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How can I join BBYO?
To join, visit, create a user account and then pay your membership dues!

Interested in learning more about BBYO and/or finding the right chapter for you? Contact Danielle Hercenberg and we will help to find the perfect place for you!

How much does BBYO cost?
Membership Fees: Yearly: $75 Four Years: $149 Beyond the membership fee, price varies based upon your teens level of involvement. Some chapter/council programs will charge a fee for supplies, etc. Conventions and other events, like summer programs, have additional costs as well.

Is the Sabbath observed?
Yes! All programs must be approved by advisors and the Office, who may deem the program inappropriate for the holy day. Services are held when necessary at all conventions and programs. Saturday night programs include Havdallah and Conventions include Shabbat services. A Friday night dinner and service, though, is not guaranteed to be Shomer Shabbat. Some people may drive to the program or turn on lights. It depends on the hosting house, but since BBYO is non-denominational, no promises can be made.

Is the food Kosher?
All food at conventions is kosher-style, meaning dairy and meat are not served together. It is unlikely that the hotels have kosher kitchens though. The same goes for programs at houses, camps, and public locations. Many members' houses do not have kosher kitchens, but at potlucks or programs with food, teens try to stick to an all-dairy or all-meat meal. All meat that is served at a BBYO program will be kosher meat, but might not be prepared in a kosher kitchen. There is a strict kosher option for teens at conventions, but the Office must be warned in advance.

What is the convention Cancellation/Refund policy?
The cancellation deadline will be the same as the final registration and payment deadline for the convention. Until that date, full refunds will be granted for cancellations in writing (e-mail is acceptable), for any reason. After the final registration date, refunds are not available for any reason.

Are there vegetarian/vegan meals available at conventions?
Yes. Similar to the strict kosher option, the vegetarian or vegan meals are available if the Office is warned in advance. There is a box to mark while signing up for conventions where teens may list their dietary needs or allergies.

How much of a time commitment is BBYO?
The beauty of BBYO is that programs happen all the time. Teens can decide what they want to attend based on what fits their schedule best. BBYO can be a large time commitment depending on how often the teen chooses to attend programs and meetings.

How much of a time commitment is it to be a chapter board member?
Being on chapter board is a bigger time commitment. Most presidents request that their board members attend all programs, meetings, and board meetings. Of course, exceptions can be made, but teens should know that it is a commitment if he/she is elected. In addition, board members must spend enough time outside of BBYO to complete the job description which may include planning programs, writing newspapers, or responding to board emails. Chapter board members must keep in contact with their advisors, their president, and their Council board counterpart. Chapter board is a very fun and rewarding job (and awesome on resumes!), but it is also a crucial part to the survival of a chapter and therefore is a substantial time commitment each week. We encourage that parents talk with their child to make sure both the parent and child understand the time commitment before deciding to run for board.

Do I have to drive my child to EVERY program, meeting, and convention?
No. We encourage older members to give rides to younger members or for families to carpool to programs and meetings. It is up to the parents to find out if the kids are safe drivers. Parents are expected to drop off their child(ren) at the convention bus stop location.

Can my child switch chapters?

Yes, with careful consideration. Contact Danielle Hercenberg to discuss this more in depth!

How can I get involved?
There are many opportunities for parents to get involved! Attend an event like a chapter parent/teen Shabbat or parent brunch, host an event in your home, become a parent representative or become a chapter advisor!

What happens if an advisor cannot be present at a program?
Members try to plan programs when at least one advisor can come. However, a parent must ALWAYS be present at the house where the event is being held this way there will always be supervision.

What should I bring to a BBYO Convention?
Conventions typically last from Friday to Sunday. Up to four members are put into a room and share two double-sized beds. To set the tone for Shabbat together, we ask that members do not wear jeans, shorts, sweatpants, warm-up suits, sports jerseys, tank tops or t-shirts on Friday nights. Collared shirts and khakis for Alephs; nice pants and/or dresses for BBGs. You should also pack comfortable clothing for Saturday as we spend most of the day in different activity groups. Plan on changing Saturday afternoon for the activity that takes place on Saturday night and remember to pack comfortable clothing for Sunday. Remember to pack toiletries for the weekend. Members are also encouraged to bring money for chapter and regional fundraising that takes place throughout the weekend. If the convention is happening at a camp, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and any other bedding appropriate for a weekend-long event. In addition to this list, about a week before a convention, we will send out a packing list specific to that convention. Some conventions ask for certain clothing to be brought. Pay close attention to your email ahead of convention!

Is there a difference between an authorized BBYO event and an unofficial BBYO event?
An Authorized BBYO event is any event that has been posted and approved on the Dashboard. There are no “unofficial BBYO events”. All BBYO programming must have proper advisor/parent/staff professional in attendance. If a gathering takes place that is not on Dashboard, it is not a BBYO event.

What is ISF?
ISF stands for International Service Fund. Every region raises money for ISF which then gives the money to the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee). The money goes to programs in Israel, different organizations and also goes to BBYO International Scholarships.

BBYO International Office
800 Eighth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
P: 202.857.6633 / F: 202.857.6568

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