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Beyond the classroom – life lessons for teens through travel

Read this story in Jewish Community Voice.

At 15 years old, most American teenagers are learning calculus, reading Shakespeare and tweeting about the most recent pop-culture trend. Their education is rooted within the walls of their high school and enhanced by their daily experiences such as spending time with their friends, playing lacrosse with their teammates or challenging their minds in clubs like USY and BBYO. For a majority of teens, their experiences are limited to their everyday surroundings.

The experiences gained by traveling are not taught in a classroom or on a team. Traveling allows teens to open their minds to new ideas, places and cultures and takes them outside their comfort zone.

The Katz JCC Road Rulz Teen Tour is excited to offer seventh- through tenth- grade students opportunities to travel for two and three weeks at a time to places including Chicago, Denver, Santa Fe, Memphis, Orlando and even to Canada, with trips to Montreal and Toronto.

“During the summer, the Katz JCC of Margate provides opportunities for teens to travel in groups with highly-qualified staff offering them a safe way to experience the world around them while opening their minds and their hearts,” explains Josh Cutler, Katz JCC Camp By The Sea’s Director. “Traveling in a group of peers through the Katz JCC Road Rulz Teen Tour offers these teens great chances to create special bonds and share priceless memories of an education experienced ‘on the road.’”

“These Teens have a wonderful window for growth and transformation into amazing young adults,” Cutler continued. “At each location we visit, we make sure the group experiences the best the city has to offer for tourists AND teens.”

Head Counselor Drew Hyman noted that tours typically include stays on college campuses. Past visits have included Emory University in Atlanta, Virginia Tech and the University of Omaha.

“It’s never too early to start looking for colleges for after high school.” added Hyman, now in her fourth summer with the program.

The Katz JCC Road Rulz Teen Tour includes the “Disney USA” Tour from June 29 to July 10, the “Go West!” Tour from July 15 to August 4 and the “Oh Canada” Tour from August 10 to August 21. For more information on the Katz JCC Road Rulz Teen Tour and the Camp By the Sea program, visit or contact Josh Cutler at 609.822.1167, Ext. 138.

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