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How can I join BBYO?

To join, visit, create a user account and then pay your membership dues!

How much is membership?

Membership through high school graduation is only $149!

What is CVR?

CVR stands for Connecticut Valley Region. The Connecticut Valley Region of BBYO spans from Amherst Mass south through Hartford, New Haven Bridgeport, Stamford and Danbury. As of September 1st there are 14 chapters in CVR. 4 AZA, 6 BBG and 4 BBYO. CVR was founded in 1959.

Does food have to be Kosher at chapter and regional events?

YES! Only kosher food, or kosher style dairy food is permitted at events. Pizza does not have to be kosher but may not contain any meat toppings. Members and Advisors should not have non-kosher/kosher style food at meetings or programs.

All meals at conventions are kosher

Can my chapter have a meeting or play lazer tag on Shabbat?

NO! Programs are not to take place on Friday night or Saturday until after sundown unless there is a Shabbat program involved. A Shabbat program is not an excuse to have a video game tournament on a Friday night. Friday night services, shabbatones, and dinners are encouraged.

At Conventions, the use of cell phones (except for emergencies), laptops, cameras and other electronic devices are prohibited beginning at dinner Friday night until Havdallah on Saturday night. Additionally, writing, and TVs (videos) are not to be used during programming on Shabbat.

Can I invite two of my friends from another chapter to my chapter’s next meeting/event?

NO! Chapters may not invite individual members from other chapters to their meetings/events without consent from Advisors or Program Director

Chapters may have inter-chapter programs and are encouraged to do so.

R-board members are invited and encouraged to attend all chapter programs/meetings

What is politicking?

Politicking is the act by which individuals running for a specific board position tries to gain an advantage over others running for the same position by talking about the election prior to and after declarations in the election forum. If someone is caught politicking, they will be given a formal warning. If they are caught again, they will not be allowed to run in the coming election.

What is B-linked?

B-linked is the largest online Jewish networking site for Jewish Teens. All registration for regional programs must take place on b-linked. There are no paper forms for BBYO. Everything is done electronically.

What is Dashboard and why is it so important?

Dashboard is an all encompassing database for BBYO. On Dashboard we know who has paid their membership and when it expires, what events they have attended, their address, graduation year and more. BBYO also tracks all events and membership in each chapter. Events posted on dashboard are then posted on for all to see creating a regional calendar. Therefore all events and meetings must be posted on dashboard. Failure to post events/meetings 5 days prior will result in that meeting/event being canceled.

Is it ok if I drive myself to a BBYO Convention?

NO! Unless permission is granted by the Program Director, no BBYO member shall drive, or drive others to a BBYO Convention.

What should I bring to a CVR Convention?

Conventions typically last from Friday to Sunday. Up to four members are put into a room and share two queen size beds. To set the tone for Shabbat together, we ask that members do not wear jeans, shorts, sweatpants, warm-up suits, sports jerseys, tank tops or t-shirts on Friday nights. Collared shirts and khakis for AZA’s; nice pants and/or dresses for BBGs. You should also pack comfortable clothing for Saturday as we spend most of the day in different activity groups. Plan on changing Saturday afternoon for the dance that takes place on Saturday night and remember to pack comfortable clothing for Sunday. Remember to pack toiletries for the weekend. Members are also encouraged to bring money for chapter and regional fundraising that takes place throughout the weekend.


What are the rules for chapter meetings to take place?

An advisor must be present at all BBYO meetings. If an advisor is unavailable, a parent must be present at the meeting. Chapter meetings may include a formal business meeting where new and old business is discussed. Chapter meetings usually include unique programming or athletics.

What is ISF?

ISF stands for International Service Fund. Every region raises money for ISF which then gives the money to the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee). The money goes to programs in Israel, different organizations and also goes to BBYO International Scholarships.

How is BBYO run?

BBYO is peer led and Adult run. This translates into the adult professionals hand down all BBYO initiatives to a Regional Board who then carry out those initiatives within the region.

Do I need to complete a Pro-3 Form?

YES! Every BBYO members must complete a Pro-3 form once per year. This form states that parents give their child permission to attend BBYO events and that in case of Emergency BBYO professionals have permission to treat their son/daughter.

Is there a difference between an authorized BBYO event and an unofficially BBYO event?

An Authorized BBYO event is any event that has been posted and approved on the Dashboard. There are no “unofficial BBYO events”. All BBYO programming must have proper advisor/parent/staff professional in attendance. If a gathering takes place that is not on Dashboard, it is not a BBYO event.

Are there really chapter after parties that take place after dances and regional events?

Unless indicated online, chapters do not have overnights, gatherings or parties after regional events. If an event is scheduled from 8:00pm – 11:00pm there will be no BBYO supervision after 11:00pm. Any gathering that takes place after a BBYO event is in no way associated with BBYO INC, BBYO Staff or any BBYO Partner Agency

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