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Hello CRW! Use the chat box below to stay in touch with your brother Alephs and sister BBG's from across the region. Just pick a username and hit "Start" to connect!

Who I Am, and Why I Made This

My name is Dylan Moreland. As a brother Aleph of Simon Wiesenthal AZA #2524, I often find that aside from conventions, there hasn't really been a way for the whole region to have a conversation together. Facebook threads don't work well for quick back-and-forth communication, and notifications from group chats can get very annoying, very quickly. I knew there must be a better way.

A few months before RLTC 2013, I was elected as Regional Website Chair. During chofesh at RLTC, the regional board and reps were told to brainstorm their main project for the term and to create a timeline of monthly goals leading up to Spring 2014. I thought back to my frustrations from previous conventions and thought, "I have a whole website in my hands with which I can do almost anything I want. Why not make a social interface for Alephs and BBG's to communicate with?"

After some research and trial-and-error, I am proud to say that the brand new CRW Chat has been launched! I hope it serves many Alephs and BBG's well in the future.

I proudly remain your 2013-2014 Regional Website Chair,
Dylan Moreland

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