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Regional Board

N'siah - Faith Suckerman
Godol - Wyatt Mekler
MIT Mom - Sonya Rosen
Moreh - Joe Kohen
Mazkirah/Gizborit - Mariel Kieval

What does each board member do?

N'siah: The N'siah is one of the two presidents of the region. This BBG (B'nai B'rith Girl) is elected from the region for the entire school year. They, along with the Godol, help run the region and are representatives of the region. They also oversee the rest of the board members and aid chapter presidents.

Godol: The Godol is basically the AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph) version of the N'siah. They have very similar jobs and responsibilities. They work together to help strengthen the region over the course of the year.

S'gan(it): The S'gan(it) is responsible programming in the region. They oversee the programming that takes place in the chapters and meet with the chapter S'ganim and they also plan programs for the region.

MIT Mom/Moreh: The MIT (member-in-training) Mom (a BBG) and the Moreh (an AZA) are counterparts. Their focus is membership. They help recruit, educate, and guide any new or prospective members. They also work with each chapter MIT Mom/Moreh to help each chapter with membership.

Mazkir(ah)/Gizbor(it): The Mazkir(ah)/Gizbor(it) has two jobs on regional board. The Mazkir(ah) part of the job is being in charge of all communications throughout the region which includes e-mails, calls, facebook messages, fliers, etc. The Gizbor(it) part of the job is fund-raising. The board member helps the region plan fund-raisers for different programs and events. They also help each chapter Mazkir(ah)/Gizbor(it) with their duties on the chapter level.

Shaliach(Sh'licha): The Shaliach(Sh'licha) is responsible for the Judaic components of BBYO. They help plan Judaic programs, help with services at conventions, and create a Jewish atmosphere throughout the region. The Shaliach(Sh'licha) is also responsible for community service on the regional level. They also help each chapter Shaliach(Sh'licha) with incorporating Judaism into their chapter.

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