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Long Island BBYO Convention Welcomes Corporal Noam Sohn

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On Friday December 6, Corporal Noam Sohn, a lone soldier from Rye Brook, NY appeared at the annual convention for the Long Island Chapter of the Bnai Brit Youth Organization (BBYO), held at the Hudson Valley Resort around two hours North of Manhattan. He spoke to more than 400 Jewish high school students from all over Long Island about what inspired him to join the IDF, what life is like in the Army, and why the support of young American Jews is important to him >personally, as well as the entire IDF. In his words:

“It’s an amazing feeling to come home and know I have the support of my hometown community while I’m serving. It reminds me why I went in the first place and why what I’m doing is so important to the Jewish people.”

In a separate event later that night which included only the boys, Noam spoke about the life lessons he’s learned in the Army, and how they can be applied in all walks of life. He said:

“Basic training is designed to bring you to your limits so that you learn they are way higher than you ever realized. No matter what you’re going through in school or any other part of your lives, I guarantee you can handle much more than you ever thought possible.”

The event took place as part of FIDF’s Community Engagement efforts to connect the American Jewish community with the soldiers who defend our shared homeland. It was a special occasion for the kids, as well as for BBYO as an organization.

One of the attendees, Cole Pergament, had this to say about the experience:

“Speaking with Israeli soldiers gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the struggles that Israelis face for freedom. We take freedom for granted and we do not have to fight to enjoy its benefits. Noam captivated the BBYO teens with his experiences of having served in the army. He brought to life the harsh realities of serving on the front line. It was a memorable experience for me.”

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