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Jack Lubel AZA #2092 Duck Bolts

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During the Spring 2013 term, Jack Lubel AZA has been very busy. This term, Lubel has planned events with all of the BBG chapters, Lubel’s Nom term, Super Happy Frat Night, as well as community service.

Lubel had a fantastic Nom Term and welcomed 10 noms to the chapter for seven enjoyable weeks. Nom Term ended after seven weeks of getting to know the chapter’s noms. After a wonderful year, the chapter had to say goodbye to its 2012-2013 sweetheart, Abby Klein, and welcomed its new sweetheart, Sammy Minkowitz.

As the term is coming to fruition, community service hours are being racked up, with many opportunities. The chapter held a fun afternoon of bowling with the Friendship Circle, as well as participating in J-Serve, day of service and giving back to the community. Lubel also collected nonperishable items for its Stand Up Cause, Meals on Wheels. BBYO is all about giving back to the community, and the chapter has been active in that area.

Chapter elections recently were held, and the following members were elected to lead the chapter in fall 2013: Scott Blechman, godol; Max Gollomp and Eric Rosenbaum, s’ganim; Aaron Feldstein, Illan Kunik and Andrew Towber, morim; Evan Diebner, shaliach, and Jordan Orsak, gizbor; Ethan Middleman, mazkir; Andrew Kalmans, sopher; Aaron Shequen and Alex Wasserstrom, s’gan shanim; and Aviv Navon, chaver.

Lubel’s most active seniors, alephs David Hoffman, Eli Roberson, Ben Segall and Jay Shniderson, recently gave their Life Membership with stories of fun, fraternity and working together. The chapter will miss them, but will keep them in memory and keep their legacies and traditions alive. Seniors will graduate, but they always will be alephs of Jack Lubel AZA #2092.

– Aleph mazkir, Jordan Orsak

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