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BBYO Teens Gather Down the Shore to Start New Year

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After a relaxing, engaging and overall amazing Kickoff, South Jersey Region BBYO is off to a fantastic start of the new programming year.

Kickoff is a relaxed event where the South Jersey Region teens reunite after their summers to “kick off” the new programming year before the school year starts. This year’s Kickoff was held down the shore in Margate, NJ, where teens passed the time on the beach in a number of ways: munching on snacks, playing sports, swimming in the ocean, connecting with their friends they haven’t seen over the summer and meeting new Jewish teens in the Greater South Jersey community. Kickoff was a great success, with over 150 teens in attendance.

To start the event, teens met at the Katz JCC to take a bus down to the beach in Margate. Luckily, it was a beautiful day to be on the beach. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. After walking onto the beach, members of SJR gathered in a circle to participate in a quick and engaging icebreaker. Like a game of chain tag, there were “taggers” who went around to tag people out. However, after tagged, one must join hands with his or her tagger and go around trying to catch others. The game helped the teens get comfortable with each other, and meet new people they may have never talked to before. After this short game, teens were free to pass the time in whatever way they desired.

Whether hopping in the ocean for a quick swim, grabbing a snack to eat, or playing a game of ultimate frisbee or football, the teens of South Jersey Region were up, active, and socializing with one another. The music was turned up, as was the energy of every teen there. Members of Princeton BBYO, South Jersey Region’s newest chapter, felt at home as they made new connections with their SJR brethren.

“It was a great day full of fun, food, and catching up with friends after a long eventful summer,” says Alec Garber of Otzma AZA.

To conclude the night, teens relaxed under the stars enjoying their last bit of summer before the school year began. Everyone was talking with new people and making new friendships to begin the year.

“This year’s Kickoff was an awesome way for the whole region to really come together,” says Marlee Dannenbaum of Chevrah BBG. “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves [and] I now look forward to what the next year will bring!”

South Jersey Region BBYO will have its first BBYO Night of the year 7 – 9 p.m. September 14 at the Katz JCC. These BBYO Nights are held monthly with one hour dedicated to the chapters and another hour for spending time as a region.

Kickoff was a fantastic success with many more engaging activities and conventions planned for the rest of the year. All in all, South Jersey Region BBYO has a promising year ahead. . Charlotte is BBYO’s Regional Mazkirah, and Samuel is Regional Mazkir.

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