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Regional Board & Chair Positions

Cotton States Region Regional Board

Godol and N'siah

  • Godol (President): Sam Perlen -
    The job of the Godol is to oversee all of the operations within AZA in the region as well as work to delegate work properly to the board and chair positions. Being Godol also means to be an example to all other alephs to what AZA means to me and to make sure they have that same experience I have had.

    N'siah (President): Devo Hanai -
    As Regional N'siah, I oversee what Cotton States is doing as a whole. I stay in contact with the Regional Board, my counterparts, International Board, and Regional Staff. This is to make sure everything is running smoothly in chapters around the region so that everyone is informed about what is happening throughout the region and to update everyone on new international events, as well as boasting about how amazing CSR is to the International Order.

S'gan and S'ganit

  • S'gan (Programming Vice President): Elliot Slovis -
    As S'gan, I have been working with all the S'ganim around the Region to ensure that programming has been kept up to a Cotton States excellence. During the Spring Term, I have tried to make fun a staple of all programming, and I feel it's been a real success. To come, I only see great things with regards to meaningful, and fun programming.

    S'ganit (Programming Vice President): Sonja Lipman
    As S'ganit, I work with my counterpart, Elliot, and all my chapter counterparts to ensure that Cotton States programming is going above and beyond expected. Currently Elliot and I are maintaining the Regional Program Bank.

Moreh and MIT Mom

  • Moreh (Membership Vice President): Jacob Geltzer
    New Member Weekend planning is underway, and we are excited that it's getting closer and closer. Chapters have all had their intakes and kickoff programs, and we are excited to welcome the new freshman class into BBYO with open arms.

    MIT Mom (Membership Vice President): Rechel Geiger -
    CSR's MIT Moms have been hard at work this year. In July we reached our Founders' Day goal of 600 members! Since then, there have been lots of great intakes with our amazing new members. Jacob, Gabe, Jessie, and I are getting super pumped for New Member Weekend 2013!!

Mazkir/Gizbor and Mazkirah/Gizborit

  • Mazkir/Gizbor (Secretary/Treasurer): Josh Rotker
    As Regional Mazkir/Gizbor, I have been working throughout the region to strengthen communication, build fundraising, and bring fun Cotton Statements. As I have done during the first part of my term, and as I will do in the next few months, I work with the Chapter Mazkirim to ensure that they are consistent with their communication and that they are utilizing their optimal form of communication. With the Gizborim, I have raised awareness about Globalization, ISF, and PEF, as well as helping to plan chapter fundraisers. On a side note, I have also been creating some of the T-shirt designs and Facebook cover photos.

    Mazkirah/Gizborit (Secretary/Treasurer): Rebecca Fleisig -
    Maz/Giz works to improve both communication and fundraising in the region, as well as spread awareness about globalization.

Shaliach and Sh'licha

  • Shaliach (Jewish Heritage, Social Action, and Community Service Vice President): Max Meyer -
    Out with the old and in with the new. All chapters have elected their new boards, and it is time to begin work. AZA Shabbat is just around the corner and will be the biggest project for the Shlichim team this term. Staying in touch with counterparts from every part of our region is a vital part of the success that we have seen this year. Working with the Grand Shaliach helps spark innovative ideas for our region. Stand UP for change, implements at Spring Regional Convention 2013, has helped the region establish a Stand UP cause and assist the chapters with their Stand UP efforts. Overall, the Shlichim team is riding high on the successes of our chapters and region in all Judaic aspects.

    Sh'licha (Jewish Heritage, Social Action, and Community Service Vice President): Abby Biesman
    As Sh'licha, right now I am working on two things: BBG Shabbat (November 8) and the L'dor Vador initiative. Both of these undertakings involve Cotton States reverting to the roots of the Jewish people. Hopefully these projects will be successful. Moreover, I try to help each Sh'licha help her chapter.

Chair Positions

Public Relations

  • AZA Public Relations Chair - Eli Derrington
    BBG Public Relations Chair - Brooke Rittenberg

    As Public Relations Chairs, we work on Cotton States presence in our communities through articles about what we are doing, working on the regional website, and using social media to inform members of upcoming events.


  • AZA Advocacy Chair - Eli Shankman
    BBG Advocacy Chair - Sophie Ostrow

    As Advocacy Chairs, we have the responsibility to inform the region on issues regarding Israel and preach the doings of community service in people's respective areas. As Chairs, it is also our responsibility to execute programs at conventions and submit articles to multiple sources informing about issues in Israel.


  • AZA Expansion Chair - Ben Greenberg
    BBG Expansion Chair - Megan Plotka

    As Expansion Chairs, we work with the Regional Moreh and MIT Mom to expand our region to cities that do not currently have BBYO. We contact prospective members and the communities to attempt to set up BBYO chapters there. We work with them to ensure that they get off the ground and get running strong to get them to be part of our region.

BBYO Connect

  • AZA Connect Chair - Brian Weinstein
    BBG Connect Chair - Brooke Saharovici

    As BBYO Connect Chairs, we assist with the overall effectiveness of the BBYO Connect programs in the region. We give advice to the Morim and MIT Moms to run their programs.

Sopher and Safranit

  • Sopher - Drew Karchmer
    Safranit - Jessie Rosenberg

    As Sopher and Safranit, we work with chapter secretaries and scrapbook and media officers. We also are in charge of the regional newsletters and Instagram account.

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