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Gold Coast Region BBYO is seeking advisors throughout Broward and Palm Beach to join our team!

***Advisors must be at least 21 years old!***



A volunteer advisor of BBYO has the responsibility of developing, implementing and promoting the ideals of the organization in a safe and meaningful environment. The advisor is the key link between the International, local regional office and the youth, as you are a direct communication tool with the families.  We as an organization depend on the staff with the chapters to be responsible adults and not just a “chaperon”.

Please review the following, with a clear understanding that your job as a BBYO advisor is vital and the areas listed below are part of your responsibility, none more important than the other.

  1. Promote Leadership: inspiring, approaching and motivating the chapter to take a more active role.

  2. Provide a Safe Environment: you MUST be present at all functions; if not, the regional office MUST be made aware and assist in finding a replacement. All BBYO events must have an adult present.

  3. Develop Relationships: with the members, their parents, other advisors, the regional office and other resources in the community that support or work with teens.

  4. Help Maintain Chapter Traditions: AZA and BBG are rich in traditions within both chapters and regions. Learn all you can to assist and further foster these traditions.

  5. Keep the Focus: on the ideals of both 7 Cardinal Principals (AZA) and the Menorah Pledge (BBG).

  6. Empower Others: BBYO is a youth-led, staff-run organization. The kids should play a big role in decision making and developing; advisors do the guiding.

  7. Help Ensure Quality Programming: following the Monsky, Albert and Bisgyer awards for solid chapters.

  8. Be a Friend, Mentor, & Role Model: please always be aware of the fine line between friend and responsible adult.

  9. Familiarize Yourself With Policies & Procedures: as the responsible link between the chapter and the larger organization, it is your duty to make the teens aware of the policies governing the organization and to enforce them at all times.

  10. Oversee Finances: maintain the chapter checkbook, using it as a teaching tool for the teens to learn how to budget, pay bills, and write checks.

  11. Assist in Keeping the Constitution Current: each chapter should have a set of by-laws that should be reviewed every few years. The advisor must play a lead role in making sure that this is done.

  12. Promote Summer Programs: the advisor must be the most knowledgeable when it comes to leadership development and the potential of the teens. The roles here MUST be to inform the teens and parents of these great summer opportunities.

  13. Communicate: all national, regional, and local BBYO news MUST be shared with the members. You may not necessarily be the one to share it, but you must make sure it gets to the membership. E-mail, chapter newspapers, phone calls are all great avenues, but you MUST approve them before they are sent or printed.

  14. Set Limits: You can be an important part of the growth of a young person. Also, with regard to programs, aid the teens in determining how many, when, and with whom, in order to make them successful.

  15. Attend Advisor Training Sessions and Meetings: these are held to keep you informed and to develop your skills. Make use of them and understand you MUST be there to learn and grow in your position as well.

  16. Manage Your Time: being available is important. The teens are looking for you to serve as a role model.  When you commit to being at something, you are expected to be there.  However, we respect that you may have other responsibilities or commitments.  Therefore, you should work with the teens to develop a calendar that will work best for your busy lives.

  17. Conduct Board Training: after chapter elections it is your job to conduct a full board meeting, not just a goal-setting session. This is probably the single most important meeting you will conduct. Make sure that prior to elections, every candidate understands the importance of this training.

  18. Develop Jewish Identity: we expect our staff to follow the guidelines of Shabbat and to assist the teens in learning about being Jewish. We are an organization open to all denominations of Judaism and want the youth to have the opportunity to explore and learn about all aspects of the religion.

BBYO thanks you for all your dedication and hard work as volunteers for our organization.  Your job is challenging, time consuming, yet very rewarding.  Please know you are part of a group of over 1000 like yourself - volunteers who care about the future of BBYO and teens in general.

Good Luck!!!!

BBYO International Office
800 Eighth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
P: 202.857.6633 / F: 202.857.6568

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