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October 5, 2012

They also Break the Dashboard as more than 800 teens register in 12 Hours


Washington - Have you ever tried to order an iPhone a few moments after it goes live on Apple’s online store? Good luck! For better or worse, hundreds of teens had the same experience as they tried to register for BBYO’s 2013 International Convention at

Registration was launched at 8:00 pm ET. Within moments, despite notifying BBYO’s server host in advance, a surge of teen registrants grounded BBYO’s website to a halt. But that didn’t stop the teens, or BBYO’s staff.

Many BBYO professionals rolled up their sleeves and picked up the phone and got online, becoming de facto registrars as they manually signed up teens by email, text, and tweet. Professionals turned their offices and conference rooms into call centers, handling registrations directly as they routed the overflow to colleagues across the country. This went on to the wee hours of the morning and continues at this moment.

All told, we have already exceeded last year’s TOTAL International Convention registration of 850 and as of 3:30 pm EST registration has now reached 1,000 teens. While this is a staggering initial response, let’s not forget that we have chapter and regional registration parties coming up in the next few weeks and other teens whose attendance will be influenced by upcoming regional elections. If these past 24 hours are any indication, there is little doubt that this will be the largest and most vibrant International Convention ever!

Fueling this registration surge is the fact that BBYO held the price of International Convention flat at $799 while offering more scholarship funds than ever before. Thanks to an incredible donation of more than $100,000 from a BBYO board member, BBYO is able to offer special subsidies for those whose transportation costs are excessive or whose families can’t afford it. Furthermore, a special discount is offered to get more freshmen involved! BBYO is proud to live up to our commitment to being fun, meaningful AND affordable.

More than anything else, the extraordinary interest in IC is a direct result of the enthusiasm generated from the programs that BBYO offers at the Chapter, Council, Regional and International levels throughout the year. It is a testament to the deep feelings BBYO is creating amongst tens of thousands of young Jews for BBYO and their Jewish heritage.

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