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Discovery Communications Produces BBYO Recruitment Video

Read this story in the Baltimore Jewish Times.

BBYO, in partnership with Discovery Communications, produced a talent recruitment video called "Find Yourself Here: Careers with BBYO," which was released last month. Discovery Communications selected BBYO for "Creating Change 2014," its annual pro-bono initiative that helps nonprofits achieve their goals.

"We're in the people business, and if we're going to reach and inspire teens, we need quality professionals who can do that work," said BBYO CEO Matthew Grossman.

BBYO decided to focus its video on recruitment because of recent growth in the organization. In the last year, BBYO saw a 4 percent growth in membership and an 8 percent growth in programs, which includes leadership training camps, conventions and Israel trips.

"We're looking for teen magnets. We're looking for the kind of professionals who really understand how to capture the imagination of teens and how to instill in them the passion of what it means to be a Jew," Grossman said.

The video features a variety of BBYO employees discussing their jobs and how their ideas can come to life in the work environment. Several, including Grossman, said they "found themselves" at BBYO. He has been CEO for 11 years. He spent about 10 years working in Hillel's national office prior to that.

"When I came to the organization, I was 33 years old and I was raw," Grossman said. "I had a lot ot growth I needed to go through to be able to lead the organization in the way it deserved to be led, and my trajectory has been adolescence to adulthood and I did find out what it meant to be a leader what it meant to be depended on professionally."

BBYO has about 100 employees, Grossman said. The organization also joined Talent Alliance in partnership with Hillel and Moishe House. Talent Alliance was started to advance recruitment, training and retention of talent in each member organization and within the Jewish sector.

Video: Find Yourself Here: BBYO Careers

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