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Cotton States Regional News

Dear Alephs and B'nai Brith Girls of the Cotton States Region,

The week before last, two of my friends and fellow Mesch AZA Alephs, Brandon Feigelson and Jared Bloomston, drove through an area known as Cahaba Heights, Alabama, taking video on an iPhone of the damage that had occurred the night before. Cahaba Heights is on the line of the city limits of Mountain Brook, where most Mesch and Magic City Members live. The street I live on is located on part of the dividing line between Mountain Brook and Cahaba Heights, meaning that Brandon and Jared were filming a quarter mile away from my home. Brandon later showed me the video he had took and what I saw were some very upsetting images.

First, I saw that the Pizzeria I had gone to after every baseball game I ever played was destroyed. Next, a quick image passed to show that a tree had fallen on the new gas station I had started to go to on a regular basis, which was owned by an immigrant family new to the USA trying to get their start. As the video continued, I watched Jared and Brandon drive down streets that I drive on every other day. I noticed it was much easier to see the skyline. Trees were either brought down, or their tops literally snapped off. I viewed where a monstrous tree had fallen on a pick up truck in front of a relatively small house, and began to wonder if that car, now being pushed into the ground, was the family's only vehicle. Cars were not the only targets of falling trees, as every other house had a tree down, and every fourth house had a tree on top of it.

I do not share this sorrow filled story to bring attention to myself. I simply lost a few memories, not my home, not my business, not my vehicle. I share this story with you to explain how this has affected people and places, which I see every day. I tell you this story to explain that when considering the damage that occurred in the state of Alabama the week of April 27th, on a scale from 1 to 10, the damage in Cahaba ranks only at about a 3.

The areas of Tuscaloosa and Pleasant Grove Alabama have experienced some of the worst tornado damage that our country has ever seen. Here are some facts and links:

Aaron Shapiro, Michael Harp, (members of Mesch AZA and CSR), two non-Jewish friends, and myself are in a band titled Juice. In a month Juice will be performing in a benefit concert being put on in Gadsden, AL expected to raise at least $5,000 for tornado relief.

Juice came together in 2009, while playing in a concert with 11 different musicians from Mountain Brook Junior High. The concert was to raise money for the Special Needs Programs in Mountain Brook Schools, and it raised about $40,000. Along with this Juice has played at many charity concerts for things such as autism, cancer, and many other causes. You could say that we like to fundraise. Along with this Juice released an album in January of this year, and it is now available for purchase online. The links for where our album can be downloaded are located below. With each purchase of an album, all profit that is made by Juice (about 7 dollars per album) will be donated to an organization related to the relief efforts of the tornado devastation in Alabama. While the organization has not been chosen just yet, it will going to an organization that is helping with the damages caused by the tornadoes that occurred during the week of April 27th.

To buy Juice's CD on iTunes, click here or visit their Facebook group by clicking here.

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