’re extremely excited for all our new MITs to start getting to know each other and come to more events. So far this school year, our chapter has had three major events: Intake 2012, Austin BBYO is Glowing, and MIT Nap 2012.

During the very first event, Intake 2012, Ra’naan BBG and Capital AZA invited all the Jewish teens that they know and explained to them what BBYO is all about. They enjoyed delicious kosher hot dogs and hamburgers and then played some “getting to know each other” games. Afterwards, the boys and girls split into their chapters, and the girls played some more team building games to show the new members how much fun BBYO is.

Our second event was also a co-ed program with Capital AZA. It was called “Austin BBYO is Glowing” and it was both educational and entertaining. We split into teams- freshmen and seniors vs. sophomores and juniors, and we played capture the flag in the dark using glow sticks. We also learned some interesting facts about Israel from our board members.

Ra’naan BBG’s most recent event was our “MIT Nap” where the girls in the chapter “kidnap” their MITs (with permission from their parents of course.) All the upperclassmen and sophomore girls had a sleepover on a Saturday night, made signs, and called parents to make sure everything went as planned. At 4:00 A.M. we woke up and drove to the MITs’ houses and kidnapped them, taking everyone out to IHOP for a delicious pancake breakfast. Seeing the girls’ faces when we woke them up was priceless!

We’re looking forward to sending our MITs to Lonestar’s MIT/AIT Convention. We also have Lonestar’s Regional Convention in December, as well as many more chapter events coming up. We’re extremely excited for the events coming up and hope to see all of our new friends as well as current members there.

Interested about BBYO? Contact the Austin city director, Sarah Yonas at 512-735-8046 or to find out how you can become involved.

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